Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Big Lie

As stated before, we are living in an era of lies and distortions. I wanted to post this article this morning, but my computer was giving me problems. This one is worth reading in its entirety. The truth is becoming more and more elusive these days as we watch the main-stream-media fall in line with the various talking points fed to them by UN and government leaders. The article below is extremely politically incorrect, but it is the truth, and facts are facts:

The Big Lie: '1967 Borders' is a Fallacy, Says Former Ambassador

The term “1967 borders,” the Arab world’s mantra for the borders of a PA state, never existed, says former Ambassador to Canada Alan Baker in a research paper for the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs.

Ever since neighboring Arab countries attacked Israel in 1948 as it became an independent country for the first time in 2,000 years, there were no borders, only temporary military lines defined by the 1949 “Armistice Lines” that ended, at least formally, the War for Independence.

However, the Arab world has repeated the term “1967 borders” so much that it has been adopted as fact by mainstream media and most international leaders. The term refers to the 1949 ceasefire line from which Israel military forces advanced at the beginning of the Six-Day War on June 4, 1967 and should be called "pre-1967 War Armistice Lines" or "1949 Armistice Lines". INN, it should be noted, has used those accurate terms consistently.

Although the “1967 borders” denote lines of separation, they have no basis in history, law, or fact,” Baker explained. “The 1949 armistice agreements specifically stated that such lines have no political or legal significance and do not prejudice future negotiations on boundaries,” he continued.

“There are no provisions in any of the agreements signed between Israel and the Palestinians that require withdrawal to the ‘1967 borders.’ There were never any geographic imperatives that sanctify the 1967 lines."

There is a lot more to this article and it is an interesting read - but the bottom line is found in the closing paragraph:

The PA in the past several months has called for “negotiations” but in reality has demanded that Israel accept the so-called “1967 borders” without negotiation, lines which Baker’s research paper shows havs no legal or historical foundation as borders.

Unfortunately - when it comes to "the nations" - the facts or the historical truths have no meaning.


Anonymous said...

WOW. this IS interesting...the media had me believing on there being a "1967 borders".

It still just boggles my mind that most people or countries in this world side with the PA. They are truly blinded to see or believe they are 'innocent' or deserve to have any of Israel's land.

Israel is such a TINY nation. The bible is soooo true that the 'chosen' land would be coveted by so many others. This world is just so greedy. The Arabs have plenty of land to give to the PA. The need to leave the Jewish state ALONE!


Scott said...

So true Gods Girl. And when it comes to Israel, I would Safely say that 80-90% is blatantly untrue. And so many are blind to the truths about Israel and the land. Its so sad, but it all fits into the overall plan, somehow. Still its disturbing to read the lies constantly perpetuated.