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Bitter In Aleppo Defeat, U.S. and E.U. Seek To Further Demonize Russia, Aleppo Proves Western Media Sources Wrong

Bitter In Aleppo Defeat, US And EU Seek To Further Demonize Russia

As Russian forces help liberate the Syrian city of Aleppo this week from a four-year terrorist siege, Washington and Europe step up threats of cyber war and economic aggression with sanctions. That’s no coincidence. It is the response of accomplices bitter in defeat.
Perverse isn’t it? Instead of celebrating with the people of Syria over the liberation of Aleppo from terrorists; instead of sending massive humanitarian aid to the tens of thousands of civilians freed after being held under siege for four years by terrorist gangs; instead of commending Russia for its decisive role in restoring peace to Syria’s second biggest city, the US and European Union turn reality on its head and further demonize Moscow.

The perverse behavior by Washington and its European satraps is simply a case of sour grapes. Very sour grapes.

They have been proven spectacularly wrong about Syria. The liberation of Aleppo this week exposes the Western governments and media in their unrelenting falsehoods and systematic complicity in the Syrian war. This was never a pro-democracy uprising. It was a Western-backed criminal regime-change operation that was unleashed in March 2011, and which is now staring at ignominious defeat.

The blood of up to half a million people and many more maimed is on the hands of American and European governments.

It is no coincidence that Barack Obama this week invoked his putative presidential authority to double down on US intelligence claims that Russia hacked into the American elections to get Donald Trump into the White House. The stakes were raised to new unwieldy heights with White House claims that Russian President Vladimir Putin personally sanctioned the alleged hacking of Hillary Clinton’s emails. And Obama is now recklessly warning that his country will respond with cyber-warfare «at a place and time of our choosing»

Meanwhile, European Union leaders this week decreed that economic and diplomatic sanctions on Russia would be extended for another six months. The official reason for the measures was the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, but it is obvious that the dramatic developments in Syria were the real motivating factor behind the EU’s decision to further penalize Russia.

But where is the evidence either from Obama on alleged Russian cyberattacks to subvert the American presidential election or from the EU on alleged Russian (and Syrian) atrocities in Aleppo. There is, glaringly, no evidence. Yet on the back of breathless assertions, Washington is threatening to «retaliate», and European leaders are slapping more damaging sanctions on Russia. This is an insane policy of unjustified aggression.
It is especially insane considering that present and former members of US intelligence agencies do not support the White House’s assertions about Russian cyberattacks. Indeed respected former US intelligence experts have cogently argued that Washington’s claims of Russian hacking are completely spurious. Moreover, two polls reported by the Washington Times and Washington Post this week also show that the majority of American people do not believe that Russia interfered in the US election.
As for the American and European claims about «massacres» in Aleppo, amplified by the dutiful mainstream media all week, there is neither evidence nor testimonies from the tens of thousands of civilians pouring out of the former terror enclaves. The reckless claims are merely propaganda rumors put out by terrorist apologists and recycled by Western media. Perversely unreported in the Western media are the real stories of civilians having lived under horror imposed by the Western-backed so-called «rebels». Largely unreported by the Western media is the dominant mood of celebration and relief among civilians for having been liberated by the combined efforts of the Syrian army and its Russian, Iranian and Lebanese allies.

Where are the «moderate rebels» now that the veil of secrecy has finally been lifted from eastern Aleppo? Where are the so-called neutral rescuers belonging to the White Helmets, who only a few weeks ago Western media were championing for a Nobel peace prize? They are all piling on to the same buses with the jihadi terrorists to be evacuated to nearby Idlib city as part of a surrender deal. In other words, the West has been all along backing terrorists, and now their terrorist proxies are seen by the whole world as being routed from Aleppo after four years of holding the eastern side of the city hostage.

Liberated civilians tell of a reign of terror, how their family members were threatened by the Western-backed jihadis with execution if any of them dared to escape from the captive terror enclaves. Buildings recovered by the Syrian army have shown humanitarian aid, medicines and food stockpiled by the terrorists which they used to extort the civilian population. None of this is broadcast by the Western news media of course. Instead, they indulged in gory fantasies about the Syrian army committing summary executions and other atrocities against women and children. Stories, it should be noted, which have since petered out because there is no evidence to back them up.

Western lies and fake narratives about Syria were torn asunder this week. Sanctimonious Washington and European lackeys are exposed in their responsibility for fueling the war in Syria by giving cover to terrorist gangs as supposed «moderate rebels».
Western governments, UN diplomats and media organizations are shown to be complicit in a state-sponsored terrorist conspiracy against the Syrian nation.
Russia has played a vital and truly heroic role in saving Syria from a Western-imposed charnel house.
And so, with the bitter taste of defeat over the historic battle for Aleppo, Washington and Europe are lashing out irrationally to further demonize Russia. Cyber war threats and economic aggression through sanctions are the Western response to bitter defeat.

Western media sources have jumped their beloved Russophobia bandwagon yet again, accusing Moscow of disrupting the evacuation of the militants that participated in the Battle of Aleppo. Turkey has already confirmed that these accusations have nothing to do with reality. At the same time, everybody prefers to ignore the fact that hundreds of thousands of civilians have been liberated from the cruel rule of radical militants.
However, evacuation delays and the disruption of the cease-fire will not change the main thing Aleppo is now recaptured, and the so-called “moderate opposition” suffered the largest defeat in the entire history of the Syrian war.
The city is now being demined and prepares for the transition to peaceful life that this long-suffering Syrian community deserved a long time ago.
Pretty much every media source in the world says there’s an urgent need for humanitarian missions, but besides Russia nobody has ever sent a truck with canned food or medicines. As for the UN, OSCE and the Red Cross, they have all turned their back on the people of Aleppo, assuming that hysterical cries about nonexistent crimes in Aleppo that Western media sources have been spreading at Obama’s will feed and warm the residents of Aleppo better than a chunk of bread and a blanket.

UN Special Envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura, instead of the mobilizing the international humanitarian organizations to help those who fled Aleppo, is frightening the world with his vision of the transformation of Idlib province, where militants are now transported, into second Aleppo.

By the way, as it turned out after the liberation of Aleppo, there were no “opposition” groups, no “local councils” or notorious “White Helmets” and various “human rights champions” that Western media sources fell in love with. According to the testimonies of Aleppo civilians, all they had was famine, total terror and the imminent torture and death for those who attempted to leave the territory occupied by radical militants.

In addition, alternative media sources say that the Syrian army in Aleppo has successfully captured foreign military experts, who fought on the side of the radical militants. In particular, the publication of 21st Century Wire says that the Syrian special forces have taken at least 14 US coalition instructors alive, which took refuge in a bunker in the east of Aleppo. The media source publishes a list of their names. Most – them are citizens of Saudi Arabia, but there’s also instructors from Jordan, Morocco, Qatar, the United States and even Israel. While Syrian Syrian journalists claim that Damascus has captured “NATO officers” in Aleppo, including those from the United States, France, Germany and Turkey as well as Israel.

We are now seeing publications about who the so-called “White Helmets” were. There is every reason to believe now that the organization is supervised by the British intelligence services and is directly sponsored by George Soros.
Without a doubt, Aleppo is just beginning to reveal dirty secrets of the Obama administration and its allies, such as Great Britain, France and the EU. And for sure, new “revelations” will not improve the public image of Barack Obama and the policies he has been pursuing.

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