Monday, March 8, 2010

Strong Earthquake in Turkey kills at least 57

That was the first news to greet us this morning. It seems like a weekly occurrence now - to see a major earthquake somewhere in the world (aka "diverse places"). There have already been 57 deaths reported.

"Strong Earthquake in Eastern Turkey"

"Dozens dead from earthquake in Turkey"

This quake was measured at 5.9. Dozens of aftershocks ranging up to magnitude 5.5 "shook the region in the hours after the quake."

Not long after this quake, the world witnessed this: "6.0 quake near the Northern Mariana Islands"

Additionally, there has already been a 4.8 magnitude in northern Chile this morning.

Quite a start to the week.

Again, as mentioned before - world wide earthquakes are very much in the public arena right now - they are noteworthy events - exactly as Jesus informed us.

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