Saturday, December 10, 2011

Protests in Russia

This is becoming an interesting and unexpected story. The Russian elections appear to have been heavily manipulated and the anti-Putin protests are growing by the day:

Rally Against Putin

Up to 50,000 people have turned out in Moscow for a protest against disputed polls that have sparked a rare national show of defiance against Vladimir Putin's 12-year rule.

Hundreds of security trucks blocked off central squares while helicopters patrolled the skies as Moscow authorities deployed more than 50,000 riot police and troops on the biggest day of protest to hit Russia since the turbulent 1990s.

Protesters braved a whipping snow storm on Saturday to snake their way through tight police cordons and across the Moscow River to a secluded square not far from the Kremlin, assigned by the authorities for the "For Fair Elections" protest.

"The current regime does not know how to behave with dignity," former cabinet member turned Kremlin critic Boris Nemtsov said as the crowd gathered for the biggest Moscow opposition rally of the Putin era.

Hundreds called on the authorities to "annul the election results" in the Pacific port of Vladivostok while rallies under the slogan of "Russia without Putin" spread across the Ural and Volga regions.

These protests underscore the backlash against Putin's reign and his return to the philosophy of the Soviet Union and KGB control:

The demonstrations were the biggest to hit Moscow in more than a decade and rang what some saw as the first warning bell for ex-foreign agent Putin and his secretive inner circle of security chiefs.

Putin's party - bruised by corruption allegations and comparisons to the Soviet-era Communist Party - lost its tight grip on parliament while keeping a slim majority that its foes claim was exaggerated by a corrupt vote count.

Their complaints were supported by a flood of video footage shot by ordinary Russians and posted on the internet appearing to show ballot stuffing and other widespread manipulation.

The poll was seen as a litmus test of Putin's decision to return to the Kremlin in the March presidential ballot and appeared to expose a chink in his armour after more than a decade of dominant rule.

Russian protests: live (this link provides continuous updates)

"Putin Out" Russian protesters chant

Tens of thousands of Russians turned out in central Moscow and across the country Saturday to protest what they believe were rigged parliamentary elections.

United Russia, the party of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, suffered big losses in the election, but retained its parliamentary majority. On Saturday, protesters chanted "Putin out," according to a correspondent from state-run RIA Novosti news agency.

The protesters are demanding an annulment of the December 4 election results and a new vote.

Election officials on Friday released the official results: 238 seats for United Russia; 92 seats for the Communists; 64 seats for Fair Russia; and 56 seats for the Liberal Democrats. Protesters say that these results are fraudulent.

Russians protest against Putin, elections

"This is history in the making for Russia. The people are coming out to demand justice for the first time in two decades, justice in the elections," a 41-year-old employee in the financial services sector, who gave his name only as Anton, said at Revolution Square.

"I want new elections, not a revolution," said Ernst Kryavitsky, 75, a retired electrician dressed in a long brown coat and hat against the falling snow who was protesting even though he did not expect Putin to be ousted.

"Putin will not leave power, and there won't be any major changes in the country but the authorities need to know how angry we are," he said.

Around Bolotnaya Square policeman stood every 50 meters (yards) with dogs. Banners declared: "Putin Kaput" and "Big brother is watching you" with a picture of Putin.

Many Russians felt disenfranchised when he and Medvedev announced plans to swap jobs after next year's presidential election and said they had taken the decision years ago.

Putin may hope to show his government will tolerate peaceful protests within the limits it sets - by allowing certain rallied to take place but preventing others - but will crack down on anyone who ventures outside those boundaries.

This story represents an interesting development indeed, but the prophetic implications are unclear.

It seems likely that one of two scenarios will develop: 1) these protests will diminish over time, and become a non-event or, 2) the protests will continue and grow in numbers - in this scenario, Putin may be forced to crack down and put a stop to these protests through military means.

Either way, it is very difficult to see a scenario in which Putin is forced to step down or repeat the election process. Therefore, it seems unlikely that the protesters will succeed in their efforts.

This situation is worth watching closely - simply because it involves Russia, and Russia is such a key player in the prophecies of Ezekiel 38-39.


Unknown said...

Maybe another dictator who would resist global government...

Unknown said...

Who's (or should I say Hu's) next?

Dylan said...

A prayer request. My brother who's 16 years old broke his collar bone and sprained his wrist while snowboarding today. Please pray for a quick healing.

Caver said...

Dylan, lifting your brother and your family up at the Caver home.

Who knows. For years, Putin has seemed such a perfect candidate for end times attention.

hartdawg said...

Ill be praying Dylan

Caver....putin still is a perfect candidate. i think scott has it right with his 2 likely senerios. also some are saying this will cause russia to collapse....i don't think so.

Scott said...

I agree Hart - I still think Putin will maintain control, whether by military or by attrition of the protests.

As stated - this one is going to be very very interesting to watch.

Dave Down Under said...

Will the commies be heavily influencing putin's domestic and foreign policy making?

DrNofog said...

DaveDU, what are you smokin' down there?!?

Putin IS the heavy commie influence, KGB from the 'old' USSR, and is in the process of rebuilding it for the Gog-Magog event [with the Illuminati 'blessing', of course!]!!

Unknown said...

I am going to be the odd one and say Putin won't last. I do not see him or Hu going along with anything that would weaken their nations' sovereignty.

To me, he is the same as Assad, Mubarak, Khadaffi and the other roadblocks to one world government.

Sarkozy is safe of course sine he is French :-)

Dave Down Under said...

Man I'm smokin leaves from the tree of life...oh yeaaaaa!

hartdawg said...

Dave DU i liked that last comment, dr nofog beat me to the response but he worded it better than i could

dr who while i don't agree with you on this one, if you are right and putin don't last russia will get someone even more cozy with iran and even more anti-isreal.

hartdawg said...

And by the way dr who I'm not saying you're wrong...truthfully we don't know. God gives us the big picture, not every twist and turn. all i know is Russia will attack isreal, iran and turkey will join them, putin,turkeys prime minister and irans president are now allies so it seems putin is the perfect fit....but there may be an even more perfect fit. i don't know

Caver said...

I agree with Putin being a major player and pretty much in lock step with Scott's 2 items above also.

Still, I've been a follower long enough to see some pretty obvious things fall by the wayside. The Lord is a master at suspense and surprises. I've seen Him turn so many things, people, and situations on a dime and leave the "sure and certain" in the dust trails of history as He unfolds new scenarios, personalities, and players.

Am sure most of us has experienced that "egg on face" feeling once or twice before. I know I'm in good company on this one.

Scott said...

Thats the truth - watching things unfold in unexpected ways is one of the many aspects of prophecy that makes it fascinating....who ever saw this Arab spring coming - a movement that would replace relatively stable governments with even more radical Islamic regimes? Just one such instance.

Caver said...

Yup.... the Arab Spring, Syrian Summer, American Fall, and Russian Winter.

Seems those little boys with money, power, smoke-n-mirrors been entertaining themselves aplenty this year.

From what I can gather in the NWO Trifecta of economy, politics, and ME....this is the set-up year, next year is the "pop-it-to-us" year.

Gonna be interesting folk.....

ally said...

i dont eve predict anymore. lol! Dave DU i loved that reply. and in case you didnt know...everyone here is meeting at the tree of life when we get to the feast. See you there ;) i will be the older hippie chick trying to locate daniel and john the revelator!

Caver said...

Ally, got to chuckle at the attitude. I'll be there too, trying to chase down Melchizedek.

I got some questions for everybody, but that fella in particular.

Dave down under said...

Hippie momma you and me both will be blowin happy smoke in the bad dude's face whilst he's jive talkin us and explaining our time here on planet disaster.

Now that's prophetic dude.

Anyway back to irreverent lol!

By the way my new name is Dave DU