Sunday, January 17, 2016

Significant Earthquakes In Cuba, Costa Rica, Chile

Earthquakes seem to be increasing again - this is such an ongoing "sign" that we tend to ignore the topic, but this recent increase is in its early stages but it is worth watching closely. Cuba has had multiple quakes in the 4-5 range recently:

[This day is just beginning, but we've already seen the following occur. The link above will be updated as the day progresses]

SRCLocationUTC Date/timeMDINFO
ERI Felt A (not Listed) EarthquakeJan 18 23:594.60MAP I Felt It

  • San Jose - Earthquake in downtown San Jose, Costa Rica. Moved the entire building. Bells ringing like crazy in the streets. Feels like Im back in California!
  • tinamastes - pas de dommage, mais aucun doute c'etait un tremblement de terre. 15 secondes
  • Guwahati - It was shaking fr a sec or two but still the fear is always there...waitin for the mega event
  • Woodstock - Traveling down 81 today from Winchester and the semi in front of me began to weave suddenly, and I immediately realized my vehicle was also undulating as well as the vehicle beside me. I looked to the trees suspecting gusty winds, but the winds were strangely calm. Almost certain this was a tremor. It was a very odd sensation while driving.
  • San Isidro de General, Costa Rica - heard a roar and the ground started moving!
  • USGSOdawara, JapanJan 18 00:564.6143MAP I Felt It INFO
    EMSCNear S. Coast Of Honshu, JapanJan 18 00:564.6151MAP I Felt It INFO
    GEOFONNear S. Coast Of Honshu, JapanJan 18 00:564.9148MAP I Felt It INFO

  • yokohama - .

  • SRCLocationUTC Date/timeMDINFO
    ERI Felt A (not Listed) EarthquakeJan 17 23:594.60MAP I Felt It

  • Dayton - 11.43 pm not for sure if was earthquake. But bed shook fox appx 45 sec. Cats were asleep so they were not jumping on/off. African goose outside started honking as if someone in yard before happened/peach dove strtd cooing after which doesn't do much since alone. Can leave message but I cannot answer email until I get new tablet few days. May b nothing but seemed strange. Thought I would report just encase it was something. Thank u.
  • Dayton, pa - See prev enter for correct info
  • Solvang, Ca, USA - Windows rattling for approx a minute or so.
  • Charles Town - Loud rumble, steady shaking of approx. 5 seconds.
  • Harpers Ferry - similar to a thunder boom
  • Charles Town - Loud BOOM and the house shook.
  • harpers ferry Wv - All a sudden the house shook things shook on the walls with a loud rumble
  • Harpersferry. Wvv - Lasted 3 or4seconds. No damage
  • USGSJarm, AfghanistanJan 17 19:464.788MAP I Felt It INFO
    GEOFONAfghanistan-tajikistan Border RegionJan 17 19:464.976MAP I Felt It
    EMSCHindu Kush Region, AfghanistanJan 17 19:464.980MAP I Felt It INFO
    EMSCMid-indian RidgeJan 17 19:255.010MAP I Felt It
    GEOFONMid Indian RidgeJan 17 19:255.310MAP I Felt It INFO
    USGSAmsterdam Island, FranceJan 17 19:255.110MAP I Felt It INFO
    USGSTobelo, IndonesiaJan 17 16:534.656MAP I Felt It INFO
    EMSCNorth Of Halmahera, IndonesiaJan 17 16:534.660MAP I Felt It
    USGSSaparua, IndonesiaJan 17 15:305.2140MAP I Felt It INFO
    EMSCBanda SeaJan 17 15:305.2150MAP I Felt It
    GEOFONBanda SeaJan 17 15:305.1147MAP I Felt It INFO
    USGSCalama, ChileJan 17 15:284.993MAP I Felt It INFO
    EMSCAntofagasta, ChileJan 17 15:284.9105MAP I Felt It
    GEOFONChile-bolivia Border RegionJan 17 15:284.897MAP I Felt It INFO
    USGSNew Allakaket, AlaskaJan 17 14:524.65MAP I Felt It INFO
    USGSNishinoomote, JapanJan 17 13:014.810MAP I Felt It INFO
    EMSCSoutheast Of Shikoku, JapanJan 17 13:014.810MAP I Felt It
    GEOFONSoutheast Of Shikoku, JapanJan 17 13:014.810MAP I Felt It INFO
    EMSCTimor Region, IndonesiaJan 17 12:144.710MAP I Felt It
    USGSKupang, IndonesiaJan 17 12:144.614MAP I Felt It INFO
    USGSLata, Solomon IslandsJan 17 11:024.764MAP I Felt It INFO
    EMSCSanta Cruz IslandsJan 17 11:024.767MAP I Felt It INFO
    USGSTongaJan 17 08:444.6111MAP I Felt It INFO
    EMSCTongaJan 17 08:444.6111MAP I Felt It INFO
    USGSEl Cobre, CubaJan 17 08:305.110MAP I Felt It INFO
    EMSCCuba RegionJan 17 08:305.110MAP I Felt It

  • Guantanamo bay - No damage light shaking of bed
  • Guantánamo Bay - Several little tremors about 5 mins apart
  • GEOFONCuba RegionJan 17 08:305.010MAP I Felt It INFO
    EMSCCuba RegionJan 17 08:175.210MAP I Felt It
    GEOFONCuba RegionJan 17 08:174.910MAP I Felt It INFO
    USGSEl Cobre, CubaJan 17 08:175.110MAP I Felt It INFO
    EMSCCuba RegionJan 17 06:484.810MAP I Felt It INFO
    USGSEl Cobre, CubaJan 17 06:484.68MAP I Felt It INFO
    GEOFONCuba RegionJan 17 06:484.610MAP I Felt It
    USGSEl Cobre, CubaJan 17 06:374.810MAP I Felt It INFO
    EMSCCuba RegionJan 17 06:374.910MAP I Felt It
    GEOFONCuba RegionJan 17 06:374.810MAP I Felt It INFO

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