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False Flag Planned In Oregon?

I've been resisting the temptation to post much on this story, but it does have to do with our eroding freedoms (as we would expect this close to the Tribulation), and it is highly symbolic of the larger issues that we are seeing in the US and the EU. Plus, for some reason, God made me a stickler for the truth and an absolutely crazy maniac when it comes to injustice (such as this). It's also unsettling to post anything that could be perceived as "anti-government" - but how crazy is it that we are living in such an age? An age where freedom of speech has been significantly curtailed. Just more signs of the times. 

False Flag in Oregon? County Fire Chief Resigns after Undercover FBI Agents Pose as Militia Near County Armory

Following the Idaho Three Percenter's engagement with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the bombshell revelation that there is an eyewitness to the Bureau of Land Management starting a fire at the Hammond Ranch, which was claimed to be the result of lightning, for which Dwight and Steven Hammond had to start backfires to protect their property and are serving five years in prison, Harney County fire chief Chris Briels, who has been the county fire chief since 1984, resigned his position and sided with Ammon Bundy and protesters in Oregon against the federal government. And by the looks of what Briels described, it appears that the FBI was getting ready to perform a false flag against the patriots who are occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

KATU reports:

The Harney County fire chief resigned Wednesday because he says he no longer trusts the local government.
Chris Briels stood next Ammon Bundy, the leader of an armed group that has taken over the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Burns, and announced he had turned in his resignation to county Judge Steve Grasty.
Briels accused the Bureau of Land Management of land grabbing and supports the effort to hand over the land to ranchers, but he also feels betrayed by Grasty and other members of the county government, a first sign of fracture among local leaders.
Briels said Grasty confronted him when he questioned why some undercover FBI agents were at the county armory. He said Grasty told him to back off.

Briels went on to elaborate that since he began this journey with the Bundys, he has "learned more about the Constitution of the united States" and says it should be "first and foremost in everyone's mind."
"It has to do with our rights," said Briels. "It is so important for everyone to understand what's going on."
Briels went on to say that they were barred from meeting in county buildings regarding any of the redress of grievances, which Ammon Bundy and those surrounding him are seeking.
Briels and others have sought a peaceful reconciliation through dialogue, but at every turn they have been met with those who only want what the feds want rather than what the Constitution demands.

He then referenced Judge Grasty's words claiming that Breils is and "old man and… has nothing left" that his "perception is all wrong." Briels would not even address him as "judge" because he deemed that term of respect as something unworthy of Grasty, which I completely agree with.

He then went on to add, concerning his resignation, "I will not work for a government or a person who I do not believe in or have faith in. I will not work for someone I don't trust."

Former Chief Briels echoed the words of our founding father in stating the right of assembly and right to free speech to address the various problems cause by the federal government's overreach concerning land. According to Briels, he has been intimidated in many ways, but still he stands strong.

He then referenced the FBI at the armory around 8:40 in the video, and said the one of his friends said he needed to look into it. Upon following the men who were showing up at the armory, Briels said he eventually stopped behind them when they stopped the men and asked them what they were doing and they told him that they were looking for a place to start a business. They then told him that they were not at the armory, but when Breils told them that he followed them from the armory, they said that they were only there to look at the deer.

Thought Briels went up to the see the Country Sheriff, David Ward, he was not allowed, even though he had taken pictures of the men's vehicles. So much for a constitutional sheriff! Instead of meeting with Briels, Ward told him he was to call 911. Can you believe this?

However, Briels called 911 and the dispatcher told him that the license plates were those of undercover FBI agents. Yet, it as Judge Grasty who told Briels he was the one causing everyone to fear, when the opposite was true, and the Briels has no right to question what undercover FBI agents are doing at the county armory.

"What do you think?" asked Briels of the media and the American people. "Do I have the right to talk to another human being? Do I have the right to ask what's going on in my community?"

While Briels life has been, in his words, "turned upside down and inside out" since joining the committee, he was asked why he didn't distance himself from the event surrounding what is taking place in Oregon, he responded that the only place he knew of that had ostriches was the zoo.
"I never learned to stick my head in the sand, and I stand before you right now and will not stick my head in the sand, and anytime anybody has any questions of me, here I am," he thundered!
More men of the caliber of Chief Briels are needed in our day and age. These must be men of conviction, not of compromise like our current politicians and those that follow them. The must be dedicated to the truth and resolve. Thank God, Chief Briels has seen the light and seen what tyranny actually is and what freedom actually is. May God give him grace to stand in the face of adversity and may God give others the same grace not only to save men from sin, but to be courageous defenders of liberty!

And the plot thickens! Lorri Anderson reported on January 10 that the Idaho III% engaged the FBI in Burns, Oregon concerning the standoff at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge with very calming effect on the situation and very positive results. Following that engagement, Brandon Curtiss of Idaho III% sat down with Pete Santilli for a one on one interview. During that interview, he dropped a bombshell that there is an eyewitness who claims to have seen a member of the Bureau of Land Management light the fire that the Hammonds responded to with their own backfire to preserve property, and which they were subsequently imprisoned not once, but twice. The event was said to have been caused by a lightning strike.

"We asked the FBI to dig in and investigate the fraud the prosecution has done here in this case," Curtiss said. "There's an eyewitness that saw the BLM light a fire behind the Hammond Ranch." Pick up the video around 11:40.

"That witness came forward to us and actually gave us an audio affidavit and told us his account," added Curtiss. "The prosecuting attorney actually interviewed him before... never recalled him to come back and never disclosed that to the defense."

That is a serious charge indeed! Not disclosing that information is a crime for which US Attorney Frank Papagni Jr. should be brought to justice and removed from any ability to practice law anywhere.
Curtiss and Idaho III% have asked the FBI to investigate Papagni's actions regarding the Hammonds. In fact, while there is only one witness, if the charges could be proven, it should lead to the release of the Hammonds from prison.
We have already documented that the BLM has been caught on film burning property and cattle and setting fires within 100 feet of property. This is indisputable evidence.
We also know the BLM destroyed many heads of cattle at the Bundy Ranch in 2015 and tried to cover it up in mass graves.
Curtiss also said that part of the resolution that they proposed between the feds and those occupying the refuge center included an acknowledgment and open return of the land that they have unconstitutionally claimed as theirs back to the county or the citizens of the county.
This could expose Papagni to criminal prosecution for his illegal actions regarding the eyewitness.

If the BLM has engaged in this kind of activity with both the Bundys and the Hammonds, what makes anyone think they have not engaged in this kind of activity with other ranchers in the northwest?

Harney County Sheriff David Ward, who has shown himself to be an unconstitutional sheriff, is responsible for removing a reporter from an open assembly in Oregon for simply asking a question about the Constitution.

Ward, unable and unwilling to actually deal with the constitutionality of the situation surrounding the Hammond Ranch, the Bureau of Land Management or those who are protesting offered hollow words to the crowd gathered.

However, one patriot report stood up in the midst of the complacency of Sheriff Ward who encouraged the protesters to "go home."
Some stood by Sheriff Ward. Among them was Oregon State Representative Cliff Bentz who claimed that the occupiers of the wildlife refuge were breaking the Privacy Act of 1974, for trespassing on federal land. What he failed to mention were all the reporters who were apparently also trespassing on that same land. He failed to acknowledge the Constitution's limitation on what land the federal government can own and for what purposes.
When challenged on these issues by reporter Pete Santilli, who asked, "What about the Constitution?" people began to boo him and he cited the Constitution for his right to free speech.
Santilli also cited Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17, just as Ammon Bundy did regarding the issue of federal land.
Santilli was removed for "disrupting" the meeting, which is absolute nonsense and unconstitutional. It is a jack booted thug approach to silencing dissent and has nothing to do with disrupting the meeting that was going on. It was pointing people back to the law that is supposed to govern even those who are entrusted and elected to enforce the law.

Oregon, you have brought this on yourselves. You will not stand up for yourselves or the law, but will stand up for tyrants and thugs. Let this be a lesson to you of things to come unless you wake up and stand up.

As a final warning, heed the words of the Word of God:
"But the cowardly, unbelieving, abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death." –Revelation 21:8

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