Sunday, December 5, 2010

"Israel's Fight is Our Fight"

Below are two articles which summarize the "Restoration Weekend" hosted this past weekend by the David Horowitz Freedom Center in Palm Beach:

Israel's Fate Hangs in the Balance

The fate of Israel should be of concern not to just Jews and Israelis, but to everyone who lives in the United States. No one has made that point more powerfully than Pastor John C. Hagee at Restoration Weekend

(The full text of the reference above is linked and summarized below, see "Israel's Fight is Our Fight")

He goes on to say that “it is the Jewish State in particular that serves as the West’s warning system. America must wake up to the understanding that Iran fully intends to destroy the United States of America. When someone threatens to kill you, you should take it seriously. We must recognize those who threaten Israel have the United States in their sights.

“Your fight is our fight; your enemies are our enemies. We’re in this together to the end. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s a new day in America. The sleeping giant of Christian Zionism has awakened. Christians are joining Jews in speaking out against militant Islam. As you know, Ahmadinejad poses a threat to the State of Israel that promises nothing less than a nuclear holocaust.”

There is no ambivalence or equivocation in Pastor Hagee’s words. He says, point blank: “Once again, those who would appease seek to do so at the expense of Israel. Israel is always the one called upon to sacrifice. They tell us that if we want the Sunnis and the Shiites to stop massacring each other in Iraq, then Israel must give up land. And if we want the Syrians and Hezbollah to stop murdering the leaders of Lebanon, then Israel must give up land. And if we want the Saudis to permit women to drive or vote, the obvious answer is that Israel should give up more land.”

He knows why there is no peace, and the answer is simple: “The problem is Arab rejection of Israel’s right to exist. The problem is Israel does not have a legitimate partner for peace. The problem is radical Islam’s bloodthirsty embrace of a theocratic dictatorship that believes they have a mandate from God to kill Christians and Jews.

Let me be the first to shout "AMEN!" to the quotes above.

And then we see this:

Instead of facing this truth and trying to decide what is to be done, our leaders continue on with the farce of always trying to resurrect a peace process that always fails, and will continue to do so in the future. Speaking as a historian, Morris argues the similarities with the era before World War II — the age of “appeasement” — are too striking to ignore. He writes:

“In this connection, our age, it may turn out, resembles the classic age of appeasement, the 1930s, when the Western democracies (and the Soviet Union) were ranged against, but preferred not to confront, Nazi Germany and its allies, Fascist Italy, and expansionist Japan. During that decade, Hitler’s inexorable martial, racist, and uncompromising mindset was misread by Western leaders, officials, and intellectuals — and for much the same reasons. Living in unideological societies, they could not fathom the minds and politics of their ideologically driven antagonists.

And as the article states, history is now repeating itself:

History, he clearly fears, might just this time actually repeat itself. Certainly, the comparisons are too striking to be ignored, a point that Pastor Hagee also pointed out in his speech. At this moment, Hamas is pledged to obliterate Israel...

What they want, therefore, is nothing less than “a reconquest after a lost war.” Having been unable to gain that end by their decades long military actions, they now seek it through the policy of appeasement by the Western countries, and by channeling their goal to the aims of and with the help of Iran. Thus the right to “retake” what they lost is being mislabeled intentionally as the “right of return,” with the acceptance of the term by the United States and other Western powers.

And that means nothing less than Israel’s destruction — the very goal of the Arab nations, the Palestinian movement, and much of the Western left.

The following article contains the actual speech as given by Pastor Hagee:

"Israel's Fight is Our Fight"

It could be subtitled "Israel: The West's Canary in the Coalmine"

Just a few quotes:

Like many of you here tonight, I have subscribed to the concept that the Jewish people are the West’s canary in the coalmine. History has repeatedly demonstrated that when the Jewish people are singled out for persecution, the freedom of all citizens is at risk.

Therefore, when the Jewish people are being attacked, all Americans should stand up and wake up, and express their outrage because we are next. As Americans, we must snap out of this politically correct fog and admit that we are at war with radical Islam.

This is a war of survival. This is a war of good versus evil. This is a war of light versus darkness. This is a war between those who love life and those who worship death. It’s an easy choice. But that’s the reality. And the reality is, like it or not, you and your children and your grandchildren are in this war.

Today, the Jewish people are still our canary in the coalmine. It is the Jewish State in particular that serves as the West’s warning system. America must wake up to the understanding that Iran fully intends to destroy the United States of America.

We must recognize those who threaten Israel have the United States in their sights. To anyone with eyes to see and ears that hear, it is clear that Israel is in the greatest danger it has faced since six Arab armies tried to strangle the Jewish State in the birth canal in 1948.

Can anyone disagree with the quotes below?

You open your newspapers and read about America’s universities, where Israel is being viciously vilified by students taught by American — taught by professors whose Middle Eastern chairs are sponsored by Saudi Arabia, whose fees are paid with petrol dollars that went through our gas tank. You look to America’s mainline churches and their initiatives to divest from Israel. You go to the bookstore, and you see slanderous titles from a former US President, and you feel very much alone.

I came here tonight to speak about Christians United for Israel, and the millions of evangelicals in America who have a deep, faith-based belief, to love Israel, to speak up for Israel, to stand up for Israel; to stand up enough to, once a year, annually, charge up Capitol Hill with 5,000-plus delegates from every state in the Union, visiting as much as 87 percent of the US Congress, saying, Stop pressuring Israel to give land to terrorists who will not recognize Israel’s right to exist.

I came here tonight to deliver a message from those 50 million of — for those 50 million evangelicals. And I want to say this very clearly. Tonight, Israel is not alone. Your fight is our fight; your enemies are our enemies. We’re in this together to the end.

OK, one more quote that I just can't resist.

Our message, Mr. Ahmadinejad — that threats against Israel have a way of becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. You may be well speaking about your own demise when you say, “Israel will pass away with a sudden storm.” But you are not talking about Israel’s demise. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is watching you. King David writes, “The God that keepeth Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps.” Christians believe there’s a spy in the sky, and he’s Jewish.

AMEN. One sentence is worth repeating over and over and worth ALWAYS remembering:

"The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is watching", and indeed He is.

God's time is almost upon us.

God is JUST on the verge of making His presence known on the entire earth again. He will begin by directly intervening on Israel's behalf once the battle of Gog-MaGog begins - as stated in Ezekiel 38-39, God's intervention will be known by all.

Then, during the Tribulation, God will issue 21 separate judgments upon the earth, again, making His presence known to all.

At the conclusion of the Tribulation, Jesus will appear and He will be seen by all.

God's time. God's revealing His presence to an unrepentant world. God's presence giving everyone remaining on earth an opportunity to see His unequivocal presence. Denial of God, at that point, cannot be claimed on the basis of His not having revealed Himself - because He will have revealed Himself - in BIG ways.

But for now?

As stated, "The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is watching".


Anonymous said...

Amen! Even so come Lord Jesus.

hartdawg said...

although i`m not much of a fan of john hagee, he is in some serious theological error with dual covanent theology and some other issues, i do give a hearty AMEN when it comes to his stance on defending isreal and defending the rapture.

hartdawg said...

i was thinking, evangelical christians are pretty much the only friends isreal has left,and tho we have no military power we still have voting power if christians will wake up, stop voting outta their pockets and start voting the Bible again. we can still boot these Godless, terrorist loving, socialist liberals out of office.

hartdawg said...

thats if christians will wake up, rid themselves of the heresy of replacement and reformed theology and actually start voting again.

Unknown said...

Are you endorsing John Hagee? He teaches another gospel. Ask any Jewish believer in Jesus, they will verify this too.

hartdawg said...

i dont think he is endorsing john hagee as much as his support for isreal.

Scott said...

Thanks Hart -

I don't "endorse" any of the websites that are linked - I link strictly for the news and perhaps commentary to that particular issue/story.

If I were to select news stories based on who I endorsed, there would be no news to report!

For instance, we'll have stories from the NY Times, the Guardian, and an array of sources that I don't "agree with" in a general sense, but I believe in reporting the news as reported.

From time to time, I post a reminder on that issue - it may be time to do that again


hartdawg said...

actually have endorsed caroline glick before (and rightly so too! she usually hits it out of the park) at least i thought you have. i could be mistaken.

Scott said...

Yep - indeed. I fully and completely endorse Caroline Glick - there are a few who I do strongly endorse, but in these cases, I'll say so, unequivocally. If not, then I don't endorse.

But as stated before, I believe we are in an era of looking at news from every source. There are some sites that are very selective in news sources (IMO to a fault)...for instance, why is the NY Times "acceptable" yet something like WND isn't?

These types of distinctions make no sense to me. In the above example, for instance, I would trust WND WAY before I'd trust the NY Times....Just because such publications are "accepted" by the "world" has no relevance to me.

We have to be discerning with ALL news sources IMO and look at eact article on its own merits.

Thats my 2 cents anyway :)