Monday, December 5, 2016

Things To Come: Biblical Pillar Of Cloud Cover Over Golan Protects Israel

Biblical Pillar of Cloud Over Golan Protects Israel From ISIS [VIDEO]

[This video is definitely worth watching. If this is truly the hand of God (and it appears quite possible), then it's only foreshadowing for much bigger things to come, such as His appearance at the Gog-Magog battle]

“Thou Hashem art in the midst of this people; inasmuch as Thou Hashem art seen face to face, and Thy cloud standeth over them, and Thou goest before them, in a pillar of cloud by day, and in a pillar of fire by night.” Numbers 14:13 (The Israel Bible™)

A startling video which has been shared over 140,000 times on Facebook reveals without a doubt the hand of God protecting Israel against her enemies.
The video, posted on Thursday by Israel News Online, shows what appears to be an enormous pillar of cloud, dust and rain hovering over the dangerous border between Israel and Syria – in the very same area where ISIS militants had attacked IDF forces for the first time four days earlier.
Most incredibly, the mysterious cloud ended precisely at the border without entering Israel’s Golan Heights region, seeming to afflict the Syrian side while not harming Israel.
“This strange storm of what appears to be dust, cloud and rain did NOT cross the border fence into Israel. It sat like a barrier between ISIS and Israel,” the Facebook post read.
In the video, dozens of amazed IDF soldiers are shown photographing and taping the bizarre weather phenomenon with their phones. 
With over 5 million views, nearly 60,000 likes, 28,500 comments and 143,793 shares, the video quickly went viral.
Commenters had no doubt of what they were seeing, calling the cloud a “miracle” and a “protective occurrence provided by the Almighty.”
“God protecting his chosen people yet again,” wrote Orlando Houston, while Margaret Tilford commented, “If they had cell phones back when God parted the Red Sea and led the Israelites it would have looked like this!”
Indeed, the Biblical parallel is unmistakable. When the Israelites were wandering in the desert after leaving Egypt, the Bible relates that God took the form of a pillar of cloud to lead them.

Days before the appearance of the strange cloud barrier, a cell of four ISIS militants on the Syrian side of the border had fired on an IDF patrol in the Golan, marking the first time that the Islamic State had ever directly attacked Israeli forces. IDF soldiers immediately returned fire, killing all four attackers, and Israeli fighter jets responded by striking targets within Syria. No Israeli soldiers were hurt.
Between Israel’s swift military victory and the pillar of cloud which appeared over the border, ISIS should heed the clear warning: this land is under Divine Protection.

Congratulations to Chancellor Angela Merkel for doing to Germany what the mighty 8th Air Force and a zillion bombs could never do; destroy it completely by throwing one of the most orderly and disciplined nations in the world into absolute anarchy, chaos and violence.
Today, the UK Express and Jihad Watch reported on another horrific story coming out of Germany. This involves the brutal murder of the 19 year old daughter of a high ranking EU official.
As reported:
An Afghan migrant has admitted the rape and murder of a medical student, who also worked voluntarily at a refugee centre.
Maria Ladenburger, the daughter of a high-ranking EU official, was returning from a party in the university city of Freiburg in Germany when she was assaulted on a cycle path.
She was raped and then drowned before her body was found in the River Dreisam.
The shocking incident happened on October 16 but details have only been released after an arrest on Friday.
Following his arrest the suspect, aged 17, pleaded guilty to the attack and will be sentenced next year.
The unnamed migrant arrived in Germany last year as an unaccompanied minor and lived with a local family in the city.
Ms Ladenburger reportedly worked in her spare time helping out in refugee homes in Freiburg.
The dead girl’s father is Dr. Clemens Ladenburger, a lawyer who works as the right hand man to the legal director of the European Commission….

The death of Maria Ladenburger never had to happen. There are two people responsible for young Maria’s death; the Afghan migrant scumbag who killed her and Angela Merkel whose lunatic policies killed Maria. Merkel might as well be an accomplice to first degree murder.
None of this ever had to happen. None of the riots, the billions of Euros wasted, the lives lost, the crimes committed, the general mayhem, ever had to happen, did it Chancellor Merkel?
Thanks to Angela Merkel, the twisting, narrow, medieval streets of Germany have been turned into a labyrinth of horror.
In the last two years nearly 2.5 million Muslim refugees have entered Germany, courtesy of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s insane open borders policy, which is draining Germany’s once excellent medical and social services, and bringing anarchy by day and terror by night to the nation.
Besides catastrophically depleting Germany’s social and medical services, the crime rate in Germany has skyrocketed in the last two years, exploding nearly 70% since Merkel lowered the castle drawbridge and allowed every rapist, murderer, petty crook and jihadi from the Middle East into the once well-scrubbed and well run land of Bier and Gemuetchlichkeit.
A perfect storm of total disaster is gathering in Germany. A combination of Big Brother immigration policies mandated by the EU, a Stone Age culture imported into the Western world and a smug, deranged leader have allowed Germany to be flooded with single, young violent Muslim men who have no intention of ever assimilating into Western Europe, but every intention to loot, rape and plunder with all the aplomb of Vikings on an all-night coastal raid.


ChristineInCleveland said...

WOWWWWW....thanks for posting this article about the pillar cloud, Scott! I've managed to wean myself off Facebook so I would of never seen this. Very incouraging... how great is out mighty God!

Gary said...

Scott, do you think the U.S. could be Babylon?

Anonymous said...

How can one c it without having Facebook?

Scott said...

No not at all for a host of reasons. Ill come back to this later when i have some time but i dont think there is any chance of that at all ( but i can understand why some people would believe so)

Unknown said...

Just click the article title and it will take you to the original.

Unknown said...

I've read 'The End of America... the role of Islam in the end times and Biblical warnings to flee America' by John Price. According to scripture, we are the Daughter of Babylon.
I would like to hear more regarding this as I am very open to discussion.

Scott said...

I don't know what that means "daughter of babylon"- is that a biblical term?

As far as babylon - when was the US ever called the city on 7 hills?

Unknown said...

According to the above referenced book, the author provides 21 identity clues through prophetic verses that the United States is the Daughter of Babylon. He also makes the case that the 7 hills could refer to the seven major land masses(continents).
When I read this book last year, I literally was trembling by the end of it. Any question you have, I'm sure I can answer by citing the author. It was super inexpensive to download on my kindle-I did buy a hard copy so I could highlight, etc.