Thursday, March 4, 2010

In the news...

"6.4-magnitude quake hits southern Taiwan"

Chile also experiences another 6.3 quake.
Vanuatu Islands: 6.4
Taiwan: 5.1 aftershock

As prophecy would dictate, earthquakes are in the news - something on the public consciousness. More and more articles are beginning to appear in the news, questioning just what is going on with these earthquakes:

"Earthquake clusters rattle the start of the new year"


The Mediterranean Union is back in the news:

"Med Union: Statute Approved, Focus Shifts To June"

"(ANSAmed) - BRUSSELS - The statute of the Mediterranean Union secretariat has been approved. According to European sources, the decision was made at the meeting of high level officials from the 43 countries which was held yesterday in Barcelona, where the Jordanian Ahmad Masadeh will be installed as the first secretary general of the Union today."

"The attention has now shifted to the summit scheduled for June in the Catalan city and the setting in motion of projects which over the past few months have been received by the French-Egyptian co-presidency."

"Among the key decisions to be made during the June summit will be that of the successor to France and Egypt at the co-presidency of the Mediterranean Union, beginning in July 2010."

"According to European sources, concerning the northern shores Spain is likely to take on the position, while for the southern shores an agreement has not yet been reached due to the matter of finding a balance between the Maghreb and the Mashreq."

This article points out two important facts of interest concerning the Med Union: The Union has been divided into a northern half and a southern half - with five countries representing each "half". Also, each half has a designated "leadership" country, and currently it is France (north) and Egypt (south). In June, it will be determined who will lead these two "halves" of the Med Union.

Don't forget, just as a matter of interest - Daniel 2 describes the end times "revived Roman Empire" as a mixture of iron and clay - represented by two feet (of the statue) with five toes on each foot. That draws a fascinating parallel with the make-up of the Med Union, which by all commentary is simply an extension of the EU. The northern half is primarily Roman Catholic and the southern half is predominately Islamic. Iron and clay indeed. Yet another reason to watch any developments in the Med Union very closely.

Also as a reminder, the Med Union is led by the Secretary General Ahmad Massaadeh, a former Jordanian ambassador to the EU and NATO (link here).

We also see in the news today, that the EU will hold a "pioneering summit" in Granada, March 6-7:

"Euroalert: EU and Morocco hold their first meeting"

The topics chosen for this meeting are of interest:

"The global topics on the agenda include the economic crisis and climate change, while regional topics are expected to include the little developed integration of the Maghreb, the Union for the Mediterranean, the Middle East peace processs, EU-African relations, immigration and security in the Sahel."


So we watch the further progress of the Mediterranean Union, and its consolidation with 10 leadership countries, 5 from the north and 5 from the south. We watch as the EU considers the Med Union and the Middle East peace process as main agenda items. We see the earthquake story continuing to remain in the news as more and more regions are experiencing major earthquakes and subsequent devastation.

More signs, more warnings. Who knows what tomorrow may bring?

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