Monday, March 29, 2010

Arab League: Israel doesn't exist

Well, thats what they stated again at the conclusion of its 22nd summit.

The Arab League repeated their longstanding policies (which somehow, mysteriously receives no recognition by the mainstream-media) which resulted from their recent meeting.

The article below is very informative, yet unfortunately it won't be acknowledged by the vast majority of U.S. and European citizens:

Arab League Summit Focused on Jerusalem, "Resistance"

The Arab League concluded its 22nd summit in Libya on Sunday without any changes from its longstanding policies: no to recognizing Israel under any conditions, yes to armed resistance (aka terror) against Israel, no condemnation of genocide in Darfur, yes to Arab Jerusalem, and more. A follow-up meeting will be held in October

Is it just me, or does it strike anyone else as odd that the so-called "Peace Process" will ultimately require the approval of many countries in the Arab League - despite the fact that they are very public in their hatred of Israel as shown in the statements above. How do you attempt to make "peace" with a group who refuses to even recognize your existence?

The article continues:

The League determined that if Israel were to give the PA control over all areas controlled by Egypt and Jordan from 1948 to 1967 – Judea, Samaria, Gaza, and much of Jerusalem – the Arab League would support peace. However, the League would not recognize Israel as a Jewish state.

Note that last statement: The Arab League will "support peace" (whatever that means), IF Israel concedes a huge part of its shrinking land mass. BUT (and it's a rather large "but"), they will continue to refuse to recognize Israel's right to exist.

Good luck finding these quotes in the mainstream media. I tell these facts to people commonly, and they typically believe that I am making it up - because it's just "not true". Many folks, for some reason, cannot believe that these Arab nations refuse to acknowledge Israel's right to exist, despite the fact that this information is easily found in the news - almost weekly - and as seen, it is information that the Arab nations have been quite open about. They don't hide this fact, yet many people in the U.S. still refuse to believe it.

More quotes:

As the summit opened, Arab leaders agreed to give the Palestinian Authority $500 million to “fight Judaization” in Jerusalem and promote its own interests in the city.

No to Terrorism – just call it "Resistance"

The Arab League also condemned terrorism, but then redefined the word “terrorism” to exclude attacks intended to “resist occupation.” The change in terminology effectively gives the green light to groups such as Hamas, Fatah, and Hizbullah, which justify their attacks on Israeli civilians by saying that Israel was established on Arab land.

The League also called for compensation for Libya over losses it sustained due to Western sanctions following the Lockerbie bombing. It supported Syria in its demand that Israel hand over control of the strategic Golan region, which was annexed to Israel following the 1967 Six Day War.

In a related article we see the following:

"Arab League: Shun Israel or Else"

Arab League head Amr Moussa issued a warning Sunday to Arab countries to avoid normalizing ties with Israel until Israel gives in to the League's demands, which include a complete building freeze in Jewish communities in Judea, Samaria, and much of Jerusalem. Any country that warms its ties with Israel before Arab demands are met will face a “tough” response, Moussa said, speaking at a news conference in Egypt.

"If we discover that someone normalized ties with Israel, I believe the reaction across the Arab world would be very violent,” he clarified.

And this is the situation Israel must deal with, stemming from intense international pressure - making "peace" with these surrounding nations and terrorist groups - while being asked to give up more and more land - without a single demand on any other nation/state/terrorist group. And even if Israel does give up yet more of their land - they still won't even get a concession from the Arab States that they have a right to exist. Some deal.

Yet, we are supposed to believe that Israel is the obstruction to peace in the region. Go figure.


Anonymous said...


Starting in the first half of 2008, what "grade" would you assign to the size of the birth pains from then until now. Take 6 month increments of time and give a grade from 1 to 10 as to the size and frequency of the birth pains. 1 being relatively quiet and intermittant and 10 being very loud and continual.

First six months of 2008: Grade?
Last six months of 2008: Grade?
First six months of 2009: Grade?
Last six months of 2009: Grade?
First 3 months of 2010: Grade?

I'm just curious how you would rate what is happening right now versus the last 2 or so years.


Chicago John

Scott said...

The point of reference would have to be - when I started following all of this stuff (mid-80's) - and any random 6 month period back there would have rated...around a 3-4...I say a 3-4 because there was always the backdrop of Israel having been regathered and we had some level of progress in the "big" picture things such as Israel surrounded by enemies, WMDs in the region, etc.

These days, as you suggest, since 08, its been variable

I'm getting my summers confused (was the last skirmish in '07 or '08? I believe it was "08, so I'll go with that)

1h '08: 5
2h '08: 7
1h '09: 6
2h '09: 7
1h '10: 8

Thats quick and random. The changes since the Obama administration took over (not necessarily all resulting from) have taken things up considerably:

- The US withdrawing from Israeli support (very big)
- The major push for the Temple rebuilding
- Turkey unequivocally turning towards the Gog-MaGog alliance
- Iran's closeness to nukes
- Netanyahu's coalition consolidated
- The Earthquake story
- The major push for a single global economic system and currency
- The situation with Lebanon allowing Hezbollah to have southern Lebanon - uncontested

All of these things are new (or vastly increased) since '10, and thats why the # increase recently.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your insights on this.

More and more, the predicament Israel is in right now are breaking my heart to tell you the truth.

It's wonderful to know God is in control and has a plan behind all things.

What's interesting over the last year or so is just how quickly new (and fundamental) developments are occurring on the scene. You mentioned most of them in your comment.

Thanks for your comments and the time you take on your blog.

Chicago John