Thursday, December 22, 2016

California Physician Faces Medical Board Discipline For Writing Medical Vaccine Exemption For Patient

California Dr. Bob Sears Faces Medical Board Discipline for Writing Medical Vaccine Exemption

The mainstream media is widely reporting that California medical doctor Bob Sears is facing discipline by the California state Medical Board after he wrote a medical exemption for vaccines on behalf of a 2-year old patient who experienced adverse reactions from earlier vaccines.

According to the board documents, the toddler was seen by Sears for the first time in April 2014. His medical record notes that his mother said after his 2-month shots his bowels and bladder “shut down” for 24 hours. After the baby’s 3-month shots, she said, he was limp for a day and didn’t act like himself for a week.
Dr. Sears is a well-known pediatrician nationally, and he is not anti-vaccine. He administers vaccines in his practice, but allows for a more individualized approach to vaccines, such as staggering them, or when necessary due to the health of his patients, forgoing some vaccines. He is the author of a very popular book, “The Vaccine Book.”
Dr. Sears was also an outspoken critic of California’s mandatory vaccination bill SB277 that removed philosophical and religious exemptions to vaccines. Only medical exemptions are now allowed under this new bill. Dr. Sears favors “informed consent” and parental rights. (See: Dr. Sears: Mandatory Vaccines Bad for California, U.S.)
Since Dr. Sears is a medical doctor and can legally write medical exemptions for vaccines, why is the state Medical Board investigating him for writing a medical exemption?
According to the Orange County Register:
The board accuses Sears of committing “gross negligence” in 2014 when he wrote a letter excusing the toddler from future vaccinations after the child’s mother described an adverse reaction as an infant.
The documents say Sears failed to obtain a detailed medical history documenting the unidentified boy’s prior vaccines and reactions, which was necessary for making an evidence-based decision. Sears’ recommendation left the patient and “his future contacts at risk for preventable and communicable diseases,” the documents say.

His “crime” is apparently a failure to keep proper records. Could such “violations” be similarly found with most other doctors?

Here at Health Impact News, we have published dozens of articles from medical doctors who are opposed to mandatory vaccinations. You will not find these “alternative” views in the mainstream media generally, but instead, the mainstream media, the medical establishment, and the medical agencies of government like to paint a picture of vaccine science being “settled,” and uniformity of opinions on vaccine issues among medical doctors.

Such a portrayal of medical professionals is dishonest, and not true.
Views of vaccine science are as varied among medical professionals as any other medical topic, and very few doctors are either 100% pro-vaccine or 100% anti-vaccine. (See: Medical Doctors Opposed to Forced Vaccinations – Should Their Views be Silenced?)
However, the view portrayed to the public via mainstream media and government health officials is the extremist pro-vaccine position, which states that ALL vaccines are safe and effective for ALL people, ALL the time, by force if necessary.

Doctors who do not adhere to this extremist position are usually labeled as “quacks.”
Could it be that a coordinated effort is being launched against Dr. Bob Sears in California, since he is so popular, is in an effort to intimidate all California doctors who write medical exemptions for vaccines so that the pro-vaccine extremists can force their views on the rest of the population?

I have personally heard many stories from California where parents who have legitimate medical concerns about having their children vaccinated according to the CDC schedule have approached their pediatricians, and their family doctor, whom they generally trust and like, have their doctors tell them something like: “I do think your child needs a medical exemption for this vaccine, but I cannot write it. If I do, I will lose my job.”
For those honest and brave doctors who put their patients’ health needs above their own job security, is this attack against Dr. Sears meant to make them comply with the pro-vaccine extremist agenda, or face losing their license to practice?
Dr. Suzanne Humphries, who left her practice as a successful nephrologist due to the corruption she saw in covering up vaccine injuries, and her inability to practice medicine in a way that heals people, has challenged doctors to come out of the shadows and take a stand for ethical medicine. Her own remarkable story is documented in her new book, Rising from the Dead.
When California law SB277 was being debated in the state legislature, the author of the bill, Dr. Richard Pan, assured the public that doctors would be available to write medical exemptions.
One prominent and successful California doctor, who asked not to be named, was personally assured by Senator Pan in a face-to-face meeting that doctors who gave medical exemptions would not be overly and inappropriately scrutinized. This doctor stated that the investigation of Dr. Sears “…seems like a witch hunt.”
Oregonians for Medical Freedom is deeply troubled by the accusation of the Medical Board of California that Bob Sears, M.D., committed “gross negligence” by granting a vaccine exemption to a toddler whose renal and digestive systems went into failure after his 2-month vaccinations and who went limp for 24 hours after his 3-month shots.
Dr. Sears, by granting a medical exemption, may very well have saved a young child’s life while causing no harm to the public. As many remember, Californians were publicly reassured by Senator Richard Pan, M.D., that doctors would not be under inappropriate scrutiny for providing medical exemptions from vaccines for families. We call on the Medical Board to close the case against Dr. Sears, issue an apology, and respect the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship.
Oregonians for Medical Freedom, on behalf of parents everywhere who believe that all medical procedures should remain a choice made between an informed parent and their doctor, declare Monday September 12th Stand With Sears Day.


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