Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Loss of Liberty and Freedom

Two items which disappear completely during the Tribulation: freedom and liberty. So it stands to reason that we would see such progression of loss of liberty and freedom on this side of the Tribulation. After all, the "birth pains" of this generation include such losses as the world prepares for the arrival of the antichrist. His draconian world governance simply cannot happen overnight - the stage must be set. And indeed, we are witnessing the setting of the stage on a daily basis as we rush headlong onto the tribulation era.

Today's summary of this topic is particularly ominous, and it comes form the recent decisions rendered at the UN climate conference in Cancun.

First, lets get past the ironic humor, and I won't mention the failure of the "Global Warming" crowd's inability to explain why the world experienced a cooling trend between the 1940's and the 1970's (as CO2 emissions increased dramatically) - an obvious and stark reminder of the failure of the CO2 model, and I won't mention the last 8-10 years of stable-decreasing temperature trends, nor will I mention the obvious fraud that has been uncovered by the "climate-gate" email scandal which revealed the lies and distortions on so-called global warming, complete with fraudulent data etc., etc., etc.

Nor will I get an additional dig from this irony:

Irony alert: The unusually chilly global-warming summit

The irony: As negotiators from nearly 200 countries met in Cancun to strategize ways to keep the planet from getting hotter, the temperature in the seaside Mexican city plunged to a 100-year record low

The reaction: ClimateGate was "bad enough," says Duncan Davidson in Wall Street Pit, but Cancun's weather is particularly "inconvenient" for global-warming alarmists. It's a reminder that global temperatures have "flatlined" despite rising carbon dioxide levels, "which is decidedly chilling against the concept of hampering economic growth to limit Co2 emissions."

OK, enough with the irony and humor, because the discussion below is very very serious and alarming.

The article below reveals what exactly happened and what was determined at Cancun, as written Mr Monckton, who has kept us informed of such developments before:

The abdication of the West

I usually add some gentle humor to these reports. Not today. Read this and weep.

Notwithstanding the carefully-orchestrated propaganda to the effect that nothing much will be decided at the UN climate conference here in Cancun, the decisions to be made here this week signal nothing less than the abdication of the West. The governing class in what was once proudly known as the Free World is silently, casually letting go of liberty, prosperity, and even democracy itself.

As a reminder - this article is a little longer than most but it is definitely worth reading and forwarding to as many folks as possible. I'll try to limit the quotes below because there are so many worthwhile quotes contained within this article.

The 33-page Note (FCCC/AWGLCA/2010/CRP.2) by the Chairman of the “Ad-Hoc Working Group on Long-Term Co-operative Action under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change”, entitled Possible elements of the outcome, reveals all.

All UNFCCC documents at the Cancun conference, specifically including Possible elements of the outcome, are drafted with what is called “transparent impenetrability”. The intention is that the documents should not be understood, but that later we shall be told they were in the public domain all the time, so what are we complaining about?

Here is a very brief summary of this document as editorialized by Mr Monckton:

Finance: Western countries will jointly provide $100 billion a year by 2020 to an unnamed new UN Fund.
To keep this sum up with GDP growth, the West may commit itself to pay 1.5% of GDP to the UN each year.

The world-government Secretariat: In all but name, the UN Convention’s Secretariat will become a world government directly controlling hundreds of global, supranational, regional, national and sub-national bureaucracies.It will receive the vast sum of taxpayers’ money ostensibly paid by the West to the Third World for adaptation to the supposed adverse consequences of imagined (and imaginary) “global warming”.

Bureaucracy: Hundreds of new interlocking bureaucracies answerable to the world-government Secretariat will vastly extend its power and reach

Many of the new bureaucracies are disguised as “capacity-building in developing countries”.This has nothing to do with growing the economies or industries of poorer nations. It turns out to mean the installation of hundreds of bureaucratic offices answerable to the Secretariat in numerous countries around the world. Who pays? You do, gentle taxpayer.

Babylon, Byzantium, the later Ottoman Empire, the formidable bureaucracy of Nazi Germany, the vast empire of 27,000 paper-shufflers at the European Union: add all of these together and multiply by 100 and you still do not reach the sheer size, cost, power and reach of these new subsidiaries of the Secretariat.

OK, I couldn't resist adding this one. Look at what has been added in terms of new bureaucracies (I'm not kidding either):

In addition to multiple new bureaucracies in every one of the 193 states parties to the Convention, there will be an Adaptation Framework Body, a Least Developed Countries’ Adaptation Planning Body, an Adaptation Committee, Regional Network Centers, an International Center to Enhance Adaptation Research, National Adaptation Institutions, a Body to Clarify Assumptins and Conditions in National Greenhouse-Gas Emission Reductions Pledges, a Negotiating Body for an Overall Level of Ambition for Aggregate Emission Reductions and Individual Targets, an Office to Revise Guidelines for National Communications, a Multilateral Communications Process Office, a Body for the Process to Develop Modalities and Guidelines for the Compliance Process, a Registry of Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions by Developed Countries, a Body to Supervise the Process for Understanding Diversity of Mitigation Actions Submitted and Support Needed, a Body to Develop Modalities for the Registry of Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions, an Office of International Consultation and Analysis; an Office to Conduct a Work Program for Development of Various Modalities and Guidelines; a network of Developing Countries’ National Forest Strategy Action Plan Offices; a network of National Forest Reference Emission Level And/Or Forest Reference Level Bodies; a network of National Forest Monitoring Systems; an Office of the Work Program on Agriculture to Enhance the Implementation of Article 4, Paragraph 1(c) of the Convention Taking Into Account Paragraph 31; one or more Mechanisms to Establish a Market-Based Approach to Enhance the Cost-Effectiveness Of And To Promote Mitigation Actions; a Forum on the Impact of the Implementation of Response Measures; a Work Program Office to Address the Impact of the Implementation of Response Measures; a Body to Review the Needs of Developing Countries for Financial Resources to Address Climate Change and Identify Options for Mobilization of Those Resources; a Fund in Addition to the Copenhagen Green Fund; an Interim Secretariat for the Design Phase of the New Fund; a New Body to Assist the Conference of the Parties in Exercising its Functions with respect to the Financial Mechanism; a Body to Launch a Process to Further Define the Roles and Functions of the New Body to Assist the Conference of the Parties in Exercising its Functions with respect to the Financial Mechanism; a Technology Executive Committee; a Climate Technology Center and Network; a Network of National, Regional, Sectoral and International Technology Centers, Networks, Organization and Initiatives; Twinning Centers for Promotion of North-South, South-South and Triangular Partnerships with a View to Encouraging Co-operative Research and Development; an Expert Workshop on the Operational Modalities of the Technology Mechanism; an International Insurance Facility; a Work Program Body for Policy Approaches and Positive Incentives on Issues Relating to Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Developing Countries; a Body to Implement a Work Program on the Impact of the Implementation of Response Measures; and a Body to Develop Modalities for the Operationalization of the Work Program on the Impact of the Implementation of Response Measures.

How's that grab you?

Wait, there is more:

The world government’s powers: The Secretariat will have the power not merely to invite nation states to perform their obligations under the climate-change Convention, but to compel them to do so.

Nation states are to be ordered to collect, compile and submit vast quantities of information, in a manner and form to be specified by the secretariat and its growing army of subsidiary bodies. Between them, they will be given new powers to verify the information, to review it and, on the basis of that review, to tell nation states what they can and cannot do.

The following quote is particularly interesting:

Knowledge is power: The Chairman’s note contains numerous references to a multitude of new as well as existing obligations on nation states to provide information to the Secretariat, in a form and manner which it will dictate. The hand of the EU is very visible here.

And this:

Democracy: Forget government of the people, by the people, for the people. Forget the principle of “no taxation without representation” that led to the very foundation of the United States. The provisions for the democratic election of the new, all-powerful, legislating, tax-raising world-government Secretariat by the peoples of the world may be summarized in a single word: None.

The hand of the EU is "very visible" in this huh? How interesting....

Propaganda: The Chairman’s note contains several mentions of the notion that the peoples of the world need to be told more about climate change. Here, too, there is a parallel with the EU, which administers a propaganda fund of some $250 million a year purely to advertise its own wonderfulness to an increasingly sceptical population.

Its hard to believe that this document gets even worse, but it does: Read on:

Damage caused by The Process: At the insistence of sensible nation states such as the United States, the Czech Republic, Japan, Canada, and Italy, the Cancun outcome acknowledges that The Process is causing, and will cause, considerable economic damage, delicately described in the Chairman’s note as “unintended side-effects of implementing climate-change response measures”. The solution? Consideration of the catastrophic economic consequences of the Secretariat’s heroically lunatic decisions will fall under the control of – yup – the Secretariat. Admire its sheer gall.

There is much much more in terms of details contained in this article, and I do urge readers to open this document and read it in its entirety. Here are a few of the concluding remarks:

The three central powers that the UN had hoped to grant itself under the guise of Saving The Planet from alleged climate catastrophe were as follows:

“Government”: This use of the word “government” is the first use of the term to describe a world government in any international treaty draft.

“Financial mechanism”: The “financial mechanism” was a delicate phrase to describe a new power of the UN to levy unlimited taxation directly on the peoples of its member states: taxation without representation, and on a global scale.

“Facilitative mechanism”: This mechanism would, for the first time, have given the UN he power directly to coerce and compel compliance on the part of its member states, by force if necessary. The Treaty draft describes it as –

“… a facilitative mechanism drawn up to facilitate the design, adoption and carrying out of public policies, as the prevailing instrument, to which the market rules and related dynamics should be subordinate.”

Just a little more (sorry, I know this has become quite long, but its unavoidable because this is extremely important):

In short, there was to be a New World Order, with a “government” having at its command a “financial mechanism” in the form of unlimited rights to tax the world’s citizen’s directly, and a “facilitative mechanism” that would bring the rules of all formerly free markets under the direct control of the new UN “government”, aided by an already-expanding series of bureaucracies.

At no point anywhere in the 186 pages of the Treaty draft do the words “democracy”, “election”, “ballot”, or “vote” appear. As the EU has already demonstrated, the transfer of powers from sovereign democracies to supranational entities brings those democracies to an end.

The European Union, which has stealthily stamped out democracy over the past half-century by a series of treaties each transferring a little more power and wealth from elected hands in the member states to unelected hands in Brussels, has been advising the Secretariat on how to do the same on a global scale.

This last quote deserves a separate paragraph (read it and weep):

The intention is that, after not one but two international climate conferences, the second of them in Rio in 2012 on the 20th anniversary of the Earth Summit that began it all, the Secretariat will have become so wealthy and will have accreted so much power to itself that no one – not even the US Senate – will dare to resist ratifying the Treaty of Rio that brings democracy to an end worldwide and fulfils Lord Mandelson’s recent statement that “we are now living in a post-democratic age.”

I'm just reading this myself, for the first time as I create this post, and frankly, I'm stunned.

We are watching the genesis of a world governance being shaped before our very eyes, and it is being done in a predictably covert manner.

What was once a slow walk towards the Tribulation has become a race as we witness the world reshaping into what it will become during that seven-year period. A period described by Jesus as the most horrible era in human history.

Its coming and its coming soon.

Thank God we have the promises contained within biblical prophecy:

"When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift your heads, because your redemption is drawing near." (Luke 21:28)

And if that isn't enough, lets close with this one:

"Even so, when you see these things happening, you know that the kingdom of God is near" (Luke 21:31).

"He who testifies to these things says, 'Yes, I am coming soon,' Amen. Come Lord Jesus (Revelation 22:20)


Anonymous said...

Wow! One world government really is
already in place. The bureaucracy
is completely stunning. Amazing
also that none of this seems to
be in msn but I'm beginning to
think even most Christians simply
don't care. Shocking....
I did send this on to a few good
friends who do care, at least
I hope so.

Scott said...


You are so right on. And what amazes me - is the magnitude of these events, and the lack of media attention and the lack of interest by the general public.

Its the classic frog in the slow boil.

At least we prophecy watchers are aware and watching.

Caver said...

Words simply fail. And the smokescreen they have camouflaged this world changing bureaucracy in boggles the mind.

Scott said...

I agree Caver. Words do indeed fail. I also wonder if they even have to camouflage this- most of the people of the world don't seem interested. Sadly