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Thousands Being 'Trafficked' Illegally To Italy, 'Fully Armed And Ready To Attack' - Jihadi Compounds In The U.S.

Something Strange Is Taking Place In The Mediterranean

For two months, using, we have been monitoring the movements of ships owned by a couple of NGOs, and, using data from We have kept track of the daily arrivals of African immigrants in Italy. It turned out we were witness of a big scam and an illegal human traffic operation.

NGOs, smugglers, the mafia in cahoots with the European Union have shipped thousands of illegals into Europe under the pretext of rescuing people, assisted by the Italian coast guard which coordinated their activities.

Human traffickers  contact the Italian coast guard in advance to receive support and to pick up their dubious cargo. NGO ships are directed to the “rescue spot” even as those to be rescued are still in Libya. The 15 ships that we observed are owned or leased by NGOs have regularly been seen to leave their Italian ports, head south, stop short of reaching the Libyan coast, pick up their human cargo, and take course back 260 miles to Italy even though the  port of Zarzis in Tunis is just 60 mile away from the rescue spot.

The organizations in question are: MOAS, Jugend Rettet, Stichting Bootvluchting, Médecins Sans Frontières, Save the Children, Proactiva Open Arms,, Sea-Eye and Life Boat.

Their motive can be money, we would not be surprised if it turned out to be so. They may also be politically driven; the activities of the Malta-based organisation, MOAS, by trafficking people to Italy is the best guarantee that migrants will not show up on the Maltese shore. 

It is also possible that these organisations are managed by naive “do-gooders” who do not understand that offering their services they are acting like a magnet to the people from Africa and thus they are willy-nilly causing more fatalities, not to mention that their actions are destabilizing Europe.

Brussels has created particular legislature to protect people traffickers against prosecution. In a dedicated section of an EU resolution entitled On Search and Rescue, the text states that “private ship masters and non-governmental organisations who assist in sea rescues in the Mediterranean Sea should not risk punishment for providing such assistance.”2)
During the two months of our observation, we have monitored at least 39,000 Africans illegally smuggled into Italy, which was done with the full consent of the Italian and European authorities.

While Trump's desire to fix a broken vetting system is welcome, there are already thousands upon thousands of Islamic extremists already inside of America... many of which calling themselves moderates. According to June 2015 poll by the Center of Security Policy, 51 percent of U.S. Muslims believe "Muslims in America should have the choice of being governed according to shariah," and nearly a quarter of those polled think "It is legitimate to use violence to punish those who give offense to Islam by, for example, portraying the prophet Mohammed."

Even more disturbing is a new bombshell that was dropped when Ryan Mauro, national security analyst with the Clarion Project, was interviewed by Fox Business on December 1, 2016, where he explained they had people inside of Islamic compounds across America, and that his 'breaking news' is that with the election of Donald Trump, these compounds have been "stockpiling" weapons in preparation for their "end times" prophecies to be fulfilled.
Over the past years the Clarion Project has done an outstanding job of documenting Islamic compounds throughout the U.S. that are are part of "Muslims of America" (MOA)  which is a group "led by a radical cleric in Pakistan named Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani." According to Clarion and Mr. Mauro in the interview embedded below, the Department of Homeland Security says MOA is linked to Jamaat ul-Fuqra, a Pakistani militant group led by Gilani.

Perhaps the most chilling revelation in the interview was when Stuart Varney asked Mr. Mauro if there is a "Muslim force in America prepared to attack," and Mauro answers "Based on their own material and statements... yes."  Mauro then affirmed Varney's next question that there is an "Enemy army, fully armed, ready to attack"

While Mauro explains above that the breaking news at this time is that it was the election of Donald Trump as president that makes these jihadists believe that their "end times" prophecies are now being fulfilled, previous footage provides visual proof that members of Jamaat ul-Fuqra/Muslims of America have been receiving guerrilla warfare training inside "Islamberg," the 70-acre headquarters of the Fuqra organization in Hancock, NY., for years.

The government documentation that can found on the new resource site, along with the multiple examples of the guerrilla warfare training being conducted at these MOA Islamic compounds, should be more than enough for the U.S. government to list the group as a terrorist organization. It is inexcusable that a number of administrations have not done so sooner.

There is only one reason that these groups have been conducting guerrilla warfare training and that is because they are preparing for war. 

The US Joint Chiefs of Staff are preparing a new military plan that could speed up the defeat of Daesh, something President-elect Donald Trump promised to do on the campaign trail.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Marine General Joseph Dunford said the plan will be presented to Trump once he's inaugurated.
The US, in cooperation with local forces, has "made significant progress" in the fight to destroy Daesh, Dunford said December 3 at the Reagan National Security Forum in California. But "there are some things that we probably would bring into the new administration for consideration," he said, reported.
The advice will not be made public unless and until the new president approves it, the general said.
Earlier at the same forum, Air Force Chief of Staff General David Goldfein said the joint chiefs and other commanders had been at work for months on a classified military strategy for the next president based on the challenges the US military faces, CNN reported.

In 1859, a powerful geomagnetic solar storm blasted the Earth with charged particles, causing spectacular patterns in the sky and auroras visible as far south as the Caribbean. Telegraphs, the closest thing to modern technology at the time, shorted out, causing fires. The occurrence was known as the Carrington Event.
The Earth is just about due for a repetition. And rather than only some telegraphs going down, the consequences could be more catastrophic than any terrorist attack.
According to newly released scientific estimates, there is a roughly one-in-eight chance a massive solar storm will hit Earth by the end of the decade.

Analysts have been quietly studying the possible impact of this increasingly likely event for years. In 2013, the legendary insurance market Lloyd’s of London estimated a Carrington-level storm, which occurs roughly every 150 years, would leave 20 to 40 million Americans without power from 16 days to two years.
The total economic cost for such a scenario is estimated at $600 billion to $2.6 trillion, Lloyd’s claimed.
As the report observed, modern society is “increasingly dependent on electricity,” and even smaller solar storms, which occur more regularly, can create a huge amount of economic damage. The report urges protective measures be taken to secure transformers from these storms.

The consequences of such a storm would be similar to a massive EMP, or electromagnetic pulse, triggered by detonating a nuclear weapon at high altitude.

Former Defense Department security policy analyst Michael Maloof, author of “A Nation Forsaken,” confirms the risk of a “naturally” occurring EMP event is real, serious and immediate.

“The federal government needs to look upon an electromagnetic event, whether by natural or man-made events, as a top national security priority, something former U.S. Speaker of the House of Representatives Newt Gingrich had proposed in the 2012 Republican primary,” Maloof said.

What’s worse, though a natural EMP event is all but inevitable, the relatively modest technological requirements needed make it possible for rogue states to target America at will.
“North Korea has demonstrated the ability to orbit a satellite which could be a nuclear device,” cautioned Maloof. “It can be orbited and detonated on command anywhere over the U.S. It has two satellites orbiting now, and they traverse the U.S. some three times a day. Experts still do not know what they contain, but they are large enough to house a nuclear bomb that can be exploded at a high altitude.”

So much has changed in just the 8 months since April 25, 2016, when this "White House Photo" of the day was taken.

As Will Jordan notes, the photo showed a meeting of the world's top political leaders, President Barack Obama talking with European leaders before their meeting in Hannover, Germany. 
From left: British Prime Minister David Cameron, the President, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Francois Hollande, and Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. 
As of this evening, of the five, just one remains on the global political scene. The real question is for how much longer.

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