Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"Bad Options" nearing for Israel

We knew sooner of later this moment would come. In a headline with the title "Israel Warns Iran That 'Bad Options' are Nearing", we see some interesting quotes. It looks like Israel is finally nearing the inevitable determination that they are alone in this ongoing crisis:

"The two "bad options" for Iran — letting the country develop nuclear weapons or using force to destroy its nuclear capabilities — are closer than they were a year ago, Israel's U.N. ambassador warned Tuesday."

"our intelligence tells us ... that Iran is racing towards this kind of nuclear capability, and it's not a matter of years."

"Israel... believes that diplomatic overtures have been exhausted because "the Iranians are mocking them and defying ... the formal resolutions of the Security Council," she said.


In other news we see the following:

"Clashes sweep through east Jerusalem; US envoy cancels visit as diplomatic feud deepens"


"Hundreds of Palestinians in east Jerusalem set tires and garbage bins ablaze on Tuesday and hurled rocks at Israeli riot police, who responded with rubber bullets and tear gas. The heaviest clashes in months broke out as an American envoy abruptly canceled a visit, deepening a U.S.-Israeli diplomatic feud."

"The feud is feeding already high tension in east Jerusalem, where Jews and Palestinians live together uneasily."

Palestinian officials had called on the public to defend Muslim religious interests in Jerusalem after the rededication Monday of a historic synagogue in the Jewish quarter of the Old City. The rededication has stoked rumors that Jewish extremists are planning to take over the hilltop shrine at the crux of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


In a related article "Arabs riot in Jerusalem, threaten new uprising"


It seems that with every passing day, tensions in the region escalate a little more than the previous day. Riots are growing in size. Rhetoric grows more inflammatory. Calls for war increase. Missiles are being launched from Gaza again. Missiles continue to flow to Hezbollah, in the north from Iran via Syria. Turkey's alliances with Russia and Iran grow stronger while their anti-Israeli statements become bolder by the day. The U.S. makes their intentions clear, and these intentions are most definitely not aligned with Israel. The fight over Jerusalem grows more intense by the day.

We know how this story ends.

The main question is: How much more will the Bride of Christ (aka "The Church") witness before the "catching up" occurs?

I believe this is a legitimate question because once the match is lit - the match that ignites this powder keg known as the Middle East - remaining prophetic events should occur quickly and in rapid sequence.

Events of prophetic significance are occurring now with greater frequency and in greater magnitude - just like the birth pains that Jesus described. And we know this about birth pains: once they reach a certain stage in progression, they will not slow down nor reverse course. The frequency and magnitude of events - just like birth pains - will simply continue to increase - just as we are seeing.


hartdawg said...

i said this a few days ago, but do you think isreals "blunderous" announcement to build during bidens visit was actually the Lords doing to accomplish a purpose or was it just bad timing?

Scott said...

Several thoughts.
I believe almost everything happening right now plays a part in prophecy and given that, I think that God is, in some way involved. As far as the phony "outrage" by the US administration - I believe its to signal to the Islamic world, that the US is on their side of the main issues.

I think its possible (as small as it seems) that this could be the "beginning of the beginning"....Possibly. We're already seeing increasing riots, more and more people getting involved, etc...

It was also, theoretically bad timing as you say - for sure - but I am a hard liner I guess - and they not only have every right to build there (ironically, the building was primarily for local arabs, and open to Jews as well) - they have every right to announce the building from the "rooftops" as they say. One of the commentaries that I read (can't remember if I linked it or not) - expressed outrage that Netanyahu apologized - under the premise that there was nothing to apologize for. I lean more in that direction :)

hartdawg said...

i guess my gut instinct tells me the timing is no coincedence but i very well could be reading more into this. if you dont mind me asking: what do you do as a career?

Scott said...

I'm a consultant now, primarily for pharmaceutical companies - dealing with Drug Safety issues - its kind of complex and involves dealing with the FDA, product labeling, drug warnings, tracking the safety of various drugs on the market etc...I was in mainstream Pharma for about 20 years prior. There are a LOT of parallels between this and tracking prophecy believe it or not, but the parallels would probably be boring to most - in a nutshell - it has to do with dealing with cumulative "collective" data, and making sense from it and drawing conclusions etc....Many parallels - and I think that was a "God thing", but that too, is a long story :)

hartdawg said...

actually, when i think of pharmaceutical i think of rev 9:21. sorcery (drug abuse) one of the main sins during the tribulation. i work nights as a custodian and spend most of my time with high school students since youth and study of prophecy are my passions.

Scott said...

I think that applies more to "psychotropic" drugs and illicit drugs...I worked on drugs to lessen the effects of chemotherapy, drugs for asthma, COPD, etc..Its all good....Working with youths is awesome - make sure that they hear the good news about Jesus' return (as I know you will!!! )