Tuesday, December 28, 2010

In the news:

There are a lot of interesting stories in the news today; mostly unrelated.

1. Caroline Glick looks at 2011 and what may be coming:

Column One: The Wars of 2011

Any strategy for victory in political warfare must begin with a clear recognition of reality. Peace is impossible because like Hamas, Fatah is the enemy. Its leaders and rank and file reject our right to exist. They are building a state that will be at war with us. They are avidly working to delegitimize us with the intention of destroying us together with their brothers in Hamas – whom they finance with US and other foreign aid.

The Palestinians clearly see the coming year as a decisive year in their war to destroy Israel. The Netanyahu government needs to muster its forces to battle. These are battles we can win. But to do so, we must commit ourselves to victory.

2. Preparing for the Mark of the Beast:

Biometric ID Check On Scots Schoolchildren As Young As Four

DOZENS of Scottish schools have introduced “intrusive” biometric systems, such as fingerprinting, to identify pupils as young as four.

Public bodies have shown in the past that they are not always to be trusted with sensitive personal data.

“Do we really want this sort of intrusive information taken from young children?”

3. The Decline of the U.S.:

111th Congress Added More Debt Than First 100 Congresses Combined

The federal government has accumulated more new debt--$3.22 trillion ($3,220,103,625,307.29)—during the tenure of the 111th Congress than it did during the first 100 Congresses combined, according to official debt figures published by the U.S. Treasury.

During the Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) tenure as speaker, which commenced on Jan. 4, 2007, the federal government has run up $5.177 trillion in new debt. That is about equal to the total debt the federal government accumulated in the first 120 years of the nation's existence

4. Lies and Distortions:

A Blizzard of Lies in the New York Times

It’s Orwellian when cold is declared warmth. It’s deceitful and insulting when it occurs in the midst of a huge blizzard shutting down much of the northeast.

I would not even trust the date on the front page of The New York Times because the newspaper long ago lost touch with reality, with sanity, and, one can only assume, readers fleeing to other sources for the news.

When the oft-called “newspaper of record” chooses a day on which Mother Nature is demonstrating what tons of snow and chill air can do to a huge swath of the nation’s northeast with effects reaching Tallahassee, they are either trying to see just how stupid their readers are or doubling down on the global warming hoax they have disseminated since Jim Hansen of NASA’s Goddard Institute declared we’re all doomed back in 1988.

If you want a lesson in Orwell’s “doublethink”, the ability to hold two contradictory thoughts or ideas at the same time, you need only read the first line of Cohen’s article: “The earth continues to get warmer, yet it’s feeling a lot colder outside.” In other words, who are you going to believe? Me? Or your lying eyes?

5. This one caught me by surprise:

Islamic Supremacists Envision a Takeover of the Internet

It was hardly noticed at the time, but its consequences could be catastrophic. Late last September, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), which assigns internet domain names, approved a huge change in the way it operates. Europe and North America will now have five seats on its Board of Directors, instead of ten, and a new "Arab States" region will have five seats as well.

In practice, the new arrangement makes it much easier for Muslim countries to dictate what stays on the internet and what doesn't. The removal of the material about "terrorism" was just muscle-flexing; there is much more of that kind of censorship coming. If this stands, anti-jihad sites like my own site AtlasShrugs.com and the JihadWatch.org site run by my colleague Robert Spencer will likely lose their domain names. It will become harder and harder to find the truth about jihad activity, or any resistance to it, on the internet or anywhere else.

6. And last but not least:

World inches closer to recognizing 'Palestine'

Israel was shocked to learn on Monday that Britain is seriously considering upgrading the status of the Palestinian Authority delegation in London to that of an official diplomatic mission, putting it basically on par with the delegations of sovereign states.

The news, which was first reported by Israel’s Ynet news portal, was especially surprising considering that Britain’s current conservative government is viewed as generally pro-Israel.

Israel fears that the next step for the Europeans is to officially recognize “Palestine” as an independent state outside the framework of an Israeli-Palestinian final status peace agreement. Most of South America has already gone so far as to officially recognize “Palestine.”

The Palestinian Authority is playing off this worrying trend and is threatening seek official UN recognition for a unilateral declaration of independence if Israel does not meet all its demands.

If European Union powerhouses like Britain and France recognize a Palestinian state, the Palestinians are likely to have all the backing they need in the UN, forcing the hands of both Israel and the US, which is currently still opposed to the unilateral establishment of a Palestinian state.

The situation has reached this point because the Palestinians have managed to successfully reverse reality and paint Israel as a non-compliant peace partner. With the international community so anxious to conclude a final status peace deal (even if it doesn’t lead to genuine peace), it is ready to give the Palestinians what they want, with or without Israel.

Wow. This effort is gaining momentum in leaps and bounds.

Soon, we'll reach a point in which this will be agreed by the UN, and the next step would be the necessary "confirmation" of this weird, bizarre "covenant". And we all know what that means. At this point, we need to be watching for the emergence of a leader who pushes this through and offers some method of confirming the "agreement".

Things are certainly getting interesting these days.


Anonymous said...

Scott >>>>

I am continually amazed re how things come in 5 plus 5 or tens.
Like this Internet name game they
are playing.

This needs to be watched VERY CLOSELY.

Stephen in Hawaii

PS......still dont know the 10 EU
states that Erakat was talking about. Hopefully soon....

Stephen !!!!

Expected Imminently said...

Hello Scott

Britain’s current government is a coalition of LibCon. The Conservatives crossed the line first, but did not get enough seats to govern; (‘Hung Parliament’. Labour came second (Previous Blair/Brown government) and as usual the LibDems a poor third.

The coalition means we have a Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron and a Progressive Liberal Deputy, Nick Clegg.
The Liberals have not been voted into government for many decades, yet their modern policies have wrecked British Society by weak governments buying their votes. Imo


Scott said...

Perhaps I am a pessimist, but I believe we are deep into the decline of both the US and the UK, but we just have a hard i admitting it to ourselves. In my opinion, we are similar to the Soviet Union before its breakup - we are still a threat as far as military and nukes, and therefore formidable in that regard - but otherwise we are on the decline. And that decline includes the military which is being downsized significantly, so even that mojo is fleeting.

Its time now for the rise of the Kings of the East, the south, the Revived Roman Empire (10 Kings) and the Gog-MaGog alliance.

The days of the UK/US dominance are just on the cusp of being a thing of the past IMO.

Scott said...

I agree on the array of 5+5 things...Interesting. Of equal interest is the array of "666" things floating around. Strange.

hartdawg said...

scott...in regard to your response to ei "we are still a threat as far as military and nukes..." not for long. as for nukes obama is forcing the us to practically disarm, and for military, our wicked and evil "president" (he`s not my president) is sodomizing the military and driving the moral people out so our military wont be a threat for long either.

Scott said...

I AGREE - the military, like everything else is on the decline - it SO reminds me of the Carter years, only worse.