Tuesday, March 9, 2010


"Hundreds Slaughtered in Nigeria Religious Violence"

This article should have been titled "Hundreds of Christians slaughtered in Nigeria", as that is exactly what happened. According to this article:

"The killers showed no mercy: They didn't spare women and children, or even a 4-day-old baby, from their machetes. On Monday, Nigerian women wailed in the streets as a dump truck carried dozens of bodies past burned-out homes toward a mass grave."

"Rubber-gloved workers pulled ever-smaller bodies from the dump truck and tossed them into the mass grave. A crowd began singing a hymn with the refrain, "Jesus said I am the way to heaven." As the grave filled, the grieving crowd sang: "Jesus, show me the way."

"At least 200 people, most of them Christians, were slaughtered on Sunday, according to residents, aid groups and journalists."

"Chuwanga Gyang, 30, said he heard a gunshot and left his house through the back door but stopped when he realized that the attackers were shooting to herd fleeing villagers toward another group of attackers carrying machetes."

"He recalled climbing into a tree and watching as villagers were killed and the attackers set homes alight over the course of 90 minutes."

"The attackers asked people "Who are you?" in Fulani, a language used mostly by Muslims, and killed those who did not answer back in Fulani, he said."


Also today, we see this article regarding persecution of Jews:

"Serious threat to Venezuela's Jews"

These quotes tell the story:

"A report by the human rights watchdog of the Organization of American States warns of a possible “threat to the life and physical integrity of the Jewish community in Venezuela” due to the Chavez regime’s violations of the political and human rights of its citizens."

"In a lengthy report publicized in late February, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) accused the government of Venezuela of fostering an atmosphere of “political intolerance” and “a climate hostile to the free exercise of dissenting political participation.”

"Citing anti-Semitic discourse in media and among state officials, combined with vandalism and an “unexplained” raid by Venezuelan police, the report concludes that such incidents contribute “to creating an atmosphere of intimidation and violence against the Jewish community in Venezuela."

"The foregoing, added to the lack of investigation and sanctioning of those responsible for these acts, including those in which state forces participated, constitutes a threat to the life and physical integrity of the Jewish community in Venezuela.”


The persecution story, as bad as it is right now, will only increase in scope and magnitude as we approach the Tribulation, and of course we all know what will happen during the Tribulation - it will be the worse form of persecution the world has ever seen.

As for now, we watch as the world walks towards the Tribulation. As persecution becomes more and more widespread and more and more accepted by this world - then - just like the other signs that we monitor - the beginning of the Tribulation will just be a baby step from the pre-Tribulation era. In fact, we are almost to the point now, that the Tribulation will be a baby step, not a leap.

Its just more signs of the times.

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