Friday, December 16, 2016

Strange Times - Truth vs Lies, Soros Behind 'Ministry Of Truth'

Recent lies: 

1) Russia is intervening in Syria and causing hardships throughout the country. The obvious truth which can be obtained with minimal reading clearly reveals that the U.S. began this civil war in Syria, just as done in Ukraine and Libya. Additionally, the U.S. was never invited into Syria but Russia was. The U.S.has been arming so-called "rebels" (actually terrorists groups) along with ISIS. Russia finally intervened and cleaned up the situation in Syria.

2) Russia "hacked" the information that was used against Hillary Clinton because they wanted Trump in office. The obvious truth is the fact that Trump won the election. This was clearly not a "hack" but a "leak" most likely from inside sources. Oh, and while we are at it, lets conveniently ignore the content of these leaks which showed that Hillary won the party's nomination through more lies, deceit, voter manipulation and outright fraud. 

3) "Fake News" is the newest excuse for the U.S. elections, and the early stages of overt censorship are coming very soon. The reality is. the MSM have been feeding us fake news for decades, and the population is finally discovering this fact. This has the deep state even closer to complete breakdown. 

This is an upside-down world. Demonizing Russia may not be the best policy right now and hopefully cool heads will prevail in Russia as we all await January 20 - assuming the U.S. doesn't trigger world war prior to that time. 

The deep state is becoming unhinged and thats a scary thought as they will not let go of their power. 

And of course, anytime we see current events taking place that undermines democratic processes or destroys freedom - George Soros will be lurking and this is no exception.

Just a few seemingly endless of headlines tell the story:

Putin has had enough of the relentless barrage of US accusations that he, personally, "hacked the US presidential election."
The Russian president's spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said on Friday that the US must either stop accusing Russia of meddling in its elections or prove it. Peskov said it was "indecent" of the United States to "groundlessly" accuse Russia of intervention in its elections.
“You need to either stop talking about it, or finally show some kind of proof. Otherwise it just looks very indecent”, Peskov told Reporters in Tokyo where Putin is meeting with Japan PM Abe, responding to the latest accusations that Russia was responsible for hacker attacks.

Peskov also warned that Obama's threat to "retaliate" to the alleged Russian hack is "against both American and international law", hinting at open-ended escalation should Obama take the podium today at 2:15pm to officially launch cyberwar against Russia.

Previously, on Thursday, Peskov told the AP the report was "laughable nonsense", while Russian foreign ministry spox Maria Zakharova accused "Western media" of being a "shill" and a "mouthpiece of various power groups", and added that "it's not the general public who's being manipulated," Zakharova said. "the general public nowadays can distinguish the truth. It's the mass media that is manipulating themselves."

Meanwhile, on Friday Sergei Lavrov, Russia's foreign minister told state television network, Russia 24, he was "dumbstruck" by the NBC report which alleges that Russian President Vladimir Putin was personally involved in an election hack.

As a reminder, last night Obama vowed retaliatory action against Russia for its meddling in the US presidential election last month.  "I think there is no doubt that when any foreign government tries to impact the integrity of our elections that we need to take action and we will at a time and place of our own choosing," Obama told National Public Radio.  
US intelligence agencies in October pinned blame on Russia for election-related hacking. At the time, the White House vowed a "proportional response" to the cyberactivity, though declined to preview what that response might entail. Meanwhile, both President-elect Donald Trump, the FBI, and the ODNI have dismissed the CIA's intelligence community's assessment, for the the same reason Putin finally lashed out at Obama: there is no proof. 
That, however, has never stopped the US from escalating a geopolitical conflict to the point of war, or beyond, so pay close attention to what Obama says this afternoon. 
According to an NBC report, a team of analysts at Eurasia Group said in a note on Friday that they believe the outgoing administration is likely to take action which could result in a significant barrier for Trump's team once he takes office in January
"It is unlikely that U.S. intelligence reports will change Trump's intention to initiate a rapprochement with Moscow, but the congressional response following its own investigations could obstruct the new administration's effort," Eurasia Group analysts added.

Facebook has announced a new plan today that will very quickly transform the social media site into an “echo chamber” of left-wing media lies and delusional propaganda (just like we’ve recently seen pushed by the Washington Post).

The new effort will rely on left-wing “fact checker” organizations like Politifact and Snopes to determine the “truthiness” of news stories, reports Business Insider. Those stories deemed by left-wing “fact checkers” to be inaccurate will be buried in Facebook users’ feeds as a form of organized totalitarian censorship.

This Ministry of Truth “news dictatorship” plan will, of course, transform Facebook into nothing more than a news “bubble” where left-wing propaganda is repeated as “fact” while independent journalism is labeled “fake.”

This means all stories that are critical of vaccines, GMOs, Planned Parenthood or Hillary Clinton will be censored out of existence. The political left, you see, doesn’t seek to winany debate at all… their goal is to ban the debate so that you never read any views other than theirs. (They can’t win any legitimate debates or legitimate elections, so they cheat.)

In essence, Facebook has now announced it’s going to become the North Korea of social media.

Facebook’s “fact checkers” are left-wing propagandsts who despise factual journalism

“Facebook has announced it will introduce warning labels on stories they deem to be “fake news,” with the help of partisan “fact checking” organisations such as Snopes and PolitiFact,” reports

As Facebook turns into an echo chamber of mentally ill liberal whackos, informed people will look elsewhere for uncensored, independent news.

One of the best alternatives for Facebook is Diaspora, a network of independent social media hubs run by independent, open source organizations like Natural News.
Our Diaspora hub is found at, and it’s rapidly growing. There, you’ll receive every story we post, unlike Facebook where 99% of our posts are deliberately buried by Facebook itself. is also rapidly growing, promising uncensored free speech in a social media format. You can find my articles posted in real time at these two accounts:

New York Times report on Monday alluding to “overwhelming circumstantial evidence” leading the CIA to believe that Russian President Vladimir Putin “deployed computer hackers with the goal of tipping the election to Donald J. Trump” is, sadly, evidence-free. This is no surprise, because harder evidence of a technical nature points to an inside leak, not hacking – by Russians or anyone else.

Monday’s Washington Post reports that Sen. James Lankford, R-Oklahoma, a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, has joined other senators in calling for a bipartisan investigation of suspected cyber-intrusion by Russia. Reading our short memo could save the Senate from endemic partisanship, expense and unnecessary delay.

In what follows, we draw on decades of senior-level experience – with emphasis on cyber-intelligence and security – to cut through uninformed, largely partisan fog. Far from hiding behind anonymity, we are proud to speak out with the hope of gaining an audience appropriate to what we merit – given our long labors in government and other areas of technology. And corny though it may sound these days, our ethos as intelligence professionals remains, simply, to tell it like it is – without fear or favor.

We have gone through the various claims about hacking. For us, it is child’s play to dismiss them. The email disclosures in question are the result of a leak, not a hack. Here’s the difference between leaking and hacking:

Leak: When someone physically takes data out of an organization and gives it to some other person or organization, as Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning did.

Hack: When someone in a remote location electronically penetrates operating systems, firewalls or any other cyber-protection system and then extracts data.

All signs point to leaking, not hacking. If hacking were involved, the National Security Agency would know it – and know both sender and recipient.

In short, since leaking requires physically removing data – on a thumb drive, for example – the only way such data can be copied and removed, with no electronic trace of what has left the server, is via a physical storage device.

Using Snopes as an authority is laughable. According to independent investigative reporter Wayne Madsen, “The so-called ‘fact-checking’ authentication website is the go-to website for CIA propaganda.”
“On April 19, 2016, WMR reported: […] ‘ is run by a California couple named Barbara and David Mikkelson, who founded the San Fernando Valley Folklore Society . . . The Mikkelsons chose the name Snopes because it is the name of a fictional family featured in William Faulkner’s novels that includes a pedophile, a murderer, a bigamist, a corrupt racist politician, and a thief who live in the fictional Yoknapatawpha County in Mississippi. The idea is to label all those targeted by the Mikkelsons as candidates for membership in the Snopes family. […]’

According to Wikipedia, the Mikkelsons, a California couple, created the Snopes site in 1995. By mid-2014, Barbara Mikkelson had not written for the site “in several years” and the couple had divorced around the same time. So David Mikkelson “hired employees to assist him from’s message board.” Barbara no longer has an ownership stake in
In other words, we are to believe that one man, David Mikkelson, with “assistants” he’d hired from Snopes’s message board, manages to pump out a steady stream of researched articles every day. If you believe that, I have a swamp in Florida to sell you.

Behind almost every liberal crusade of the past several decades, from the blocking of voter ID laws to the Syrian refugee crisis, there has been one man quietly pulling the puppet strings from the background: George Soros. 
So imagine our complete shock when we discovered Soros to be the financing source behind Facebook's "third-party fact checking" organization retained to flag, and thus eliminate, "fake news."
Just yesterday, Facebook posted the following press release to their website detailing their plans to use a "third-party fact checking organization," known as The Poynter Institute, to flag "fake news."  The role of the "fact checkers" will be to review news stories and flag anything they deem to be "fake" so that it can be deprioritized on Facebook's news feed. 

Of course, that raises any number of questions including what will be deemed to be "fake news" (e.g. will dissenting opinions be deemed "fake") and who exactly gets to oversee such a powerful position that basically has been given carte blanche to censor media outlets of their choosing?  Surely such an organization would have to be an extremely transparent, publicly funded, bi-partisan group, right?
Well, not so much apparently.  A quick review of Poynter's website reveals that the organization is funded by the who's who of leftist billionaires including George Soros' Open Society Foundations, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Google, and Ebay founder Pierre Omidyar's Omidyar Network.  Well that seem fairly bipartisan, right?   

So congrats on choosing a "nonpartisan" fact checker, Mr. Zuckerberg.  We eagerly await the creation of a competitive social media outlet, one that promotes truly free and independent thought, which you have surely just spawned with the creation of your new "department of censorship."

Outgoing US president Barack Obama has threatened to ‘take action’ against Russia and Vladimir Putin over what he and the CIA contends is unquestionable evidence that the nation hacked Democratic party emails and leaked them in an effort to get Donald Trump elected.
“I think there is no doubt that when any foreign government tries to impact the integrity of our elections that we need to take action,” Obama said. “And we will — at a time and place of our own choosing.”
The president continued “Some of it may be explicit and publicized. Some of it may not be. But Mr. Putin is aware of my feelings about this because I spoke to him directly about it.”
Obama made the comments during an interview with NPR’s “Morning Edition.”

It is presumed that Obama is referring to his last encounter with Putin at the G20 summit in China.
Russia hit back at Obama’s comments and the ongoing notion that the country interfered in the US election. Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said it was ‘indecent’ for the US to ‘groundlessly’ accuse Russia of interfering.
“They should either stop talking about that or produce some proof at last. Otherwise it all begins to look unseemly,” Peskov said.

As Obama gets set to announce retaliation efforts against the Russian government for "hacking" the 2016 election, Julian Assange has come forward, once again, to confirm that his source is not the Russians.  Appearing on the Sean Hannity radio show, Assange had the following to say:

. A..
Assange:  "Our source is not the Russian government."

Hannity:  "Let me be clear, Russia did not give you the Podesta documents or anything from the DNC?"

Assange:  "That's correct."


todd corey said...

Well Scott, it is a Friday news dump day.

Scott said...

I know - I barely got halfway through the afternoon cycle and had so much I just had to post it, there will probably be more later tonight - the pace of events is completely crazy

Caver said...

Humpffff.....certainly an interesting Friday. Guess they all are these days and will be until we get past the inauguration.

I notice this particular administration continues their determination not to let the facts get in the way of their narrative or fake story...

Lynch Slips — Says No Evidence Of ‘Technical Interference’ From The Russians [VIDEO]

foretastes said...

Will there even be an inauguration?

Scott said...

good question....the good news is - if not, then we will take a huge step into events which will lead into the trib

Caver said...

Mind if I throw a couple pennies opinion in the ring too....lots of discussion on this one. Course, this is kind of heavily biased and its pretty obvious from which direction.

Unless the rapture happens first, I think he will be inaugurated ..... but only after overcoming/surviving/exposing attempts from every conceivable method/angle of stopping him.

Saying it differently.....I think lots of Americans have humbled themselves, repented, and prayed asking God to heal our country. I personally believe we are seeing that prayer answered.

Scott said...

We'll telling what may happen in the next few weeks...We know there will never be a situation where America attempts to stop Gog-Magog, or the AC when he rises up....So something has to happen. Given the lateness of the hour, I have to think its the gathering up

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Nothing like a good harpazo to speed things up.

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I was wondering if we might be gathered up before the inauguration....reason being, the current admin would still be in control. Not that it matters because whoever is left behind is more than likely going to be approving of the global agenda. My thought is that it would make it easy for the O-ccupier to remain in power and isolate Israel. Probably just wishful thinking, but one can dream.

ally said...

I agree with ALL OF THE ABOVE STATEMENTS!!!!!!! :)