Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Globalist War Against Humanity

Globalist war against humanity shifts into high gear: Cars, cash, literature and independent news all targeted for elimination

[I tend to agree with almost everything in this article, with the exception of the conclusion where the author suggests there is a small chance to defeat this globalist agenda. We know from biblical prophecy that the only "defeat" of this agenda will come at the time of the second advent. Until then, the remaining world will see 7 years of this agenda play out exactly as described in Revelation 6-18.]

As witnessed recently by the Washington Post’s horrifyingly dishonest “journalism” naming 200 independent media websites as pawns of Russian President Vladimir Putin, the dying establishment media is desperately trying to establish a news monopoly by discrediting all competing indy news publishers.

In doing so, the Washington Post (and its writer Timberg) just abandoned any last vestige of journalistic credibility. Now owned by Jeff Bezos of Amazon.com, the Washington Post’s willingness to prostitute its own credibility in an effort to destroy the independent media reveals something startling to the world: They’re desperate. Like a cornered, ravenous animal, the mainstream media is now fighting for its very survival and hoping it can eliminate all news alternatives before the public figures out how deeply they’ve been lying all long.

That description also applies to the globalists — nefarious manipulators of finance, technology and culture in order to achieve their selfish aims of world domination and depopulation. Following the BREXIT vote, the election of Donald Trump and the ending of the Renzi regime in Italy, the globalists are in full panic mode to regain control by eliminating every sector of freedom still remaining on our planet.

It’s all happening right now, day by day, played out in the pages of the New York Times. Here are the key areas where globalists have declared war on humanity (each is covered in more detail below):

1) The war on cash (freedom of commerce)

2) The war on automobiles (i.e. freedom of travel)

3) The war on the internet (freedom of expression)

4) The war on dissenting literature and news (freedom of information)

There’s also, of course, the war on your health, but that topic is so enormous it will have to covered in a separate article.

The war on cash

The war on cash is well underway, and the massive debt collapse now being engineered by the globalists will be exploited to abandon (outlaw) all cash and force people into electronic currencies. Why the war on cash? Because cash offers too much freedom and anonymity to the very people the State wishes to control.

The electronic currency promoted by the globalists will have the following characteristics:

1) All transactions will be tracked by the government. It will be the end of anonymity… unless you’re using Bitcoin or a similar crypto-currency, all of which will of course be criminalized by the State.

2) All money can be frozen or confiscated by the government for any reason, including completely fabricated accusations such as “you are working for the Russians.” This gives the government absolute power to confiscate wealth, punish dissenters, put targeted commercial operations out of business, or even hand out endless currency to its crony corporate friends in Washington.

3) Confiscatory taxes can be automatically extracted from all your earnings, savings and transactions, without your consent or knowledge. This means governments no longer have to rely on you to “report” your earnings to the IRS. They can simply confiscate a percentage of all your earnings and expenditures according to whatever rates and schedules they desire.

4) Savings and deposits can be subjected to negative interest rates without causing a run on cash withdrawals. Negative interest rates are a key tactic that will be employed by globalist banksters and corrupt governments that incessantly seek new, innovative ways to steal productivity from the fiscally illiterate masses.

5) Once a government spends its way to debt oblivion, it can simply announce a massive nationwide “bail in” that confiscated all the electronic currency and issues a new electronic currency worth much less, all at the click of a button. This “wholesale confiscation” of economic productivity from the working class can keep government debt spending and money printing spinning for generations in a kind of e-currency perpetual motion machine.

The war on automobiles

Because an automobile allows a person to travel almost anywhere they wish — without government tracking or permission — automobiles are being targeted for replacement by “driverless” vehicles and a push for mass transit.

Both driverless vehicles and mass transit systems offer governments and globalists an easy way to track the movements of individuals in society. Revisit the Tom Cruise feature film Minority Report to understand the implications of all this… it essentially means the end of personal freedom.

This report reveals that not only can corporations and governments track the exact location of your vehicle at any moment, they can also remotely disable the vehicle or turn it into a human prison cell. Consider the implications of that the next time you’re shopping for a new car that comes with remote security “features.”

The push for mass transit, by the way, also allows governments to corral citizens through “security checkpoints” where facial recognition systems scan thousands of faces a minute, comparing them to government database of “wanted” individuals. You can be placed on a “wanted” list just as easily as I was recently placed on a list cited by the Washington Post, ridiculously accusing me of working as a propaganda operative for Vladamir Putin. The Washington Post, doubling down on its commitment to false reporting, has so far refused to retract it’s obviously fictional article.

Such “lists,” in other words, can be completely fabricated out of thin air, yet cited as “authoritative” by any corrupt corporation or government that seeks to silence, intimidate or eliminate political opposition. Technology such as driverless vehicles will obviously be leveraged to control humanity, not to set it free.

The war on the internet

Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo News and other internet gatekeepers have declared war on the internet in an attempt to control and suppress information they don’t want you to see.

For years, nearly all independent media organizations — the only real “free press” in the western world — have been banned from Google News and Yahoo News. Now, Google is blacklisting independent media websites from its Adsense program as a tactic to deny revenues to websites that publish information the left-leaning Google high priests don’t want anyone to read.

Facebook, too, has announced a new strategy to highlight “hand-picked” news publishers such as CNN, MSNBC, NYT, Washington Post and others that knowingly, deliberately and maliciously fabricate fake news. In doing this, Facebook has decided to diminish and suppress independent media news websites, effectively driving their visibility into the margins of public consciousness.

Twitter, similarly, has already threatened to ban Donald Trump’s account if he gets out of line, and Yahoo News has systematically removed nearly all conservative news websites from its index, reinforcing the “liberal bubble” of delusional leftist news for its already deluded followers.

The aim of all this, of course, is to eliminate dissenting views altogether. It’s not about “winning” any debate; it’s about silencing those with whom the left-wing tech giants disagree. This demonstrates the extreme, belligerent intolerance of the radical left: They have no tolerance whatsoever for views, opinions or even scientific evidence that contradicts their own twisted beliefs (which are often rooted in delusional paranoia as we’ve recently seen with their “Russian conspiracy” freakout).

The war on the internet also involves turning over domain name authority to globalist info-dictators. President Obama recently pushed hard to surrender the domain name authority ICANN to international control, placing it under the iron fist of China’s communist leaders. This is all by design, of course: International bodies can seize domain names or shut down DNS for targeted websites, completely free from domestic legal action. If these internet tyrants wish to silence a website like NaturalNews.com, they simply fabricate any accusation they want, then cite that accusation to seize the domain name via ICANN. Suddenly, the entire website gets “memory holed” or replaced with whatever propaganda the globalists want to push.

The war on dissenting literature and news

Radical leftists and globalists don’t merely want to silence opposing websites and monopolize the news; they also want to eliminate “offensive” books and literature from society. This effort, of course, involves all sorts of book burning initiatives disguised as “inclusiveness” or “tolerance.”

Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn book has already been targeted for elimination from human history due to its historically authentic use of racial terminology. For similar reasons, the Kurt Vonnegut book To Kill a Mockingbird has also been targeted for removal from libraries. The justification, as always, is that the book contains “offensive” content — a wishy-washy accusation rooted in astonishing ignorance… yet strongly upheld by the intolerant left as justification for burning whatever books they currently find “offensive.” (A slippery slope of totalitarian revisionist history if there ever was one…)

To get a sense of where all this is headed, watch the 2002 film Equilibrium, starring Christian Bale. The film paints a remarkably authentic picture of an intolerant, militant society banning art, literature, religion and even emotion. In essence, Equilibrium depicts what would happen if the radical leftist agenda of “safe spaces” were fast-forwarded another 20 years. In that dystopian future, collectors of art and literature are condemned as enemies of the state and executed on sight. (This is precisely how the radical left now views religious conservatives in America.)

Conclusion: The globalists’ war against humanity just shifted into high gear

Globalists don’t merely wish to control billions of sheeple, you see. They ultimately want to eliminate them. Totalitarian control is simply one tactic toward that final aim.

Do you seriously think the globalists’ future needs low-wage, low-income, low-utility humans hanging around, consuming the planet’s resources and disrupting the globalists’ plans with ballot box votes that can’t be entirely manipulated? No, the future doesn’t need you at all. We are all expendable in the minds of the globalists.

Globalists hold deep hatred for humanity, you see. Because they despise humanity as a whole, they also hate the individual members of it. This is why they hold such animosity toward liberty, individual preparedness and self-reliance. It’s the common thread behind everything they oppose: Vaccine choice, home schooling, the Second Amendment, independent media, off-grid living and even scientific truth.

My final warning is that you are not really prepared for what’s coming until you realize the globalists have declared war on humanity. You, as a free-thinking individual, are the enemy of the globalists. They are working overtime to either control you or destroy you. There is no room in their long-term plans for any individual who thinks critically and questions the status quo. The only humans they are willing to tolerate are obedient workers… and even those only for another generation or so.

For now, they demand your obedience. Once they have it, they will demand your silence as the culling begins.

Until you realize this, you have no chance to overcome it. Only those willing to accept the full reality of the globalist assault on humanity have a shot at defeating that demonic agenda and halting the mass genocide planned for us all. The Holocaust of history is nothing compared to the Holocaust they have planned for humanity. In WWII, a reported six million Jews were exterminated. Multiply that by one thousand and you now have the scale of the next depopulation holocaust planned for us all: More than six BILLION people are scheduled to be exterminated.

And they surely don’t want those who are on the schedule to be exterminated figuring out all this before the culling begins.

Mainstream Media Goes Global In Attempting To Kill PIZZAGATE Story

No one has ever seen anything like it in the history of Mainstream Media(MSM) fabrications.
Three of the largest MSM news outlets in the world have come out strongly and run stories on the Comet Pizza Restaurant in Washington, D.C. that many investigative journalists believe is connected to the largest and most powerful pedophilia ring on the planet.
There can be only one reason why The New York Times, The Washington Post, and now the BBC, have used their mammoth media platforms to support a pizza parlor owner whose extremely salacious and suspicious  behavior puts him in the league of ….? ? ?
Why would the biggest MSM giants in the land risk their reputations in support of an outrageously gay pizza joint owner (see his many photos and pics) whose Instagram account has the following posted on it?
Because this crime spree involves some of the most powerful people within the Beltway, as well as other centers of great political influence around the globe, it’s now clear the MSM will do everything in their power to kill the PIZZAGATE story.
Here are just 3 examples of their attempts to do just that.


Sparky said...

Do some research regarding HR 6293 they have just passed , this is a massive step towards thier agenda , and those fema camps were built for a reason , and your right scot , we know from the bible , they will succeed in establishing thier new world order run by thier selected anti Christ , a really good Google about this " Mark Chens prophetic dream regarding the end times " which also lines up with wings of prophecy - against my design , behold I come - fallen ones amounts you , and Mark Chen - CERN ! DO NOT UNDETSTIMATE CERN , this a MAJOR MAJOR THING THE ELITES ARE DOING , it's the key in revelation 9

Sparky said...

I know Mark Chens dream post is hard to take it , but he mines it ALL up with bible verses , that's the iron mixed with clay under the ten toes ( kingdoms of the anti Christ ) and it's CERN the elites are using to crate this new hoard of a flood of evil ,know I posted before , but it's important we know what's coming and why , when everything kicks off ( sooner rather than later ) we won't be able to communicate with each other , what you know will be what you will know , that's why the prophets and watchman are releasing and sharing this info , so none of us are in the dark !

bumble bee said...

While I believe everyone who reads this blog knows the true end game, rise of the Beast, I cannot help but wonder in the minds of those actively participating in bringing this about (knowingly or unknowingly) what do they really want or think they will get from all this.

Are we looking at slavery, which they profess to want to end in all its forms?
Are we looking at wealth, how much money do people really need before it to becomes unfulfilling?
Are we looking at power, doesn't that contradict their professed desire to end slavery/servitude? Or is it a desire for worship? Love?

I guess on some level when trying to understand their motivation apart from the biblical, all I see is empty, vain, self glorification which is nothing more than a form of sugar high that does not give lasting satisfaction. Are they really that daft, unable to see the futility, the emptiness this is all headed towards?

I guess this is what selling your soul looks like, and I don't understand how "educated" people can not see as a basic minimum, the illogical nature of it all.

WVBORN56 said...

Good questions bumble bee! It never made sense to me to destroy the greatest nation the world has ever known in America. Why, is a good question. It seems like a suicide wish for those that live here. It can only be that their hearts have been captured by satan himself for he hates all that our nation stands for. We are/were a Christian that supported Israel and a nation of freedom that spread the Gospel message across the world. Pretty much a finger in the eye of the devil. He prefers the antithesis of all that is good and scripture says he's a liar and he comes to kill, steal and destroy.

Sparky said...

If you google " Mark Chens prophetic dream regarding the end times " half way down , he provides a separate web site to click on for more information about CERN , READ IT , you will see that the elites have chosen that location for a special reason and its relevance to APPOLYON AND REVELATION 9 , also I know it hard to imagine these creatures , but if we go back we can see Satan and his gang meddling with the earth with dinosaurs , that's why in Genesis it mentions God did not make the earth in vain , which means he made it along long time ago than before the account of Genesis suggests ! A really good book about this is called earths earliest ages by g h pembar , brilliant read to fill in the missing answers, but the enemy was messing around with d n a then , and that's part of his mater plan now , again , I HUGELY RECCOMEND READING A BOOK CALLED BEAST TECH BY TOM HORN , which also backs up wings of prophecy post a few weeks ago called against my design

foretastes said...

It's about wanting to be God... Satan's version... the antithesis of God...

Isaiah 14:13-15:
"For you have said in your heart:
‘I will ascend into heaven,
I will exalt my throne above the stars of God;
I will also sit on the mount of the congregation
On the farthest sides of the north;
I will ascend above the heights of the clouds,
I will be like the Most High.’
Yet you shall be brought down to Sheol,
To the lowest depths of the Pit."

Ultimately those in power want complete power... to rule over man, enslave him, while culling the human race to a "manageable" population (search: Georgia Guidestones).

Unless we realize that this is all driven by the devil himself it won't make "human sense."

Scott said...


foretastes said...

What do we do with all this evil that seems to be increasing by the second? The apostle Paul gives us the best advice... with a wonderful promise to boot!...

“Set your mind and keep focused habitually on the things above [the heavenly things], not on things that are on the earth [which have only temporal value]. For you died [to this world], and your [new, real] life is hidden with Christ in God. When Christ, who is our life, appears, then you also will appear with Him in glory.” —Colossians :2-4 (Amplified Version)

Sparky said...

There is a good post called alpha news daily - bible prophescy - the anti Christ ! I know people will have a hard time getting thier minds to accept this d n a hybrid theory , but any true Christian knows Satan is real , we know from the account of Genesis of the existence of Giants etc , but the bible repeatedly refers the the anti Christ as a beast , and that's why anyone who takes the mark of the beast will have thier d n a changed to a demonic source , never ever ever would God use the word beast for a human , we are sinners , some are in defiant to him , but they are still made in his image , he describes the anti Christ as a beast because that's EXACTLY WHAT HE WILL BE WHEN THE ILLUMINATI PRODUCE HIM ! And so will anybody will become if they take the mark of the beast !

Scott said...

Not sure i buy that whole DNA thing. Highly speculative imo. We'll see but im skeptical

Lance said...

Minor point in the first article...it says that Kurt Vonnegut's book To Kill a Mockingbird is targeted for removal. Vonnegut didn't write that book, Harper Lee did. I'm I missing something on that? Sorry...like I said, Munir point, but it through me.