Wednesday, March 17, 2010

EU: Jerusalem issue must be resolved

The first news story below hits two prophecies at once: The EU's growing influence in the Middle East and once again, we see even more confirmation that Jerusalem remains front and center in the epicenter:

"Ashton: Jerusalem issue must be resolved"


"Serious negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians have to begin as soon as possible so that the issue of Jerusalem can be resolved, EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said in a press conference following her meeting with Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman on Wednesday."

“We attach great importance to the resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict,” she said. “It is central too as part of the solution to other problems in the region, but also of course in the interest of the European Union.” Ashton had stated earlier Wednesday in Lebanon..."


"Forget about a third intifada...this is war"

Thats a headline in the Jerusalem Post, in reference to growing violence in Jerusalem.


“All of Jerusalem is on fire today,” said M. on Tuesday, as he gazed out over the golden Dome of the Rock from a traffic circle atop the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Ras al-Amud.

"Smoke was rising from trash bins that had been set alight inside the neighborhood’s narrow alleyways and a police helicopter that had been circling the area all morning buzzed overhead. Then came the boom of a stun grenade and a rush of police officers decked out in full riot gear."

"Situations that one minute seemed calm, would change in an instant. The sudden appearance of police would draw hails of large stones flung in their direction, while the arrival of a young mob of rioters would in turn draw stun grenades, tear gas and rubber bullets."

"As he walked away, the buzz of the helicopter remained above and the echo of stun grenades could be heard booming sporadically in the distance. Nearby shops were shuttered and police officers made up the bulk of those on the street, as Tuesday’s rioting – by far the most widespread in months, if not since the second intifada – continued to ebb and flow across the capital’s eastern half."


One aspect I have been noticing regarding the prophetic signs that we watch daily - certain themes seem to cycle at certain times (like birth pains) - and the cycles have been repeating. Jerusalem had been relatively quiet for a while, now it seems that Jerusalem is making headlines daily and has been for a couple of weeks now. Iran was in the news constantly for a while and for several weeks now Iran has been relatively quiet. I recall that the situation in Lebanon was in the news for several weeks, and now that has taken a back seat to events in Jerusalem. Same with earthquakes. Same with Syria. Same with Turkey. And it seems that these cycles each last around 2-3 weeks.

Jerusalem seems to be the news of the week right now. The question becomes - what will the next hot topic become? Its almost a guarantee that as soon as the stories around Jerusalem die down (assuming they do) something else will pop up. It has been this way for several months now. There are rarely dead periods anymore in terms of prophecy watching.

But that how birth pains are - at least towards the end of the birthing process.

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