Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Brave New World: Paving the Road...

...towards the Tribulation. The implications of this technology are obvious:

Street Cams Can Now Tag, Track and Follow Individuals (video)

The dystopian nightmare described in George Orwell’s novel 1984 took place in London, UK. This very city is today one of the most heavily monitored places in the world, using a record number of cameras and the most advanced surveillance technology to keep track of its citizens. Reuters now reports that the CCTV system of London has now the ability to tag specific people, track them across the entire system and even run a “search” on them for previous footage.

The report basically praises the software and quickly dismisses the privacy concerns it raises, stating that most citizens approve of being monitored (I’d like to see a scientific survey proving this). Of course, this summer’s London Riots were mentioned as an excuse to implement this technology, as anticipated in my article entitled The London Riots and How They Will be Used to the Elite's Advantage

A brave new world indeed.


Anonymous said...

Peer Reviewed Study Shows 14,000 U.S. Deaths from Fukushima


Anonymous said...

You won't hear this on any mainstream news!!! (Nuclear Fallout)


Scott said...

I saw that Anon and its a story I have been following closely. There is more and more evidence coming in, almost daily now, and I am beginning to believe there is something actually happening with regard to the radiation

Caver said...

Anon, thanks for the links. Having been in the nuclear business for many years I thought I had a pretty good handle on what's going on....wrong. Its worse, much worse.

If unit 4 is actually coming down that way, its probably because of the China Syndrome going on below it as the core has melted the concrete and is in the process of liquifying the rock below.

Bad, big time bad.

Dave DU said...

Knowing nothing about reactor cores, why won't the core cool Caver? And what rate of descent into the ground are we talking about. Milimeters per day?


Caver said...

Hi Dave, it won't cool because its generating its own heat. When the core melted down, all the radioactive fuel rods that were lowered into the reactor to generate heat (to boil water under pressure and drive the electrical turbines) ...well, the fuel rods melted and dropped to the bottom of the reactor and formed a "blob" of radioactive material constantly generating extreme heat and melting through anything in its way.

I have no earthly idea of the rate of melt through and descent. Just a guess is that it would depend of what it encounters and its melt temperature. Of course, add some water...instantly turned to steam...and all the "stuff" it melted and you get an instant mini volcano spewing radioactive whatever into everything above it.

About like adding 3 or 4 unmovable objects into the path of a half dozen unstoppable objects. Gonna be ugly.

Dave DU said...

Thanks brother, what a night mare. Trying to stop the core would be like standing in front of a runaway truck.

So what happens to the core?, does it continue down to the earth's mantle until it itself is melted?

Caver said...

Dave, I sure don't have the answer to that question. Its never happened before and any answer is theoretical but I suspect the real answer is that the "blob" continues to dilute and get spread on the side of the cavity as it descends. Sooner or later, the mass remaining would have to be small enough not to generate enough heat to continue melting everything in its path.

The night mare theory is as the old name, China Syndrome...at least from the US perspective....continue down to the center of the earth toward China on the opposite side of earth. Of course that will never happen but you get the picture.

Hope that helps.

Just as a chuckle type note....when Three Mile Island went, I was living and working about 20 miles down stream.....building naval nuclear reactors.

Dave DU said...

Thanks Caver, I appreciate your time.