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Mideast conflict dominates Euro-Med meeting

As discussed so many times in the past, we have been watching for the "revived Roman Empire" to become progressively more involved in the affairs of Israel, particularly in terms of the Middle East peace process.

With this as a backdrop, we see an article from the Jordan Times, which describes the most recent plenary session of the Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly (EMPA), where "a majority of deputies from the 43 countries called on key players in the peace process to achieve a peace settlement through direct negotiations and to come up with a time frame to establish an independent Palestinian state."

It just strikes me as odd - considering the vast array of problems that are confronting this group of nations: The declining and unstable Euro, the financial situation in Greece and their unrest with rioting etc., the gas and oil situation and trade with Russia, the developing formation of an EU military force and what to do with NATO alliances, the recent efforts to amend the Lisbon Treaty, and on and on this list goes. But the focus is Israel and the Middle East. How prophetic.

The entire article, with points of interest bolded is seen below

"Mideast conflict dominates Euro-Med lawmakers meeting"

AMMAN - The Palestinian-Israeli conflict is the main obstacle to economic progress in the region, politicians from the Euro-Mediterranean region said on Saturday.

In the sixth plenary session of the Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly (EMPA), a majority of deputies from the 43 countries called on key players in the peace process to achieve a peace settlement through direct negotiations and to come up with a time frame to establish an independent Palestinian state.

The conflict dominated discussions in the capital yesterday, with MPs from the Euro-Med region calling on Israel to stop violations of Palestinians’ rights.

European Parliament MP Ivo Vajgl underlined the need to settle the conflict in order to achieve prosperity in the region.

We are here to support promising projects for the Euro-Mediterranean region, but of course the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is casting the shadow over any initiative of the assembly,” Vajgl said.

Addressing an Israeli delegation, he said: “We are trying to find a common dialogue and establish a Palestinian state living side-by-side [with Israel]. Please take this message to your colleagues in the Knesset.”

Others called on Israel to stop violence committed against Palestinian civilians.

“We must stop tolerating these crimes and come up with a solution ensuring long-lasting peace in the region,” Kyriacos Triantaphyllides, a Cypriot member of the European Parliament, said.

Austrian MP Albrecht Konecny said a majority of projects funded by his country and the European Union in the occupied territories were “destroyed” as a result of Israeli military actions.

“This is not promising at all. If history is going to document anything about Israel, it will only be that it is buying time,” Konecny told attendees, calling for “a new language for dialogue”.

Speaking at the opening of the session yesterday, outgoing EMPA president Senator Abdul Hadi Majali said discussing the Palestinian cause was made a priority by the EMPA general assembly.

He noted that the discussions seek to find solutions to problems facing people of the Mediterranean, particularly people in the Middle East.

“This cause is the core of conflict, as people of the region realise that all attempts related to development and reform programmes that affect their lives conflict with the political stance in the region, especially with the deterioration of the peace process,” Majali said.

Union for the Mediterranean (UPM) Secretary General Ahmad Masadeh said the union’s general assembly will select several development projects to implement in the region in order to enhance political trust.

Also at yesterday’s meeting, Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Khalid Irani presented a paper about the region and Jordan’s efforts in relation to climate change and renewable energy.

During the EMPA session, which concludes today, subcommittees will come up with recommendations on political, economic, quality of life, women’s rights, energy and environmental issues.

Today will also mark the handover of the EMPA presidency to the Italian parliament.


Several points are seen in this article. First, note the terminology:

- "...calling on Israel to stop violations"
- "...called on Israel to stop violence"
- "we must stop tolerating these crimes"
- "occupied territories were 'destroyed' as a result of Israeli military actions"

Every single bit of language in this article was anti-Israeli and most of it based upon lies. There wasn't a word regarding Hezbollah and Hamas launching missiles into civilian regions of Israel. No mention of the repeated calls to destroy Israel and kill all Israeli citizens. No mention of homicide bombings, kidnappings and murder of Israeli citizens. In fact, this entire meeting and the quotes generated could have come from any of the terrorist organizations in the Middle East.

What about Gaza? There was no mention of the devastation, crime and growing terrorism in the Gaza strip, after all Israeli citizens were forced to leave their homes, businesses and farms - so that a Palestinian state could be formed. How has that helped matters in the Middle East?

In the minds of most rational people - wouldn't such an act by Israel "count" for anything? Have the a) Palestinians, b) Hamas, c) Hezbollah, d) Syria, e) Jordan, f) Egypt, g) Turkey offered any such proposals? After all, the so-called "Palestinians" are actually a combination of people from these countries who have migrated to Israel for a variety of reasons. What other country, other than Israel, has given up, voluntarily, a huge strip of incredibly valuable land, and then demanded that its citizens uproot and leave their homes, communities, and businesses? All for the cause of peace in the region.....Anyone? No?

Yet Israel has done this, and this epic act of giving up land, communities, families, businesses, farms, synagogs etc., which was accomplished by Israel in an "act of peace", has gotten them absolutely nothing in return - only more missiles fired into their cities and the demonization of Israel continues daily.

And to add to these points - of course - is the central issue of the revived Roman Empire inserting itself into the Israeli situation.

But we knew this would happen at the end of this age. God, speaking through His great prophets informed us of this situation - and it is happening exactly as described.

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