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The Soros Agenda, ISIS Destroys Oldest Christian Monastery In Iraq, The Wargames That Nobody Is Talking About

George Soros OSI and Influence: 

We left off showing George Soros's proud involvement in his best organization, Open Society Institute, (OSI), which he used way to "push" ideas that otherwise were not very good. As shown below, this organization had its beginning with George Sorosright after his work with the Nazi Party in 1945 but Soros was not able to create what he wished until 1993.

The Open Society Institute (OSI) was founded in 1993 by the multibillionaire hedge-fund manager George Soros. When Soros attended the London School of Economics (LSE) beginning in 1947, he was exposed to the works of the Viennese-born philosopher Karl Popper, who taught at LSE, and whom Soros would later call his "spiritual mentor."1 Most notably, Popper's 1945 book The Open Society and Its Enemies introduced Soros to the concept of an "open society," which affected him greatly.2

"OSI's total assets today exceed $1.9 billion. Each year, the Institute awards scores of millions of dollars in grants to organizations that—like the ACLU and HRW—promote worldviews and objectives accordant with those of George Soros.45 Following is a sampling of the major agendas advanced by groups that Soros and OSI support financially. Listed under each category heading are a few OSI donees fitting that description."

Some of these groups are outright determined to take guns away from United States Citizens, while others wish to promote a United States that would not be what the forefathers envisioned at all. The 10 on the list above are but a very few of more than 60 different groups supported directly or indirectly by George Soros. Soros does not have the man on the street in mind when he supports these groups: most, if not all of them, are determined to destroy or alter the Constitution to make it and our Freedoms null and void. From Discover The Networks, we find that George Soros is perhaps the worst thing that could have happened to the Freedom loving United States Citizens.
George Soros does his business to destroy the United States through his prodigies, such as Barack ObamaHillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders.
Organizations that promote leftist ideals and worldviews in the media and the arts:
In May 2011, the Media Research Center reported that from 2003-2001, Soros had spent more than $48 million "funding media properties, including the infrastructure of news -- journalism schools, investigative journalism and even industry organizations." Among the beneficiaries of Soros's money were such entities as: ABC, The American Prospect Inc. (the owner and publisher of The American Prospect magazine), the Center for Public Integrity, the Center for Investigative Reporting, the Columbia Journalism Review, the Columbia School of Journalism, the Committee to Protect Journalists, Free Press, the Independent Media Center, the Independent Media InstituteThe Lens, the Media FundMedia Matters For America, the Nation Institute, the National Association of Hispanic Journalists, the National Federation of Community Broadcasters, National Public Radio, NBC, the Organization of News Ombudsmen, the
New York Times
, the Pacifica FoundationProPublica, and the Washington Post.

This is very troubling, since it shows that George Soros is giving his money to news agencies, such as ABC, NBC, National Public Radio, which could well explain why Soros does not wish to have Fox News showing the truth. But this is not, by all accounts, the total influence of George Soros. Soros has even brought his anti-United States money into some religious organizations by tossing his money in their direction if they move towards his twisted ideology.

On Wednesday satellite images from the Associated Press showed piles of rocks where the 1,400-year-old structure once stood.
It is believed to have been destroyed by bulldozers, sledgehammers and explosives.
It was erected before the rise of Islam, surviving all these years, including through the recent conflict with just small damage.
In 1743, about 100 monks who refused to convert to Islam were murdered there, and a part of the building was wrecked. It was revered a place of pilgrimage ever since, and was incorporated into an Iraqi military training base and then a U.S. base.
The building was damaged again in 2003 during a battle. But, it was restored.
It had 26 rooms, including a chapel, niches where monks tucked candles and the fourth century Greek “Chi-Rho” symbol, representing the name of Christ, according to The Independent.
U.S. troops recently used it for worship, before it was taken over by ISIS in June of 2014.
“Our Christian history in Mosul is being barbarically leveled,” said Iraq-based Catholic priest Rev Paul Thabit Habib. “We see it as an attempt to expel us from Iraq, eliminating and finishing our existence in this land.”
One of the goals of ISIS is to wipe out all religious symbols from history, even from other Islamic sects. Last year they destroyed tombs and temples in Palmyra, Syria. Museums housing history books have also been eliminated.

Did you know that the Navy SEALs just started a series of wargames that will take place in dozens of locations all over the coastline of Washington State, and will go on for at least another 2 years? I didn’t hear about it until recently. Unlike the notorious Jade Helm exercise, which was widely reported by both alternative and mainstream news sources, this operation has received very little attention since it started on January 14th, and virtually no attention before it began.
There’s a shocking reason why there has been so little awareness about these training exercises. The operation was first reported by Dahr Jamail from, and only because an unnamed source leaked it to him. All the documents surrounding these wargames were labeled by the Navy, in such a way that no FOIA request would ever discover them.  No public notice was given, and no relevant government agency was alerted at the local, state, or federal level.
 In a recent interview with, Dahr Jamail explained how this operation is designed to interact with civilians.

It’s really, really troubling. Not only are they just disregarding the federal law. They basically are actively finding ways to completely subvert it, and then that would allow them to do what they were poised to do, which is conduct what they call realistic military trainings where—And this is why I say in the title of the piece the Navy uses U.S. citizens as pawns in domestic war games.
I mean that quite literally because by the Navy’s own documents that we published—and they’re online right now for folks to check out—they talk about using U.S. citizens as a way of training their soldiers to say, hey, these could be terrorists. We don’t know the people you might run into during these war game exercises. So, they’re literally using U.S. citizens as pawns to train their soldiers how to react in certain ways.
They’re not carrying weapons with live ammunition in them, but nevertheless, this is a very, very disconcerting step, where they are actively using U.S. citizens in their war games without our consent, without even our knowledge, and certainly without any advanced notification of what they are going to be doing. And then this sets up a situation, where literally you will have Navy SEALs swimming in teams through marinas where people are living on boats. They’re not going to know what’s happening. They’re not going to know who these people are.
You’re going to have Navy SEALs going through residential neighborhoods potentially in the middle of the night with simulated weapons, going through state park and hiking trails at night during the day with simulated weapons, some times even carrying out active war gaming exercises. Needless to say, you don’t have to use a lot of imagination to see the potential for disaster, for someone being shot, for someone else getting afraid and pulling a gun on these people, since we live in such a heavily weaponized country that the potential for accidents is very high—not even to speak of just basic civil rights and civil liberties that are going to be infringed upon by these exercises.

These training exercises are designed to acclimate the American public to a constant military presence, in all the places where that would have previously been unheard of.
Though this operation is smaller in scope compared to Jade Helm, it’s another step forward in our government’s goal to get everyone used to living in a military police state. With Jade Helm, everyone knew it was coming. Now they want you to feel like it’s perfectly normal to see troops on the streets without notice.

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