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EU Threatens 'Action' If Facebook Doesn't Censor 'Fake News' And 'Hate Speech' Within 24 Hours, Media Matters Declares War On New Targets

The censorship story, unfortunately, isn't going away. The 'fake news' is becoming more and more prominent by the MSM in a last gasp effort to remain relevant. If you tune into certain MSM channels, you will hear the term "fake news" within 5 minutes and repeatedly after that. This is most definitely a precursor to censorship - the only question being how much and how fast. 

Here It Comes: EU Threatens "Action" If Facebook Doesn't Censor All "Fake News" and "Hate Speech" Within 24 Hours

Did you know that earlier this spring, many U.S. tech megacompanies including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Microsoft all signed a “code of conduct” pledge promising the European Union they would work with an unelected EU commission to “sanction” and “criminalize” “individual perpetrators” of “hate speech” online.
In addition, these companies have signed up to “promote independent counter-narratives” favored by the EU. (Sounds like a “you can only spread our propaganda, not anyone else’s attitude, doesn’t it?)
On Sunday, the same day a known actor walked into Pizzagate’s Comet Ping Pong and fired an assault rifle at the floor in a crime the mainstream media is decrying as “fake news” and “hate speech” related, the EU also added “fake news” to its list of information to censor online.
Now the EU is threatening to escalate the situation up from “non-legislative” action if these companies don’t take action to censor “hate speech” and “fake news” within 24 hours.

Breitbart is reporting:

The unelected executive arm of the European Union (EU) is threatening to escalate from “non-legislative” action if Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube do not censor what it considers “illegal” online speech within 24 hours…
The “series of commitments to combat the spread of illegal hate speech online in Europe” developed “together with… the IT companies” included a promise to “review the majority” of flagged “hate speech” within 24 hours.
However, a new European Commission report has claimed this has only been happening in Germany and France so far, and censorship often takes too long. Consequently, one commissioner implied they could pass new censorship laws if the “non-legislative approach” fails…
She added: “The last weeks and months have shown that social media companies need to live up to their important role and take up their share of responsibility when it comes to phenomena like online radicalisation, illegal hate speech or fake news.”

And of course “hate speech” is very loosely defined here, so it can basically be used to censor free speech online. We all know what the phrase “fake news” has come to denote — and nearly the entire alternative media is encompassed within it.

It should be no surprise that the same “fake news” the EU wants to censor has been blamed for Brexit and the potential for other countries like Italy deciding to leave the EU as well.

Now that these companies have signed on willingly for the censorship, and President Obama has given up control of the Internet just like George Soros wanted him to, it’s pretty clear where all of this is headed.
They are shutting down freedom of speech on the Internet.
Keep speaking the truth online… while you still can.

Media Matters, the far-left organization that monitors media, was caught a few years ago promoting as fact the disputed claim that the White House talking points on the Benghazi attack were edited to preserve a criminal investigation.

So when it announced it will “pivot” from its focus on Fox News and now attack “fake news,” no one expected it to begin scrutinizing the work of David Muir, Diane Sawyer and George Stephanopoulos of ABC; John Berman and Mark Preston of CNN; Amy Chozik, Gail Collins and Jonathan Martin of the New York Times; and the like.

Media Matters’ idea of “fake news,” however, is more along the lines of the Drudge Report; WND, the online news pioneer that is approaching its 20th anniversary; Breitbart; and other Internet media outlets that compete successfully with America’s establishment media.
The report said Media Matters is adding staff and focusing on technology to “track conspiracy theories and misinformation.”
In a statement, Brock said the group’s objectives will include “ensuring the media doesn’t normalize Trump’s bigotry or neutralizing the spread of fake news and other propaganda.”

The concept of “fake news” arose in the latter part of the 2016 presidential race, and the term became common in daily usage after Clinton lost the election.
Sites that had actively supported her and campaigned for her suddenly claimed those who reported on a wide range of other issues concerning the election from an opposing viewpoint were “fake news” sites.

Sites that had actively supported her and campaigned for her suddenly claimed those who reported on a wide range of other issues concerning the election from an opposing viewpoint were “fake news” sites.
Chris Rossini at the Ron Paul Liberty Report came up with a list of “fake news” sources.
“These are the news sources that told us ‘if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.’ They told us that Hillary Clinton had a 98 percent (chance) of winning the election.”
“They tell us in a never-ending loop that ‘the economy is in great shape.'”
The list includes ABC, CBS, MSNBC, the New York Times, the London Guardian.
WND columnist Pamela Geller said the “fake news” attacks from the leftists are just a “fictional publicity campaign.”

Shot Fired at Conspiratorial Pizzeria - Pretext To “Shut Down Websites Spreading Hateful Material”

The battle for free speech on the Internet is reaching the main stage.
Curiously, authority over the world wide web has concentrated into fewer hands than ever, and has traded hands in ways that we little understand. Right now, words are being twisted, and used against us.
There are cyber bombardments underway right now. The big campaign is being sold under “fake news,” in the hopes that dissent can be stifled and propaganda can once again by scripted and authoritative. This new narrative is working as well as they had hoped, but it is getting the point across – the the kind of websites that bucked the system during the campaign season aren’t going to be tolerated much longer.

Some of the websites that have been smeared are now suing for defamation and a retraction maligning their work as foreign propaganda.
Meanwhile, a psyop is in the making to smear online investigators and citizen journalists who are attempting to uncover a very dark web of illicit and damning activities connected to Democratic operatives and the Clinton campaign – much of it exposed by Wikileaks dumps of email from John PodestaAnthony Wiener and other sources close to the Clintons.

But instead of exposing the culpability of the political figures connected to “Pizzagate” and prompted a serious official inquiry into what would be very serious criminal allegations, activists are getting a blowback of guilt by association for daring to report on the subject at all – after a man walked into the notorious Comet Ping Pong pizza restaurant in D.C. at the center of the scandal, and fired a gun while patrons were inside.
While making a clear association with this individual’s criminal act, the story also summarily rejects any validity that the evidence surrounding the conspiracy may hold. They are instantly certain that the claims – despite a rabbit hole trail of telling emails, images and social media posts – are “fictitious,” “false” and untrue.
That’s some unadulterated propaganda – weaponized under the “fake news” meme to target anti-establishment reporters, researchers and opinion makers who are undermining their ability to set the agenda and frame reality with their inconvenient truths.
Restaurant owner James Alefantis [at the center of these claims]thanked police for capturing the suspect after a frantic 911 call and then condemned “certain people” for trying to “spread malicious and utterly false accusations about Comet Ping Pong.”

“What happened today demonstrates that promoting false and reckless conspiracy theories comes with consequences,” Alefantis wrote.

Right now, there is a very real attempt to silence the first amendment-protected reporting in order to keep this bizarre and disturbing story under wraps and out of the news. While violence is not justified, there is an attempt to tie this act to the reporting itself rather than acknowledge the allegations at hand – odd, indeed, since the documents point to the worst kinds of unlawful activity.

It seems that they would much rather kill the messenger and eliminate online sites and forums, rather than deal with the story itself – probably because it points towards things that are institutionalized in the power structure. If any of these allegations are true, they are taking place above the law, and are unofficially sanctioned and protected activities.
There is no doubt that this story is being scripted around some very biased talking points – with the focus entirely on the activities of “online thugs.”

“Fake news can have real victims,” – so says the corporate news talking point. The epitome of the pot calling the kettle black. 

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