Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Soros Condemns The Victims Of Jihadist Terrorism

George Soros Condemns the Victims of Jihadist Terrorism for Fighting Back

Soros’s latest example of self-righteous tripe was his op-ed article, appearing on December 28th in The Guardian, in which he blamed the “hysterical anti-Muslim reaction to terrorism” for helping jihadist groups recruit more fighters to their cause.

Sorry to pop Soros’s balloon, but open societies will not be “open” for long if the jihadists succeed in expanding their Islamic supremacist ideology to the West. It is both a rational judgment of free peoples and a perfectly understandable human emotion to want to fight and destroy those who want to kill us.

Yet Soros has claimed that “the war on terrorism cannot be won by waging war.” Winning the war on poverty and letting go of the idea of American exceptionalism, according to Soros, are the keys to ending the threat of jihadist-inspired terrorism. It is the United States that is the “main obstacle to a stable and just world order,” Soros has declared. “The rest of the world dances to the tune the United States is playing, and if that continues too long we are in danger of destroying our civilization. Changing the attitude and policies of the United States remains my top priority.”

The self-proclaimed Soros “god” is dead wrong. Global jihad is the primary danger today to Western civilization, not American efforts to defeat it. Soros wrongly assumes that jihadism is entirely a situational ideology that can be defeated with more economic opportunities and a more humble America, rather than one rooted in the fundamental tenets of sharia law. Success is what fuels the recruiting of more fighters to ISIS’s cause. And as long as we do not wage war on ISIS with the objective of complete victory, ISIS’s ranks will continue to swell.
When Soros has not been busy trying to neuter the United States in the face of the global jihadist threat, he has turned his focus to Europe and Israel.

“Islamophobia in Europe is an affront to inherent European values,” Soros tweeted. His concept of “European values” is that Europe agree to accept at least one million so-called “refugees” annually. The “refugees” would be free to go wherever they choose. And he wants the EU to provide nearly $17,000 a year for each of the first two years to support each “refugee.”

If some European countries want to protect their national sovereignty and borders, and resist shelling out billions of dollars in welfare payments to self-proclaimed “refugees,” that would amount to Islamophobia as far as Soros is concerned. “Our plan treats the protection of refugees as the objective and national borders as the obstacle,” Soros wrote in response to concerns raised by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

Soros's Open Society Foundation, through which Soros has funded many of his pet projects, has lashed out against what it considers to be “the discriminatory effects of an ideology of cultural superiority similar to racism in which attitudes, behaviors, and policies reject, exclude, vilify, or deny equal treatment to Muslims.” Soros advocates the opening of national borders to virtually anyone, which defeats the purpose of having borders in the first place. He castigates opposition to such an open borders policy that would block the influx of unidentifiable Muslim “refugees” as evidence of Western “cultural superiority.”  He ignores the jihadist ideology of Islamic supremacy that brands all “non-believers” as “infidels.” 

He ignores the fact that jihadist groups such as ISIS have declared their intention to take advantage of open borders, embed themselves in the “refugee” population and endanger the free, open societies that he claims to espouse. As the Paris massacres in November proved, that is already happening.
Soros also has his own dangerous ideas on how Israel should treat Hamas, the jihadist group with its roots in the Muslim Brotherhood that is dedicated to the complete destruction of the Jewish state. Incredibly, he blamed Hamas’s rise on former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s unilateral decision to withdraw from Gaza in 2005, without negotiating with the Fatah-controlled Palestinian Authority. In other words, it’s all Israel’s fault that Hamas has become such a threat to Israeli civilians.

Soros’s contention is preposterous on two counts. First of all, what was there to negotiate, given that Sharon pulled Israelis out of Gaza lock, stock and barrel? Isn’t that precisely what the Palestinians wanted to happen in Gaza? Secondly, the Israeli government did work out with the Palestinian Authority a mutually agreeable security arrangements at relatively open crossings, which became worthless once Hamas rose to power in Gaza and threw out its Fatah rivals.

Not content with distorting history, Soros called for the United States and Israel to recognize the legitimacy of a unified Hamas-Palestinian Authority government. Soros was confident that Hamas’s refusal to even recognize the existence of Israel could be treated as just one of the items to negotiate in an eventual settlement. In other words, in Soros’s world, Israel is expected to negotiate even whether it will be permitted to exist or not.
George Soros acts out of a sense of his own self-admitted “potent messianic fantasies.”  More than twenty years ago, Soros admitted that a “psychiatrist once told me how dangerous it is to act out fantasies and I am beginning to see what he meant.” That moment of self-reflection has long since given way to Soros’s complete egocentrism which, in its own way, resembles the egocentrism of the Islamic State’s self-proclaimed caliph, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

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