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Conspiracy theories and prophecy

I visit multiple websites during the course of a day, for the purpose of prophecy watching. Many of these websites have information and commentaries that I disagree with, and I question their sources, yet I still look through them for several reasons. First, I have enough trust in the discernment given to us via the Holy Spirit and a strong dose of common sense. Many times from the various "conspiracy sites" you will find some useful information that contains truths for this age. I guess I am saying that I don't "throw out the baby with the bath water" in these instances.

Secondly - I believe many people supporting the mainstream-media and subsequent "group think" - go out of their way to label many people's thoughts, commentaries, websites, philosophies etc., as "conspiracy" as a means to dismiss these ideas - ideas which may threaten the status-quo of whatever is being pushed by the MSM. I believe complete dismissal of so-called "conspiracy" ideas leads to incomplete information - again, in search for the truth. As a reminder, these same people dismiss most of US (prophecy watchers) as "conspiratorial" - and as a result, so many people refuse to even take a quick glimpse at biblical prophecy.

I like to review whatever is being discussed in the media for a variety of reasons - one reason is to simply have an awareness of what is being discussed in our communities (whether I agree or not) and to perhaps find some truth that is otherwise difficult to find. Again, I trust my abilities to discern, thus I am not scared off from reading various opinions.

The truth is elusive these days - in fact, if I had to single out one aspect of these last days that seems unique, I would have to say that it is the lack of truth in the news media - and the difficulty in getting to the truth.

As mentioned many months ago - the whole Swine Flu scare/hysteria never made sense. Had it been "real", it would have made for an interesting story-line in the context of "pestilence". However, the only problem was - the swine flu never came remotely close to the pandemic that the media and government's around the world hyped. That always perplexed me. If you look at the numbers - whether those numbers were people becoming sick from swine flu, the number of deaths, etc., - the swine flu seemed far milder than the usual seasonal flu that we all deal with annually.

So why the hype?

That leads to today's article as found on Jane Burgermeister's website theflucase",
which has been diligently following the swine flu scenario among other things - again, I do not endorse this site, but there are occasionally some interesting stories, and back during the ginned up "crisis" around the swine flu, I found some invaluable information on this site that was otherwise unobtainable.

This article puts an interesting perspective on the whole "crisis" around the swine flu - something that has concerned me for nearly a year now.

"The Swine Flu and the Global One World Government"

Some quotes from this lengthy article:

On October 16, 2009, the CFR held a symposium titled: Pandemic Influenza: Science, Economics, and Foreign Policy.

Much of the information in this symposium report is window dressing. However, it’s worth noting a few comments made by presenters:

So two points were established early on: the Swine Flu is a mild disease, not a pandemic by any sensible definition; and leaders of “our age of globalisation” must be prepared for a more drastic disease event by taking worldwide measures now.

This latter issue is highlighted by another contributing CFR speaker:

“It was the overarching consensus of the symposium, first forwarded in the gathering by Financial Times correspondent Andrew Jack of London, that the current pandemic must serve as ‘a teachable moment’, focusing expert attention on the inherent contradictions in global governance of health issues, inequities in world access to vaccines and medical supplies, weaknesses in planning and management of epidemics with worldwide risks for economics and politics, and the public’s respect for science and public health.”

Andrew Jack thus punches up the notion that solutions to so-called global health problems can only be attained through international means.

These speakers are talking about a vast system, a medical bureaucracy that can oversee planning and execution of “epidemic control” on a global scale.

Before citing more statements from the CFR symposium, let me offer some numbers on these “waves of world illness” we have endured over the last 15 years or so. Keep in mind that epidemics are the primary justification for internationalisation of a medical monarchy.

Total cases and deaths:

SARS – 8,096 cases – 774 deaths.

WEST NILE – 27,836 cases – 1,088 deaths.

BIRD FLU – 262 deaths.

SWINE FLU – On April 26, 2009, with 20 cases of Swine Flu in the US and no deaths, the US Dept. of Health and Human Services declared a nationwide public health emergency.

The WHO changed its definition of pandemic so that “enormous numbers of deaths and illness” was removed from the definition. This happened in May 2009.

Thus far, WHO estimates about 8,200 deaths from Swine Flu, worldwide. That would average out to about 15,000 deaths for the year. But the CDC claims 36,000 people die every year from ordinary flu in the US alone.

Fear mongering is about NEW diseases. That’s why.

It gets worse.

In early November, an explosive report by Sharyl Attkisson hit the CBS News website: Of all the probable or suspected swine flu cases in California actually tested by state labs since July 2009, based on 13,704 tests, only 2% of the patients had Swine Flu. 12% had some other kind of flu. And a whopping 86% didn’t have flu at all.

In Florida, based on 8,853 tests for suspected/probable Swine Flu, only 17% had Swine Flu. 83% were negative for other flu. So 83% didn’t have ANY kind of flu.

In Alaska, based on 722 tests for suspected/probable Swine Flu, only 11% had Swine Flu. In Georgia, based on 3,117 tests, only 2% had Swine Flu.

My point here is this: All these recent “epidemics” have been outright fakes. The numbers of cases and deaths are miniscule compared with older traditional illnesses – for which no pandemic emergencies have been declared.

Twenty years ago, when I was writing my first book, AIDS INC., I realised that medical propaganda could be used as a pre-eminent tool in controlling populations, because doctors and public health bureaucrats exude an air of political neutrality.

These esteemed figures appear to have no agenda of a political or economic nature. They speak as minor saints. They always “care and share.” When they say citizens must take certain actions to protect themselves and their loved ones, they speak with great authority.

WHO & CFR: Globalise “humanitarian solutions

The CFR is part of a sophisticated operation to globalise “humanitarian solutions” under the rubric of medical care. Its main ally is the World Health Organisation, an agency of the UN. Near the close of World War II, members of the CFR were, in fact, tapped to write the basic outline of the soon-to-be created UN.

The WHO is on the march. It is trying to insert itself and its rulings and demands into the governments of many nations. In 2003, it won its biggest one-shot victory. Through fraudulent travel advisories, based on non-science, it raised fears about SARS (at best, a tiny illness) and managed to effectively shut down air travel in and out of Toronto. Toronto lost several billion dollars in the process. I was a peripheral part of a budding effort to convince local business owners to file a lawsuit. At first, there was some enthusiasm, but then it faded out. The people of Toronto knuckled under, some of them lost their shirts, and they plowed on.

The WHO is, by far, the most successful agency of the UN. It has emerged as the rising star of that moribund organisation. It has delivered victories because it is flying under the banner of medical power. The modern priesthood.

CFR, its inner core, is well aware that medical control is a trump card it can play to great advantage. The October Symposium was an event with such an edge.

This is no one-time takeover by force. This is no crashing coup. In intelligence-agency parlance, it’s a step-operation. A little progress here, a little progress there. Speakers at the Symposium called Swine Flu “a teaching moment.” By this they meant two things. This mild flu gives CFR and its allies a chance to expand their global influence, through the expansion of public-health agencies, most notably WHO and the American CDC. And the population of the planet is “taught” to respect so-called epidemics and the resulting missives that come down from their leaders.

The pace of these fake epidemics and the accompanying media propaganda is quickening. There is an ultimate vision here that at least a few major power players entertain: subsume every citizen of planet Earth under a network of authoritarian medical control – as part of a global-management political system.

If, over the next 10 or 20 years, CFR and its allies, with direct intent or even blind do-good hope, make large strides toward globalising a medical bureaucracy that would oversee the “health of the planet,” consider what that will do, what consequences that will have.


Again, I am not endorsing this article, nor this site. However - I believe during this age, it is important to take in information from as many sources as possible and let the discernment that comes with the Holy Spirit take over.

I don't know if any or all of the thoughts contained in this commentary are true or not.

But I do know that the Swine flu was ridiculously hyped and I do know that the WHO changed their "bookkeeping" in a clumsy, overt way, in order to grossly inflate the Swine Flu numbers, and even with this inflation, the Swine flu didn't come close to the ominous, deadly virus that was hyped.

I believe there has to be an underlying reason for this insanity and false hype around these ginned up "pandemics".

So what is the reason behind this man-made, media-hyped hysteria?

I don't know, but perhaps the article above touches on some truths around the situation.

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