Sunday, March 14, 2010

Genesis 12 and the U.S.

Ever since the Obama administration arrived at the White House, many of us have been following their stance towards Israel. We believe that Genesis 12:3, which is a declaration from God stating that He will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel - applies to all nations. I have read that passage many times, and I have yet to see the U.S. listed as an exception to the declaration. Therefore, how the U.S. administration treats Israel is of great interest.

The signs have not been very positive recently, and over the past week (following the announcement that Israel would continue to build in East Jerusalem), the anti-Israeli rhetoric has been progressively ramping up. First, Vice President Biden in his recent visit; then yesterday's angry rant directed to Israel by our Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Now President Obama weighs in, taking the anti-Israeli rhetoric to even higher levels:

"Obama tells Netanyahu: Show us you're serious about peace"


"A widely predicted crisis between Israel and the United States upon Benjamin Netanyahu taking office as prime minister finally erupted this weekend."

"U.S. President Barack Obama did not hold back in condemning the humiliation caused to Joe Biden with the Israeli announcement of 1,600 new housing units in East Jerusalem during what was supposed to be the vice president's friendly visit to Israel."

"Instead of accepting Netanyahu's partial apology and letting bygones be bygones, Obama issued a stern warning to the Israeli prime minister and is now demanding that he take "specific actions" to show he is "committed" to the U.S.-Israel relationship and to the peace process itself."

"Washington delivered its rebuke to Netanyahu through a number of channels. There was the extended censure by telephone from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a phone call from Biden, the summoning of Israel's ambassador to Washington to the office of Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg, the condemnation from the Quartet and, perhaps most important, a media briefing Clinton delivered during a CNN interview which escalated private rebukes into a full-blown public reprimand."


We must remember that not only is Genesis 12:3 potentially in play, but recall that the first few scriptures in Zechariah 12 clearly state that those who attempt to divide or "move" Jerusalem, will be cut into pieces. This U.S. effort, effectively fosters attempts to divide Jerusalem and keep it from Israel, whether via an "east-west" division or turning it into an "international city" as has been proposed. That seems very counter to the message in Zechariah.

This most recent U.S. position towards Israel is deeply disturbing, especially considering these scriptures.

A recent commentary on RaptureAlert, by Mike Mickey makes similar observations on this evolving situation.

It shouldn't be surprising. We know from prophecy that "all nations" will ultimately turn against Israel in the last days. We are now seeing the last stages of this process - the U.S., who until recently had been Israel's last major supporter - is now turning away from Israel. It had to happen - God said so through His prophetic words. And indeed it is.


hartdawg said...

so, you think netanyahu will stick to his guns or you think he`ll fold? he`s under a lot of pressure.

Scott said...

I don't see him folding. Not only does he share much of our prophecy view (at least in terms of the OT prophets), but much of his coalition is further "right" than he is and he has to maintain his coalition. We'll see, but I'd be shocked if he folds..

hartdawg said...

another site you should check out if you get a chance is he usually adds a post about once a week. he mostly writes on the orgins of anti-christ and the coming psalm83/damascus battle and Gog/magog but this week he commented on obamas "diplomatic" visit to isreal. (actually bidens visit)