Sunday, December 5, 2010

"A Resurgent Syria Alarms U.S., Israel"

That title comes from the Washington Post's recent article, as we see more trouble brewing in the Middle East.

A Resurgent Syria

Syria's fresh interference in Lebanon and its increasingly sophisticated weapons shipments to Hezbollah have alarmed American officials and prompted Israel's military to consider a strike against a Syrian weapons depot that supplies the Lebanese militia group, U.S. and Israeli officials say.

Israel has complained to the United Nations about long-range missiles and shorter-range rockets that are flowing freely from camps inside Syria to a transit site along the Syrian border with Lebanon and on to Hezbollah.

But Israel has so far hesitated to take military action out of concern that such a strike could touch off a conflict even bloodier than the 2006 war between Israel and Hezbollah, said an Israeli military official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter.

Israeli surveillance tracks the nighttime missile shipments as Syrian personnel escort them from clandestine bases in Syria to the Lebanese border. At the swap area, the weapons are transferred to Lebanese trucks and driven into southern Lebanon and to Beirut, the Israeli military official said.

Asked about the likelihood of Israel striking at the border transfer area or one of the camps inside Syria, the military official said, "This is definitely one of the options Israel has. Of course any attack like this could lead to an escalation."

Somehow, Damascus will end up in the crosshairs of either an epic military strike, or perhaps a tragic accident involving WMDs. Either way, according to Isaiah 17, Damascus will be destroyed during the course of a single evening.

Are we beginning to see the situation that precipitates this fatal scenario?


hartdawg said...

personally, i`m not sure if we`re seeing the begginning stages or not. it really appears that we are and we should most definately be watching this unfold and alerting others. on the other hand, it`s not at all inconsistent for God to hold back the prophetic clock a few more years. i think thats what happened with irans nukes. i`mready to go but i`m also gearing up in the possible event that God holds back the prophetic clock.

Scott said...

Hart - interesting development - I'm getting ready to post on it in a few minutes - look at most recent posts (Dec 6)

Scott said...

Still working on it :)
maybe tomorrow...So much news. so little time Hart :)