Friday, December 17, 2010

A Date to Remember

Israel Remembers the Holy Temple and the Holocaust on Tevet 10

Friday is the tenth day of the Hebrew month of Tevet, a fast day on which Jews remember the siege of Jerusalem that preceded the destruction of the First Temple and the Babylonian exile. The siege is described in the Bible in the Book of Kings.

The day is also the time at which mourning prayers are said for Holocaust victims whose date of death is not known. Many religious Jews mourn the Holocaust on the 10th of Tevet rather than on the date chosen by the Israeli government in the Hebrew month of Nissan.

The tenth of Tevet is observed as a fast from morning until nightfall. It is the only day-long fast day that can fall on a Friday.

Also in the news today:

Just one small footnote if you haven't already read this. I believe the following reveals the true roots of the so-called global warming movement:

Did the Global Warming Hoax Die?

Well, as we have seen, despite the lack of quality data to support global warming via CO2 emissions - the following must be considered:

If you want to know the core beliefs of those who gathered in Cancun, Mexico, for yet another Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) conference, you need look no further than the way one of its days began with a prayer to Ixchel, a Mayan Moon goddess.

The global warmists are essentially pagans for whom the worship of Gaia, an Earth goddess of Greek origin, symbolizes their rejection of the Judeo-Christian values embraced by Western civilization.

To be honest, the fact that these folks begin the conference with a prayer to a pagan god - the Mayan Moon goddess - is all I need to know. Period. The rest of the article is worth reading.

Since we have been keeping an eye on the UN and their interests, the following article is worth mentioning:

I'm from the UN and I'm Here to Help

That human action or activity often has unintended consequences is not a new observation.

Among the activities that often have results very different from those envisaged or desired is foreign aid. There is probably not a single case of a very poor country being hauled out of poverty by such aid; there are many instances of dictators being kept in power and of civil wars virtually funded by it.

Peacekeeping forces may likewise do things other than keep the peace (though they rarely do that).

And that is so true. To see the complete and utter ineptitude of the UN, all one has to do is look at Africa and the UN's role there.

There is a terrible irony to all this that the authors do not mention. The Bangladeshis now suffer from the largest mass outbreak of arsenic poisoning in the history of mankind, thanks to the wells in their country drilled (with the best of intentions, no doubt) by UNICEF. The arsenic was in the groundwater, and millions of Bangladeshis now suffer from chronic arsenic poisoning; and one in four deaths in Bangladesh has now been attributed to it.

And we also see this part of the article:

A paper in the New England Journal of Medicine for December 9 from Harvard Medical School shows that the strain of cholera that has caused an epidemic in Haiti probably originated in South Asia, that is to say Bangladesh. The authors arrived at this conclusion by genetic analysis.

Rather coyly, they state:

Our findings have policy implications for public health officials who are considering the deployment of vaccines or other measures for controlling cholera.

But the whole episode could scarcely have been better designed to feed into Haitians’ paranoia about the designs of the rest of the world on their country. It is interesting that much of the population was convinced that it was the UN troops who had brought the disease, which has now killed more than a thousand people in Haiti, with them, and it appears that they were right.

Interesting. The UN, who may assume more and more international (and unintended) power, as we approach the Tribulation has shown nothing but ineptitude when dealing with almost any issue around the world. If one is not convinced of this, then turn to northern Africa and read about the UN's role there. Or one could look to the northern border of Israel and read about the UN's role there as well.

It will be interesting to see what kind of role the UN will play during the Tribulation. Oh wait - I almost forgot - we won't be here during that period. I'll modify that statement: It will be interesting to see the role that the UN will play as we approach the Tribulation. There. Fixed. Much better.

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