Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hamas: We won't recognize Israel

Another headline which will be largely ignored by the media in the west.

Hamas: We won't recognize Israel

Speaking at mass rally in Gaza to celebrate Hamas' 23rd anniversary, Haniyeh says group won't recognize Israel but will accept state within '67 borders. US envoy meets Abbas, says America committed to creation of Palestinian state.

Tens of thousands of Hamas supporters gathered in the Gaza Strip Tuesday to celebrate the organization's 23rd anniversary.

During the rally, Palestinian Prime Minister in Gaza Ismail Haniyeh addressed the crowds and declared: "We will not recognize Israel."

Haniyeh urged the Palestinian Authority to put an end to all negotiations and security cooperation with the Jewish state. He added the group would accept "a Palestinian state with full sovereignty in the 1967 borders, with Jerusalem as its capital."

At least they are being honest about it.

Because of the continual failings of "peace talks" - which many of us have witnessed for decades - I am beginning to have stronger and stronger convictions regarding how this will eventually occur.

The antichrist, who will ultimately "confirm" the covenant, will have to have a way to make this happen. So what will be his magic bullet?

I believe (and this is speculation only, as the Bible is unclear on these details) something really big has to happen in order to break up this endless cycle of attempts at peace and "final borders". There are certain concessions that neither side is willing to make, mainly concerning the fate of Jerusalem, but also the Golan Heights and parts of the West Bank.

And don't forget that the "Palestinians" want a "contiguous" state, which means Gaza and the West Bank would be connected via a land strip - something that Israel would never accept.

And there is that little issue of the Temple Mount - don't forget - something very "big" has to happen which will allow for the rebuilding of the Temple. Can you even imagine something THAT big - something that would allow for the Jews to rebuild their Temple, on what is viewed by the Muslims as their sacred ground?

So what breaks these major obstructions?

The only "big" event on the horizon which would seem big enough to break up the current impasse - is the epic battle of Gog-MaGog as described in Ezekiel 38-39. Consider this:

After Gog-MaGog, the radical Muslim groups who now surround Israel and who are sworn to destroy Israel, will be decimated. That includes Iran, Turkey and Russia, not to mention the northern African alliances. Presumably, before this, the more immediate hate groups, Hamas, Hezbollah, along with Syria and Lebanon will have seen their fate. All of these groups and nations will have seen God's hand intervene and destroy their invading forces. What was once organized groups, banded together in hatred of Israel - will now (following Gog-MaGog) find themselves in complete tatters and morale will be gone. There will be a time of almost no resistance to Israel in the region.

What an ideal time to confirm the covenant. And in this environment - the post Gog-MaGog environment - the Temple rebuilding will also begin.

Of course, this is speculation, but the prophetic fulfillment of the antichrist's confirming the covenant and the rebuilding of the Temple seems impossible at this point. Negotiations have covered almost every conceivable scenario and we are no closer to a peace deal than we were decades ago.

Its going to take something big. Something epic. Something huge. All of this will be accomplished with the invasion of Gog-MaGog.

Again, this is all speculation at this point. Only God knows how this will play out. But for now, that speculation seems very plausible.


hartdawg said...

hmm lets see: you mentioned Gog/magog, a previous war with hamas hezbillah and syria (psalm 83) sounds like you guessed it right to me...dont forget the rapture. and as hal lindsey said "if the `palastinians` laid down their arms there would be no more war, if isreal laid down their arms their would be no more isreal".

Scott said...

Hart, that quote by Hal is SO accurate and telling...and true.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that quote was originally from an older, high level Israeli official

Anonymous said...

James here.... I think with the stunex virus complicating things that Iran is just itching to strike Israel. I think that Iran will know start to ramp up it's activitiesw ith Hamas in Lebanon and Syria to increase attacks on Israel. I could be wrong but I also think that an attack in the United States could force the administration to give Israel a green light to be more forceful in a response to their security concerns in the region. What do you think Scott? Hartdawg?

hartdawg said...

donno james...i think it`s possible iran may have other facilities...maybe. i personally think a strike on the u.s occurs just prior to Gog/magog but AFTER psalm 83, and from our back yard (venezuela,brazil...)to prevent u.s involvement during Gog/magog.

hartdawg said...

as for iran ramping up its activities with hamas....to increase attacks on isreal,thats not gonna happen, its ALREADY happening.

Scott said...


Thats an interesting idea....I believe that Iran desperately tried to precipitate Israel "attacking" them, and Israel didn't take the bait....Now that Iran realizes that Israel "attacked" them in such a covert manner MUST have them frustrated - and now, as you mention, their frustration may manifest in them attacking Israel, and perhaps the US as well.

I am guessing that Iran has realized that their "baiting" israel didn't succeed (that would have been their best option - to have Israel invade and then play victim while rallying the Arab groups.

we'll see, but it wouldn't surprise me one bit.

Anonymous said...

James here...Thanks for your reply guys. Scott is there any way, with your sources and perspective, that you could give us a who's who list in the EU? I'm particularly interested in secondary levels as those are the people who move more covertly. I would like to be able to research those people daily. When you have time ofcourse!

Thanks brother.

Scott said...


I'll go back and find a couple of previous posts - there was one in particular, where the EU formed various ub-groups and appointed leaders. Many of these sub-groups were involved in military issues such as the ones who will be sent into hot regions and contested borders etc...

Let me see if I can retrieve that - because I thought these new "names" could be potentially interesting for the same reasons :)

Scott said...


Look at the column on the right, and click on "November" - and once in November, click on the link "EU Updates: Top Jobs Being Filled in "External Action service", dated Thur., Nov 18.

There are a several names with these announcements regarding the positions filled and all of them are interesting...

Anonymous said...

Thank you Scott. I will look at it today. Also developing a spreadsheet as we speak.