Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Another Major Quake: 6.7 East Timor - 7th Major Quake In Last 4 Days, 32 Since September

A massive coronal hole which has caused around 32 major quakes since September strikes again with a mag 6.7 hitting East Timor this morning

  • Yet another major quake strikes our planet, a massive mag 6.7 hits East Timor
  • Unprecedented massive coronal hole opened up on our Sun in September and still going strong
  • Probably the cause of around 32 major quakes since September
  • Rotating around with the sun, strobing Earth like a lighthouse every ~27 days.
There is No Tsunami Warning, Advisory, Watch, or Threat in effect.
Yet another major quake, a magnitude 6.7 - 278km ENE of Dili, East Timor is the 7th major quake to strike the Earth in the last 4 days, and incredibly the 10th in this area this month as well as including the massive mag 8.0 in Papua New Guinea on the 17th and the mag 7.8 on the 8th, the area is suffering hundreds of aftershocks too.

We could be in for more major quake activity as an enormous coronal hole on the Sun is still facing Earth directly. This morning’s strike is the 15th major quake of December and the 143nd of 2016.
This current coronal hole is something special, apart from its size, it is enormous, it is a region in the sun's atmosphere where the magnetic field opens up and allows solar wind to escape which when facing the Earth this wind hits our magnetosphere at tremendous speed, " We've actually seen this coronal hole before, probably three times before starting in September. It is rotating around with the sun, strobing Earth like a lighthouse every ~27 days. The last two times we experienced its solar wind (Oct. 25-28 and Nov. 23-26)

In September this current coronal hole faced the Earth for the first time resulting 8 major quakes in 8 days, later in Oct it reappeared causing another 8 major quakes, then again in Nov with another 9 major quakes with 4 major quakes in one day, in December it is a similar story with 7 major quakes hitting our planet in the last 4 days and with the massive coronal hole still facing the Earth we will be on for more!

Significant Earthquakes, Past 30 Days

  1. 6.7278km ENE of Dili, East Timor
    2016-12-21 00:17:15 UTC151.5 km
  2. 6.480km WNW of Kirakira, Solomon Islands
    2016-12-20 04:21:28 UTC11.3 km
  3. 6.4201km S of Tarauaca, Brazil
    2016-12-18 13:30:11 UTC619.4 km
  4. 6.3169km SE of Taron, Papua New Guinea
    2016-12-17 11:27:40 UTC35.9 km
  5. 7.946km E of Taron, Papua New Guinea
    2016-12-17 10:51:12 UTC103.2 km
  6. 5.08km NW of The Geysers, California
    2016-12-14 16:41:05 UTC1.5 km
  7. 4.09km W of Templeton, California
    2016-12-14 11:58:39 UTC4.6 km
  8. 6.993km WSW of Kirakira, Solomon Islands
    2016-12-09 19:10:07 UTC21.1 km
  9. 6.579km WSW of Kirakira, Solomon Islands
    2016-12-08 21:56:07 UTC12.3 km
  10. 7.869km WSW of Kirakira, Solomon Islands
    2016-12-08 17:38:46 UTC41.0 km
  11. 6.5160km W of Ferndale, California
    2016-12-08 14:49:46 UTC12.1 km
  12. 6.519km SE of Sigli, Indonesia
    2016-12-06 22:03:32 UTC8.2 km
  13. 5.922km SW of Scarborough, Trinidad and Tobago
    2016-12-06 21:42:21 UTC34.8 km
  14. 6.3147km NNE of Palue, Indonesia
    2016-12-05 01:13:04 UTC526.0 km
  15. 6.647km ENE of Karakul, Tajikistan
    2016-11-25 14:24:30 UTC17.0 km
  16. 7.0149km SSW of Puerto El Triunfo, El Salvador
    2016-11-24 18:43:48 UTC10.3 km
  17. 6.937km ESE of Namie, Japan
    2016-11-21 20:59:49 UTC


ally said...

It's also that crazy wave of energy that is smacking the earth currently. PRAISE REPORT: got rear ended by someone going 65 while I was at a dead stop. Was in a tiny Toyota matrix, car was totalled. I was staring at a rainbow right in front of me waiting for the traffic to start moving again, thinking of his promises when I glanced into the review mirror to see this guy barrelling down the highway not paying attention. I actually moved my car to the shoulder and he still hit me. I took my foot off the brake for the impact and then slammed the brake on or I would have been shot into the oncoming traffic. Yes my car is totalled and there is all sort of assosiated drama with the rental and Christmas and blah blah blah but, and here is the good part!!!! Both me and my wolf got bumped up but Im pretty good considering. No stitches, no broken bones, am still fairly mobile. If you can walk away from the accident scene, it's good!!! ALL GLORY TO YESHUA!!!!!!! :)

foretastes said...

Praise the Lord, Ally!

ChristineInCleveland said...

Wowwww Ally,thank God you're OK, I mean, considering! Praise the Lord, watching over you! Did the other driver survive? Hope you have no trouble with insurance covering damage. So sorry to hear what you've gone through! ��

Scott said...

Good heavens! Glad you are OK! I got hit a couple of years ago by somebody who ran a red-light, going around 40-50..Was very lucky as well. I know the feeling, its very strange. especially if you didn't see it coming. Hope you're ok after this

WVBORN56 said...

Praise the Lord Ally! So glad you are ok!