Thursday, December 23, 2010

How Close Are We?

As Tim LaHaye likes to say, "Today we are closer than at any other time in history!". Referencing of course, the "catching up" or the "gathering up" of the Church. And no one can dispute those words.

What I really wanted to say is "MERRY CHRISTMAS" to everyone who comes to this site, and I hope that this Christmas Season can bring all of us (me included) closer to the Lord, as we await His coming.

Often the news sounds negative and ominous, and although that isn't the primary intent of spreading the prophetically related stories, it is often a necessity.

What is commonly forgotten in prophecy discussions - is the primary intent of "watching". The main reason we spend so much time watching for prophecy related news - or perhaps you could say it is the number one goal of following prophecy. That "goal" is the ongoing knowledge that we are getting closer and closer to being in the very presence of Christ Jesus. In His glory. In Heaven. In New Jerusalem. In the very presence of God Himself.

It was all made possible by Jesus leaving a perfect place at the side of God, and coming down to earth in human flesh with all of the pains, ailments, discomfort and anguish that is associated with a physical body - including going to the cross and enduring that level of suffering. And He did all of this so that He could offer every human an equal opportunity to accept His gift of salvation.

To think that He left Paradise and came to this earth and endured all that he endured - just because He loves us THAT much - is breathtaking. It leaves one speechless just to reflect on the magnitude of that sacrifice.

And it all started with His miraculous birth.

God Bless all of you and have a Merry Christmas!


hartdawg said...

ah! but you didnt answer the exactly how close are we? 1-2yrs? longer? here`s a thought to consider when asking such a question: how close to you WANT TO be? you see most christians want to live their lives here on earth and experience all this world has to offer.

hartdawg said...

rather than long for his appearing most christians live for this world. so again,the question is how close to you WANT to be?

Scott said...

For me?

One more minute is too long :)

hartdawg said...

...if only ALL christians had that attitude...they`d do all they can to hasten his return. thats the attitude of the 1st century and is the attitude commanded in scripture. again...if only all christians had that attitude.

hartdawg said...

have a nice holyday.

Scott said...

You too Hart - stay warm up in Alaska !

Tasarwen said...

Scott, may you and your family have the most wonderful Christmas and many, many blessings in the New Year. I come here to read your blog every day. Thank you!

Scott said...

Thats so very nice, thank you so much...That means a ton - and same to you and yours - and hoping this season brings you closer and closer to the Lord in all ways.
Thanks again and God Bless