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E.U. Faces Its Next Big Test With France's Election, An Open Letter To Angela Merkel, Gunmen Holding Hostages In Jordan

Like iron and clay - this 'mixture' will not remain united. Prophecy watchers are waiting for the formation of the 10 kings:

E.U. Faces Its Next Big Test as France’s Election Looms

When the French put a draft Constitution for a newly enlarged European Union to a referendum in 2005, Pascal Verrelle voted passionately against it — hoping it would stop the European Union in its tracks. He rejoiced when the effort failed, yet was dismayed when the bloc kept gathering more members and powers, anyway.

“In 2005, a majority voted against Europe, and we still find ourselves in Europe, by magic,” he said, “and I find it inadmissible.”

Today the European Union is wobbling under the weight of problems encouraged in part by that unchecked expansion — stagnant economies, the euro crisis, new pressures from Russia and deep strains over migration, especially from newer members in Central and Eastern Europe.

But a visit to Le Luc and other villages in southern France is a reminder that the European Union faces yet another serious problem long in the making — a crisis of legitimacy — that is fueling right-wing, nationalist politics even in the traditional core of the bloc.

For Mr. Verrelle, 2005 was a watershed. Since then, opposition to a much-enlarged, poorer and vastly more diverse European Union has only increased. So has support for the National Front and its leader, Marine Le Pen, who has emerged as a serious contender in France’s presidential race.

Having already suffered a “Brexit” vote this year in Britain, Europe faces a series of critical elections in the year ahead. But none is more important than the vote in France, a founding European Union member.

The British decision to quit the European Union was a major blow, but a victory by Ms. Le Pen could be the death knell. And with the election of Donald J. Trump in the United States, that prospect has taken on new weight.

What Ms. Le Pen wants is to lead France out of the euro currency and out of the bloc. She has said she would hold a popular referendum, à la Britain, on French membership in the European Union — a test of public will that mainstream French politicians, she says, are afraid to have.

From the mood here in southern France, a “Frexit” push would probably prevail in a referendum, just as 55 percent voted in 2005 against the Constitution that a former French president, Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, had drafted.

Once upon a time, I used to admire you. You were a conservative. You seemed to get along well with President Bush and you appeared to be a responsible fiscal leader in charge of the biggest economic powerhouse on the European continent.
I decided to suppress some of my innate suspicions about your background: your father’s defection to the East in 1954, when everyone in communist East Germany was running West and only someone with an infatuation for Lenin and bread lines would make such a move; your role as AgitProp or Propaganda Officer for your local FDJ communist youth group, the reports that you were a Stasi informer code named Erika and the even starker information that you were in fact a Stasi officer.
There’s an old saying; follow your gut. And, my gut said you stank like a rotten piece of breaded veal. I should have listened to my gut. I’m sure millions of Germans who put you in office are thinking the same thing tonight.
Since 2015 nearly two million Muslim refugees have made their way to Germany, turning your spit and polish nation into a Third World garbage dump.
You consistently claim that Muslim women and children and families need Germany’s help.
Where are the women? Where are the children? Where are the families?
The only people arriving across the German frontier are young Muslim single men who are apparently too gutless to fight ISIS and who have gotten the word that you are handing out golden tickets to Willy von Wonka’s Socialist Dreamland.
These young men are not arriving to work and settle and to become good citizens. They are coming to rape and pillage and plunder.
The crime figures in your nation are literally exploding every day. Your new guests, the Sons of Allah, are in fact the Sons of Anarchy. They have committed over 400,000 crimes in Germany since 2014. Crimes like rape, murder, armed robbery, assault and arson are now commonplace in German villages where once a stolen beer stein was the crime of the century.

A perfect example of the Muslim crime spree is the New Year’s Eve rape-a-thon conducted by your new guests in Cologne last year. You might remember this event. Hundreds of Muslim thugs raped and molested young German women on the streets of the ancient city and in the train station, while also bombarding the medieval Cologne Cathedral with fireworks.

Besides the horrifying facts surrounding this incident, what is even more disheartening is the fact that Germans are putting up with not only YOU, but the Muslim crime spree in general.
I can tell you without a doubt that if a Cologne type event took place in the United States, the Islamic culprits would find themselves as pop up targets in the Second Gunfight at the OK Corral.
The Muslim rape of humanity simply isn’t going to happen in the good ole USA. That dog don’t hunt.
First of all, we have enough men who haven’t been neutered by socialism as in Germany. Secondly, we are armed and can rely on our good friends, Mr. Smith, Mr. Wesson and Mr. Colt, when need be.
Then there is the case of the young 19 year old Freiburg medical student, Maria Landenburger, who helped migrants in her spare time. Her benevolence was met with the usual Muslim gratitude. She was raped, butchered like a steer and then thrown in a local river by some scumbag from Afghanistan.
And, your response was that it was just an isolated incident. Don’t get too excited. Refugees welcome!
Your sense of self-delusion is incredible. The facts speak for themselves and you are nothing short of an accessory in the murder of Maria Landenburger and the thousands of crimes being committed in Allah’s name across Germany every day. You are an accomplice to terror, murder, rape, assault and petty thievery.
As the refugee camps burn, the blond women are raped and your citizens assaulted and murdered, you sit back and spout off ridiculous platitudes like; We can do it! Let’s show them the greatness of our culture! Play them a Christmas song with a flute!
Yes, play them a flute Mrs. Merkel.
Newsflash Chancellor, they aren’t in Europe to sing Silent Night with the Vienna Boys Choir. They are there to make sure that no one ever sings Silent Night again. They are there to destroy European culture, whatever is left of Christianity that your wonderful socialists haven’t destroyed and 2000 years of European civilization. They are there to do it in one fell swoop.
And, you let them in. You are doing more damage to Germany than a zillion bombs from the US 8th Air Force could ever have done.  You are a bureaucratic Visigoth, a destroyer, the grim reaper dealing out a Dead Man’s Hand to the people of Germany.
Many have asked what your motivations are for causing the complete destruction of your nation. Are you a Stasi sleeper agent who has made their way to the top and is now conducting the final phases of an elaborate campaign to bring down Germany?
Are you working with the architect of evil, George Soros and his fellow globalists?
Are you simply insane?
In the typical style of your East German mentors, you are ordering the suppression of any opposition to your policies. Anyone in Germany who voices their disgust with you and your bulldozing of German society is labeled a right wing fanatic and some kind of Neo Nazi who just emerged from Hitler’s bunker.
Dissent on social media is now considered hate speech in Germany. Germans calling for an end to the Muslim invasion of their nation are considered purveyors of fake news. You and the globalists aren’t fooling anyone with the fake news argument, which is really part of a master plan to shut down all media outlets who dare to voice the truth.
In your warped cranium Chancellor Merkel, patriotism is Islamophobia, self-defense against Muslim assaults are Neo-Nazi street tactics and nationalism is the work of the devil.
In actuality, Mrs. Merkel if you want to find the devil, you need only look in the mirror.
No doubt, if I was a German citizen, you would be undoubtedly dispatching the police to my doorstep. How dare this Mr. Starmann voice his opinion! Charge him with hate speech! Damn journalist!
Islamic violence is peace. Dissent is treason. Hijabs are the new Lederhosen.
Right, Erika?
Your other tactic is to put the old Holocaust universal guilt trip on your fellow countrymen. Apparently, millions of Germans who weren’t even alive in World War II are supposed to continue to atone for the sins of a clique of madmen who watched the curtain close in the last act of Twilight of the Gods in 1945.
The modern day German has no obligation to help you commit national suicide.
The modern day German does have an obligation though, to do their best to run you out of office and to take back their country.
But, they won’t and you won’t be. You will continue to break Germany into a thousand pieces because you know damned well that your countrymen don’t have any fight left in them.
As for Americans, we can expect millions of Europeans to arrive on our shores when Islam overruns Europe, which is inevitable. And, those millions of Germans and other Europeans will be voting Republican. 🙂
Ray Starmann
Editor in Chief, US Defense Watch

The Times of Israel is liveblogging Sunday’s events as they unfold.

Gunmen said holding tourists hostage in Jordan

Jordanian news site al-Ghad reports gunmen are holding 14 hostages in the famous Crusader castle of the city of Karak, after opening fire on a police station and killing five people.
The site reports that tourists are among the hostages, including some from Malaysia.
Sources in Jordan have identified the four other fatalities in the Karak attack as officers.
“Four of the dead are policemen and one is a (female) Canadian tourist,” says source who declined to be identified.
Five people have been killed, including an Canadian tourist, after unidentified gunmen attacked a police station and patrols in the town of Karak in western Jordan.
Nine people have been injured in the attack.
Karak, a city and tourist destination known for one of the biggest Crusader castles in the region, is located around 120 kilometers (roughly 70 miles) south of the capital Amman.
“Five people were killed and nine others wounded, including policemen, when unknown gunmen attacked a police station and some patrols in Karak,” a source says on condition of anonymity, adding that police were hunting the gunmen and reinforcements were sent.

An American pastor in Turkey has been imprisoned on trumped-up charges and is, according to Christian human-rights advocates, in “grave danger” of becoming a casualty of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s brutal crackdown on religious minorities and dissidents in the wake of a failed coup five months ago.
Pastor Andrew Brunson, 48, is a U.S. citizen from Black Mountain, North Carolina, who has been ministering in Turkey for 23 years.
He has raised his family there and loves the Turkish people.
But on Oct. 7 he was tricked into appearing at a government office where he was told he would be given a long-awaited permanent residency card. Instead he was detained and “falsely accused of membership in an armed terrorist organization,” reports the American Center for Law and Justice.
His wife Norine was released on Oct. 19 and given an extended permit to remain in the country. But Andrew Brunson was arrested and held since Oct. 20 at the Harmandali Detention Center on the northern edge of Izmir.
He was transferred overnight on Dec. 8 to a counter-terrorism center, then brought before an Izmir court the next day for interrogation.
Part of his more than 70-day ordeal in the Turkish prison system has been spent in solitary confinement. He has been denied a Bible and had his watch, phone and eye-glasses confiscated. Turkey’s Islamic regime has also denied Pastor Andrew access to his Turkish attorney.
The ACLJ, which has started several petitions for imprisoned Christians around the world, said on Wednesday it is representing Brunson’s family as they seek his release.

...we here at ANP had believed the election of Donald Trump as president might just keep the US out of World War 3 and away from nuclear annihilation. And while we're still hopeful that cooler heads will prevail in the Middle East and around the world for the remaining 5 weeks before Trump is sworn into office, recent events prove to us previous warnings that 'America isn't quite yet out of the woods' were right on the money.
...we're witnessing not only a full-court-press effort at world destabilization by the current administration but reminded us that those extremists seeking a Muslim caliphate actually WANT and NEED a nuclear war to bring on their 'mahdi' proves to us why we are still in the danger zone at least until Trump gets into office if not beyond. 
"Everybody needs to keep this in order for them to bring on the Muslim caliphate, those who will not allow any other religion to exist but Islam, there HAS TO BE nuclear war to bring in the Muslim 'mahdi'. Those who believe in a Muslim caliphate will do ANYTHING to initiate World War 3." 
With the CIA seemingly attempting to overthrow a fair election here in America, Quayle reminds us the head of the CIA allegedly converted to Islam while Obama has promised he'll take the side of Islam. Meanwhile, we get more proof coming to us via the Department of Homeland Security, which reports proved has been infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood, attempting to hack at least 3 states during the election
Sharing with us that nearly everywhere we now look around the world, everybody is getting put on a war footing and  everything is ramping up at a time we'd hope it would be ramping down, we're reminded that the last 8 years have given every opportunity for so many 'trojan horses' to be allowed into America that everything seems to be falling into place for those who've long been working to take down America.  

Reminding us once again of all the weapons and ammunition purchases that have been made over the years for different agencies,Wiles tells us he's long-believed they're being staged for an invading army. Reminding us also of plans years ago of Obama's desire for an internal standing army as strong as the US military, we see why if there really are plans to overthrow America, these next 5 weeks may just be the last chance they have. 

The CIA has long engineered coups in other countries. Now we are approaching at breakneck speed a CIA coup in the USA. 
When the presstitute media first published unverifired, unsourced leaks attributed to unnamed CIA officials, both the FBI and the Director of Homeland Security said that they did not embrace the accusation that Trump’s election was a result of Russian interference in the US presidential election.
Now suddenly we have a report from the Washington Post, a rag whose integrity is in doubt and a mainstay of anti-Trump propaganda suspected of being a CIA asset, that the FBI and Homeland Security are in agreement with the anonymous leaks to the presstitutes:
“FBI Director James B. Comey and Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper Jr. are in agreement with a CIA assessment that Russia intervened in the 2016 election in part to help Donald Trump win the White House, officials disclosed Friday, as President Obama issued a public warning to Moscow that it could face retaliation.
New revelations about Comey’s position could put to rest suggestions by some lawmakers that the CIA and the FBI weren’t on the same page on Russian President Vladi­mir Putin’s intentions.”
“The positions of Comey and Clapper were revealed in a message that CIA Director John Brennan sent to the agency’s workforce Friday. ‘Earlier this week, I met separately with FBI [Director] James Comey and DNI Jim Clapper, and there is strong consensus among us on the scope, nature, and intent of Russian interference in our presidential election,’ Brennan said, according to U.S. officials who have seen the message.”
Note, that this claim comes from the CIA. It has not been verified at this time of writing by the FBI and Homeland Security. Indeed, please note that the Washington Post, which is hyping this story of intelligence agency consensus, reports:
“The CIA and the FBI declined to comment on Brennan’s message or on the classified intelligence assessment that CIA officials shared with members of the Senate Intelligence Committee earlier this month, setting off a political firestorm.” In other words, the CIA might be putting words in the mouths of the other intelligence officials.
All the CIA officials making claims of Russian interference, according to the Washington Post, continue to speak “on the condition of anonymity.”

So we have a coup against the president-elect based solely on unverified, unsourced, anonymous assertions made by the public knows not who.

Rep. Davin Nunes, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, which has oversight over the CIA, has said that neither he nor the committee have seen any evidence from the CIA in support of the claims he reads in the media. He has asked the agency to brief the Intelligence Committee on the alleged evidence but has had no response.

According to the Washington Post, “Nunes said: ‘We have not received any information from Intelligence Community (IC) agencies indicating that they have developed new assessments on this issue. I am alarmed that supposedly new information continues to leak to the media but has not been provided to Congress.’”
Rep. Nunes statement makes it completely clear that the CIA is using the presstitute media to launch a coup against president-elect Trump.
CIA director John Brennan’s audacity suggests that he expects the coup to succeed. Otherwise, he is dead meat along with Bezos, The Washington Post and the rest of the presstitute media.
Trump’s critics on the left and right and among the liberals and progressives have stupidly played into the CIA’s hands.
If the generals Trump has announced as his appointees have been too marginalized within the military by the neoconservatives to be able to provide US military protection against the CIA’s coup against the president-elect, do not expect Donald Trump to be inaugurated as President of the United States on January 20. 
We are at the point that only a countercoup against the CIA and the Hillary forces can save American democracy.
High treason is alive and well in the United States, and it is operating against American democracy and president-elect Trump.

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