Saturday, December 18, 2010

EEAS Back in the News: New Appointments of Interest

The new Roman Empire continues to build up its military and "External Action Service" (EEAS) with more appointments and more infrastructure formation:

Ashton picks Fin to be EU 'spymaster'

Thats an ominous title isn't it?

Ilkka Salmi, the 42-year-old head of the Finnish security service the Suojelupoliisin, has been appointed as the new director of the EU's intelligence-sharing bureau, the Joint Situation Centre (SitCen).

The move all-but-completes EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton's top line-up in the European External Action Service (EEAS).

Mr Salmi is said to have been picked for the €15,000 a month post because of his "fantastic" personal qualities. But EU political correctness was a second factor - the Nordic countries had so far missed out on first-tier appointments in Ms Ashton's corps.

Some contacts in the EU institutions would have favoured an older candidate from a larger member state which has an intelligence relationship with China, Russia and the US or a proven expert on the Middle East and Islamist terror threats in Europe.

That part contains the background information - but this article also has some other interesting aspects:

In an unusual twist for a man of his profile, he appears in some short clips on YouTube.

This video link (from the article) is provided here, and the title alone pulls me in:

Secret society? Valtaoja meets Ilkka Salmi and other notables in a shady basement at turki uni

I would love to know your thoughts on this bizarre video. I have no idea what to make of it - and if anyone who reads this board can translate, it would be greatly appreciated (just post in the "comments" if possible). Any other thoughts that you have would be interesting to hear, as well, because I'm clueless.

Below are a few more interesting tidbits from the article:

SitCen's primary role is to write flash reports and medium-term security analyses for Ms Ashton's cabinet and the member states' Political and Security Committee (PSC) based on classified information sent in to its Brussels office from around 20 EU countries and on open source information harvested by a team of 15 analysts, soon to be expanded to 21

Mr Salmi's counterpart in the PSC, PSC president Olof Skoog, is a Swede, giving a Nordic flavour to the EEAS' security leadership. Ms Ashton has also decided to keep French diplomat Patrice Bergamini by her side as a special advisor on intelligence and security matters, however.

Very few documents are publicly available on the nature of SitCen's work. But one EU paper dating back to the bureau's inception in 2001, entitled "Suggestions for procedures for coherent, comprehensive EU crisis management," is still relevant as an insight into its work.

The newly appointed "cast of characters" involved in the EU's "Political and Security Committee" and the EEAS is becoming more and more fascinating as we watch these positions being filled.

It is possible that someone could emerge from these groups - someone who is ready to assume much more power and authority. Someone referenced many times in the Bible - someone who could fulfill the prophecy of Daniel 9:27. This possibility alone makes it very much worthwhile to follow these developments VERY closely.


Expected Imminently said...

No worries,Chicken Galore has it covered!

That was an Elf and Safety orientation for Santa’s little helpers from the head Elf.

Scott said...

Yeaaaa - that sounds like the crazy spin they'd probably put on this whole thing Sue. :)
It just keeps getting deeper and deeper though doesn'y it?

Caver said... translation here either but it raised the hair on the back of my neck.

The camera went in the front door and overtly. It was used in the dark utility rooms covertly.

Those folk looked well educated, dressed, and positioned. Why meet down there?

Everything, and I do mean everything, we see and hear today points to some "wild and crazy" days in the very near future...and maybe not just on a national basis.....and totally and completely manufactured.


Scott said...

I agree Caver...Plus, what was with that Hologram?

Expected Imminently said...

Hello Carver
Hope I don’t embarrass you, but are you THE Carver, husband of the ‘forever Mrs Carver (I forget her name now, they were wed after meeting on line!)
I Googled for ages trying to see if the Carvers had their own site – to no avail. I used to really appreciate both your comments – and learned a lot. Is it you?

If not, please excuse my eccentricity, I have appreciated your comments to Scott as well.
I find politics really hard going and need help to understand it. To me, politics may as well be a parrot wearing a watch. :D

P.S. What was that high pitched sound on that video? I first thought my tinitus was flaring up again.

What I found really creepy is the way the hologram head seemed to turn ans look around the onlookers.
~~ shudder~~


Scott said...

Heh:) You crack me up Sue -- I noticed that high-pitched sound (in addition to my tinnitus :) as well...
Very creepy....

I'll let Caver fill you in on the details of his identity :)

Expected Imminently said...

At times, dearest Scott, I can tell you lived in England for a while by your selection of colloquialisms and idiom - Good init!

I have taken careful note of the professional spelling of 'tinnitus'.

Ta! everso.


Scott said...


I used to travel to the greater London area a LOT - like about every month for years, and I have worked for two British companies in the past - so you are correct!