Thursday, December 30, 2010

UN to Condemn Jewish Life in Judea and Samaria

Israel Today has several interesting stories posted:

Israel Today

1. UN prepared to condemn Jewish life in Judea and Samaria

At the behest of the Palestinian Authority, the UN Security Council is considering a draft resolution that condemns Jews for settling in their ancestral lands of Judea and Samaria, and demanding that Israel halt the practice altogether.

Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat told reporters on Wednesday that his government would soon be seeking official UN Security Council condemnation of Jewish communities in those areas claimed by the Palestinians as “illegal.”

The Associated Press published a copy of the draft resolution authored by the Palestinian Authority. In it, Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria (the so-called “Jewish settlements”) are blasted as the “major obstacle to the achievement of peace.”

The document goes on to claim that “Israeli settlements established in the Palestinian Territory occupied since 1967, including east Jerusalem, are illegal,” and demands that Israel “immediately and completely ceases all settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territory, including east Jerusalem.”

Of course, Jerusalem had to come into focus didn't it?

Israeli officials warn that the more watered-down the resolution text is, the less likely the US is to block its adoption by the Security Council. Nevertheless, the Palestinians and Arab world will hold such a resolution aloft as further “proof” that the Jews have no legal right to reside in this land.

The resolution is, of course, a misrepresentation of recent history and international law, not to mention totally contradictory to the biblical mandate.

In the original British Mandate for Palestine adopted in 1923 (the only legally binding resolution on the issue of the land), the Jews were granted international recognition of their right to settle all parts of their ancient homeland.

Historical facts and biblical facts are completely irrelevant when it comes to Israel.

A second article (same link) is also interesting:

2. Anti-Israel propaganda becomes mainstream entertainment in U.S.

Scheduled for a March 2011 release, the new feature film “Miral” follows the turbulent life of a young Palestinian Arab girl who becomes involved in terrorism against Israel. It unabashedly demands sympathy for this girl and other Palestinian terrorists in their battle with a Jewish state that is portrayed as arbitrarily cruel and barbaric.

There is little surprise there, since the film is an adaptation of a book written by director Julian Schnabel’s new Palestinian Arab girlfriend, Rula Jabreal. In a series of interviews following screening of “Miral” at the Toronto and Venice film festivals, Schnabel, who is Jewish, acknowledged that it was not the film’s intent to give a comprehensive background to the conflict or present a “balanced” view.

Further evidence that the film is, as Schnable himself hinted, aimed at promoting the Palestinian narrative of the conflict is the fact that Vanessa Redgrave is given a cameo. Redgrave is famous for denouncing the “Zionist hoodlums” during a 1978 Academy Awards acceptance speech. Despite Redgrave’s minor role, her presence in the film is being used as part of the marketing campaign.

In addition to its skewed portrayal of the situation in the Middle East, critics have widely dismissed the film as uncreative, and certainly not up to par with Schnabel’s previous offerings. At least one critic said Schnabel had “forfeited his talent to please his collaborator” - his Palestinian girlfriend.

We have all known for decades that the mainstream American press is no friend of Israel. But is anti-Israel propaganda finally breaking through into mainstream entertainment as well?

And one more from Israel Today:

3. Palestinian terrorism begins in the schools:

By now it is no secret that Palestinian Arab children are encouraged from the youngest ages to engage in acts of violence against Israeli Jews, and to see death in “battle” with the Jews as a glorious accomplishment to aim for.

What perhaps is less known is that this encouragement toward violence, this indoctrination of death is for most young Palestinian Arabs first presented at their schools. A host on government-controlled Palestinian Authority TV acknowledged as much during a December 21 broadcast:

“The teachers were the main agitators for the Intifada (terrorist uprising), for [Palestinian] nationalism and for awareness [of Palestinian identity]. Therefore it is our duty to honor them more.”

These are the same schools and teachers funded by American and European financial aid (which comes from your taxes). The equivalent would be if your taxes were to be used to finance warlords in sub-Saharan Africa who indoctrinate, train and arm local children to participate in brutal campaigns against their neighbors.

In the case of the Africans, such behavior is condemned. In the case of the Palestinians, it is ignored, and money is poured in to ensure the child abuse continues.

Its all part of an ongoing process to condemn the Jews and to establish overt persecution against Jews on a world-wide basis, and this process shows no signs of stopping or even slowing down.


Anonymous said...

Scott >>>

seems really crazy, almost as if Hitler is about to be replayed
again.......Stephen in Hawaii !!

Scott said...

That observation has been made a bunch, as you probably know. In fact, I recall reading an article a few months ago, which was showing the parallels between the world today and the years preceding WWII. And its for a variety of reasons. Its a scary thought but its worth considering.

Anonymous said...

Do you follow Elliott Wave Theory ?? It tries to PREDICT social mood changes based on
stock market behaviour. And prior
to WW II there was a big crash

29 - 32

and then a World economic depression.

then WW II

is that what u mean ??

please tell me thanks

Stephen !!!!

Scott said...

That is an additional consideration. I was thinking more in terms of Iran/Ahmadinejad and the parallels with Hitler and Nazi Germany, and appeasement in both cases. There are a number of parallels, including the one you posted. Its haunting IMO.

Scott said...

Also, add in the world-wide persecution, coupled with indifference to such persecution around the world.