Monday, March 8, 2010

In the news...

Three different bits of news late today that seem interesting:

"Barak: Hizbullah Has 40,000 Rockets"

Entire (brief) article:

"Defense Minister Ehud Barak, who participated in the Knesset's Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee meeting on Monday, warned that the Hizbullah is holding 40,000 rockets in Lebanon.
A recent study conducted by the Israel Air Force reveals that in a new war its facilities in northern and central Israel could come under fire from long-range missiles, for the first time ever."


"Dire Warning: Israel must strike Iran now"

Entire (brief) article:

The only action that can stop Iran from building nuclear weapons is an Israeli strike on Tehran's nuclear facilities, argued John Bolton, the former U.S. ambassador to the U.N. under the Bush administration.

Speaking in a radio interview with WND senior reporter Aaron Klein, who hosts an investigative program on New York's WABC 770 AM, Bolton warned time is running out for an Israeli attack.

"Right now we know about the facilities. ... We know where they are," he said. "We know exactly what their dimensions are, and I think they are susceptible to an Israeli attack."

Bolton said an Israeli military option "isn't there forever. ... If Israel is going to use military force, it needs to use it sooner rather than later."

Is Israel already done for? Read Aaron Klein's "The Late Great State of Israel" to find out how much danger the holy land is really in!

Bolton posited, "Right now, basically the only scenario that I see other than Iran getting nuclear weapons is military strikes against their nuclear program that result in breaking Iran's control over the nuclear fuel cycle."


"Russian bear said has finally awoken, who will tame it?"

This article is interesting for one main reason: After the break-up of the USSR, it was assumed by much of the world that newly "downsized" Russia was no longer significant in terms of world affairs and therefore prophecy scholars were incorrect regarding the prophecies around Russia, primarily Ezekiel 38-39, which describe the "Gog-MaGog" coalition invading Israel, as led by Russia, "coming from the far north". Without repeating that biblical study, it is worth mentioning that the prophecies of Gog-MaGog require a strong Russia and an aggressive Russia, considering that Israel is attacked in order to "plunder" the spoils of the region (not even a hint of a "defensive" rationale for invading).

Over the past several years we have witnessed not only a stronger and stronger Russia, but a Russia that seems to be moving back towards a totalitarian form of government under their leader Vladimir Putin. Under Putin, Russia has returned to their former cold war mentality and has been very aggressive in pushing their international agenda both overtly and covertly. More importantly, Russia is a big factor in the Middle East right now, at this particular moment in history.

Quotes from the article:

"Last month, Russia signed a deal establishing a military base in the breakaway state of Abkhazia, reinforcing Russia’s image as a threat to stability in the region."

"The deal allows for the building of a military base that would house 3,000 Russian troops for 49 years. Plans to build a naval base in Abkhazia’s port of Ochamchire also indicate Russia’s commitment to future presence in the region. Abkhazia is one of two breakaway regions of the Republic of Georgia, the other being South Ossetia. South Ossetia was the center of a conflict between Russia and Georgia, won by the Russians, that elicited condemnations from the world community against Russia and its violation of Georgia’s territorial integrity."

"Russia has awoken from its hibernation, its eye on an empire once again. It has flexed its muscles in the continuing conflict in Chechnya, the war with Georgia in South Ossetia, its continued military buildup in Abhazia and South Ossetia as well as threatening to place short-range nukes on its borders in response to US plans to install a radar station and missile defense shield in Poland and the Czech Republic."

“Der Spiegel” reported that Mikhail Margelov, a Russian foreign policy expert, felt “Russia’s uncompromising position on the issue” forced the United States to opt out of constructing the missile defense shield in Poland and the Czech Republic. In short, Russia’s stubbornness and opposition got the country what it wanted."

"The Russians know they hold political sway. They are power brokers who can bend countries to their will with memories of the Cuban missile crisis. Russia has a history of bending the rules, testing the waters and stretching the limits of international law.
As long as the present attitudes exist and international laws continue to be ineffective, Russia will stay on its imperial course. The Russian bear has finally awoken. Who will tame it?"


Russia is most definitely back in the game, so to speak, and in a big way. Just like Iran and all of Israel's other enemies, they are re-arming to the teeth. As so well described by Joel Rosenberg in his book "Epicenter", Russia wants control over the entire region: the Middle East - starting with energy - oil and gas. Interestingly, the Nation of Israel has just made several huge discoveries of gas and oil in the region - to such an extent that Israel will possibly gain complete energy independence as far as its own energy needs for decades and may be in a position to export gas and oil.

That is highly inconsistent with Russia's plans to dominate the region.

So what is a powerful "awakened" giant to do?

Just read Ezekiel 38-39; the answers may be given there.


Darren Thompson said...

I don't believe that the invasion of Israel by Russia is going to happen as soon as you believe. The destruction and dispersal of Iran as a nation must occur before that. For more details check out my website


Darren Thompson

Scott said...

I'm not sure that Iran has to be literally destructed and dispersed. They will be a factor in the invasion of Gog-MaGog ("Persia") so at least at the time of the Gog-MaGog invasion, they have a force with which to invade. Now when God destroys the invading forces of Gog-MaGog - then they will indeed be taken out of the picture for a while.

As far as this invasion, I believe (and this is speculation on everyone's part) Gog MaGog follows Isaiah 17 in relatively short order. The coalition will form based on the inflammed passions of the Islamic forces in the region, and I don't think they'll be in the mood to wait too long before reacting. But who knows - we shall see!