Thursday, December 30, 2010

The "hook in the jaw" of Gog

We know from Ezekiel 38 that the biblical "Gog" will lead the coalition of nations into battle on the mountains of Israel. It is in the early stages of this epic battle that God makes His presence known and supernaturally ends this great battle by destroying these invading forces led by Gog who is ruling over the land of MaGog. We believe this to be represented by modern-day Russia.

There are two scriptural clues as to why this battle takes place.

The word of the Lord speaking directly, and referring to Gog:

"I will put hooks in your jaws and bring you out with your whole army..." (Ezekiel 38:4)

and in the same passage, in verse 12-14 we receive further information, in terms of the motivation of Gog:

"I will plunder and loot", and "To seize much plunder..."

Prophecy watchers have long considered possibilities that would exist in the last days giving Russia a "hook" in its jaws, and reasons to loot and plunder Israel. Oil and gas has also been discussed for years as a possibility.

Now, at least over the last couple of years, we have observed huge Israeli discoveries of gas and oil, and recently we even have another one.

The book "Epicenter" by Joel Rosenberg, does an excellent job describing Russia's intent for the Middle East and Europe, and much of their long term plans include oil and gas domination in the region, and they have already had major success in that effort. If Israel threatens those long term plans, who knows what their response could be.

Since Joel Rosenberg has been on this story a long time, I'll let him take over:

Biblical Prophecy Update: Israel Discovers Another 16 Trillion Cubic Feet Of Natural Gas

Two years ago, Ratio Oil Exploration LP, an energy firm here, employed five people and was worth about half a million dollars. Today it sits at the center of a gas bonanza that has investors, international oil companies, Israeli politicians and even Hezbollah, Israel’s sworn enemy, clamoring for a piece of the action. Ratio’s market capitalization now approaches $1 billion. The rally at Ratio is thanks to the company’s 15% stake in a giant offshore gas field called Leviathan, operated by Houston-based Noble Energy Inc. On Wednesday, the frenzy got fresh fuel: Noble confirmed its earlier estimates that the field contains 16 trillion cubic feet of gas—making it the world’s biggest deepwater gas find in a decade, with enough reserves to supply Israel’s gas needs for 100 years….”

It’s a story that just keeps getting more and more interesting over the past few years, because larger and larger fields of petroleum keep getting discovered.

And this is where it gets very interesting. Most of you are probably familiar with the story, but if not, you should be fascinated by the following:

In my first non-fiction book, Epicenter, published in 2006 (and the updated and expanded Epicenter 2.0 edition that was published in 2008) , I included a chapter entitled, “Future Headline: Israel Discovers Massive Reserves of Oil, Gas.” The chapter described a trail of prophetic clues found in the Hebrew Scriptures that some believe (myself included) indicate that in the “last days” the nation of Israel will be blessed by discovering huge reserves of petroleum that will make Israel quite wealthy.

Those clues suggest Israel will be able to “dip his foot in oil” and draw “oil from the flinty rock.” The Jewish people will find ”hidden treasures in the sand” and an “abundance of the seas.” This newfound wealth in the last days will certainly be a blessing for Israel, but it will also draw enemies and may very well help trigger the ”War of Gog and Magog” when the nations ask the leaders of the Russian-Iranian alliance that comes against the Jewish state, “Have you come to capture spoil [from Israel]? Have you assembled your [military forces] to seize plunder, to carry away silver and gold….to capture a great spoil?”

The trail of clues can be found in the following Bible verses:

Genesis 49:1
Genesis 49:25
Deuteronomy 33:13
Deuteronomy 33:19
Deuteronomy 33:24
Deuteronomy 32:12-13
Isaiah 45:3
Ezekiel 38:8-13

Are such prophecies now coming to pass? Are such headlines further evidence that we are living in the “last days” before the return of our Lord Jesus Christ? It’s a story worth keeping an eye on, to be sure.

I agree. This is definitely worth keeping an eye on.


hartdawg said...

2 questions 1)do you get joels email updates? tho i dont agree with all of them i do agree with most of them and find them insightful 2)i believe there are 2 motivating factors...1)the descovery of massive oil and natural gas and 2)the spoil and plunder from isreals decisive victory in psalm 83/isa 17. what do you think? and a 3rd yyou think its possible that a failed "palastinian" state despite the whole worlds pressure could be the catalyst that triggers psalm 83?

Scott said...

Man, those are tough ones Hart.
As far as the motivating factors, I am in the school of thought that these complex decisions are multifactorial - and based on more factors than a single factor. So in the case of Israel, I believe Russia would like a southern port/access to the Mediterranean, I also believe they don't want Israel edging them on the gas and oil, and they also may be a position (especially after their wheat and food production issues) of wanting Israeli food production (fruits, vegetables and the unique greenhouse technology that allows Israel to be such a major producer in the winter months)..

The connections to Isa 17/Psa 83 are so hard for me There are such an array of scenarios, and many that we probably haven't even considered. I'm really at a loss. Maybe it will be a failed PA state - but that train seems pretty unstoppable right now.

That is one thing that makes prophecy watching so fascinating - the twists and turns and the new scenarios that appear as new information comes in...

Anonymous said...

Well, Scott, I was reading all this
and ONE THING is very clear to me.

17 Isiah

If Damascus is destroyed cause
Israel goes to war with Hezbelah

and Syria

over M. sea property rights....

the for sure Russia comes down to
deal with it......since back in
SEP 1980 they have had a mutual
defense pact with Syria !!!!

Are you aware of that ??

please tell me thanks, Stephen !!

Anonymous said...

also, Israel is telling their IDF
people to watch out when they leave
on vacation outside of Israel.

It looks like Iran wants to kidnap
whoever they can as pay back for

That could provoke all of this.

as u may remember, it was kidnappings of several IDF
people that provoked the
2006 conflict.

Stephen !!!!

Anonymous said...

Scott, please be aware......

this is serious now....

I was looking at my current Elliott
wave counts on the Dow Industrials,
and there APPEARS to be a
major crash dead ahead....

like starting next week!!!!

If i am right on this....

this world is running on empty
right now.

things like 17 Isiah and 38 Ezekiel
and the rapture would CAUSE or
could be reasons for bids to get
pulled big time on the NYSE.....

what do you think ??

let me know

Stephen !!!!

Scott said...

Yes, there are an array of alliances in the ME now - with a complex weaving of Iran-Russia-Syria-Turkey and these are all intertwined. These "alliances" consist of a series of economic agreements and military agreements.

We are watching the Gog-MaGog alliances forged right before our very eyes.

Also , there was a news bulletin several weeks ago in which it described Iran's efforts to strike back at Israeli IDF personnel as a reaction to the killings in Iran of nuclear scientists and the Stuxnext worm; hopefully unsuccessful.

As far as a crash? Wouldn't surprise me one bit. Its inevitable, its just a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

Russia is now dealing with PA as a state even though they are not a state. Israel has discovered a huge gas reserve in israeli land.

Russia's timing gives them away. Now they come down from the north 3 weeks later to recognize a PA state officially.

The hook is in their jaw.

Anonymous said...

maybe we could actually help someone if we are so called christians
maybe we could do something for people other than prophecy people

when will the CHURCH care about others?
Twitter Singledad1234 theres a
young 24 year old woman asking for help why doesnt the church do something for these people?

Katmend said...

I believe God reveals these things to us in His timing ..anything that causes confusion and without Revelation from God is like flogging a dead horse ..until its time to for Him to give understanding ..instead I tend to revel in the things He has revealed to me so far ..just a thought 😊

Idahobeef said...

WOW looks like you are right, Russia is being dragged into Syria. WOWOWOW