Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Rise of the Kings of the East

WikiLeaks: Secret Cables Show Growing U.S. Concern Over China

A Feb. 23, 2010, cable from Johnnie Carson, asst. secretary of state for African Affairs, reported:

China is a very aggressive and pernicious economic competitor with no morals. … There are trip wires for the United States when it comes to China. Is China developing a blue water navy?

Have they signed military base agreements? Are they training armies? Have they developed intelligence operations? Once these areas start developing then the U.S. will start worrying.

A cable from U.S. Ambassador to Kenya Michael Ranneberger sent six days earlier indicates it is time to start worrying. Ranneberger reports:

China is also providing weapons to the GOK [Government of Kenya] in support of its Somalia policies and increasing their involvement with the Kenyan National Security and Intelligence Service.

China’s involvement with the brutal regimes of Sudan and Zimbabwe, noted by Carson, is based on oil and minerals, respectively.

Africa is not the only place where Chinese actions have sent up warning flags. A May 13, 2008, memo from Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice complains:

We have demarched China repeatedly on its conventional arms transfers to Iran, urging Beijing to stop these transfers due to unacceptably high risk that such weapons would be diverted to militants and terrorists in Iraq and elsewhere. Beijing has typically responded by asserting that its sales are in accordance with international law, that it requires end-users to sign agreements pledging not to retransfer the weapons.

A March 23, 2009 memo, on a meeting between Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd:

…preparing to deploy force if everything goes wrong. The Australian intelligence community keeps a close watch on China’s military modernization, and indicated the forthcoming Australian Defense White Paper’s focus on naval capability is a response to China’s growing ability to project force.

The threats from "the east" continue as we watch China's power, influence and military might all growing rapidly.

China will most definitely be a force during the Tribulation as described in Revelation 16:12 and 9:14-16, just to name two such references. We are watching their preparations for war and economic dominance grow by the day. Exactly as we would expect.


hartdawg said...

at first glance,looking at the name johnnie carson i thought you meant johnny carson from the tonight show:)

Scott said...

I had the exact same thought!
You're dating yourself with a Johnny Carson reference:)