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Coming Attractions: 'Planned Chaos' And 'More Very Strange Events'

The time has come to stop differentiating between "main-stream media" news and "alternative news". The MSM is dominated by a few elite parties, none of whom seem to have the best interests of the general public in mind. Meanwhile, the "alternative news" which is closer to the truth needs to be read with a discerning eye, as hyperbole often serves the purpose of wider readership. As stated before, my preference is to look at all the news available, by casting a very wide net and then taking a step back and trying to use the Holy Spirit as a means of discernment. This seems to be the best approach as arbitrarily eliminating sources - whether eliminating "MSM" or eliminating "alternative" news sources may lead one to miss something important and/or breaking. 

Probably the most critical aspect of watching end-times events unfold is to eliminate 
Normalcy bias, as these days are most certainly not normal in any way. 

Today we have a lot of information from both sources. 

Earlier today we heard from US Army Veteran and ANP reader 'Jackrabbit' who warned us via his own personal experience that when it happens, martial law in America will likely be implemented 'city by city' and as we hear in the 1st video below, 'Jackrabbit' isn't the only person warning that martial law is coming to America. Pastor James David Manning joins Alex Jones to discuss the persecution of Christians going on around the world, the battle against evil that Americans now face here on our own soil and his own strong feelings that martial law is coming to American soil before Barack Obama leaves office.

We also take a look below videos at a brand new warning from an ANP reader in Missouri who tells us about a couple of very strange experiences she has had recently that leads her to believe a terror attack might be in the planning stages. With this latest warning, combined with several other warning signs coming out of the Missouri area recently including mass prepaid cell phone purchases by suspicious men and stolen propane tanks among other strange events, we feel we should all keep up our vigilance and report strange events such as the one described below to the proper authorities.

 Democratic and Republican establishment are showing their 'true colors' in their attacks upon Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, we see the establishment is coming unhinged and will do anything at all that they can to keep their dreams of a 'new world order' intact with a completely impotent America unable to do anything to stop them. 

"Martial law is on the table" Pastor Manning tells us as he warns Alex Jones "they' will shut you down" as they will every and all alternative media outlets in America and anyone who doesn't go along with the official dictatorial government party line. Pastor Manning also tells us that while he doesn't know exactly how they'll do it, Christian churches and the US Constitution are now in the globalists crosshairs for elimination as their endgame for America continues to play out. 

With 'gun control' now on Obama's 2016 'New Years resolution' agenda as shared in the 2nd video below and these linked stories from the Washington Post and CBSNews, we see that 2016 could quickly get 'very real' from the start with only 11 months separating us from the next election (if, of course, we get that far). Much more below video including the warning from an ANP reader about some more very strange events going on in Missouri.

We thank our reader for sending us this information and for contacting the proper authorities about these incidents. While they could be nothing at all, we have learned that in this day and age, suspicious events should be reported, neglecting to do so could lead to dire consequences. 

The UK Daily Mailreports:

German officials have ordered a cover-up of crimes committed by migrants to prevent causing alarm, a local newspaper has claimed.

Asylum seekers are being recruited across the country as cheap drug dealers as well as petty thieves, says German newspaper, Bild - the biggest daily paper in the country.

The paper accused the police of covering up the extent of migrant crimes in order to stop concerns among the general population. 

It also claimed asylum seekers were prepared to work for a few euros couriering drugs across the country and said they were being signed up almost as soon as they had registered as asylum seekers.

But the paper said that all of the officials dealing with the problem had been ordered not to talk about it, as it was an extremely sensitive subject that has been forbidden to be referred to in an 'offensive manner'.
The reason given by the paper was to avoid alarming the general public already concerned with the vast number of asylum seekers the country has allowed in, but also to avoid providing material for right-wing extremists. 
The most successful couriers are then being recruited into the Mafia and are also being used to bring in further new recruits. 
This shocking claim comes as Germany will have registered just over a million migrants by the end of the year, a local paper has claimed.
Given the efforts of the Merkel government to censor social media postings about the refugees, suppression of reporting of migrant crime is far from unthinkable.

As the Feral Government grows more oppressive, and it will, watch for more Draconian Federal Executive Orders to be unleashed under the cover of major catastrophes that are heading our way. 
The internet is slowly being shut down as an avenue to search for the truth. 

Here is what our elected officials would be saying if they could tell the truth and did not live in a big Orwellian lie, a delusion of their own making. All part of the Globalist's New World Dis-Order. 

The old Communist playbook is at work here;  

Thesis, antithesis, synthesis
We create the problems by overspending like drunken sailors, illegal immigration, bringing in Islamic terrorists, etc. all leading to the coming Chaos in order to bring about our final solution to the problem of freedom and everything good.
You see, we are evil at heart and serve the greatest enemy of the living God, haSatan.

Our god, Satan has been working long and hard to destroy America and we have come to the final hurdle in implementing our Satan's agenda for America.

The times has come to disarm law abiding American's so that our Islamic terrorist imports and free roaming gangs with hundreds and thousands of criminals that our god, Herr Obama has released from prison can bring unimaginable chaos and destruction to this now godless land when we collapse our economy. It's all been planned in our prostitute laden back rooms in Washington. That is why we do not disarm the gangs, but will disarm you "much easier targets".

The plan is to make you believe that we are doing all of this to protect you from 'the bad people' that we opened the doors to so that we can spy on you and enslave you while ignoring the real enemy whom we have sanitized, coddled and protect against what is left of your sane and sound defense mechanisms.
We are evil like them and that is why we and our media will always demonize you if you dare speak the truth about the evident nature of Islam.

With  great arrogance and no accountability, we shall continue to import Islamic terrorist's and their families into this nation so that we can unleash our totalitarian police state on you, our dear, trusting voters. We are grateful that you are so easily manipulated by our government media propagnda.

Watch more of our Hollywood created distractions, mind destroying TV and play your latest video games while you fatten up for the slaughter. 

Late last month, the Iraqi army entered Ramadi, the capital of western Iraq's Anbar province and one of Daesh's key strongholds in the country. However, as The National Interest contributor Christopher Preble explains, not everyone is happy about Iraq's success.

The last weeks of 2015 witnessed an important turning point in the Iraqi army's struggle against Daesh (ISIL/ISIS) terrorists in western Iraq, with officials announcing late last month that they were on course to completely liberate Ramadi, a city in central Iraq which had been occupied by Daesh militants since May.

But paradoxically, the joyous victory against the terrorist group and its self-declared caliphate, which has brought misery to millions and condemnation from around the globe, wasn't as joyously met by some commentators and policy experts in Washington, who treated the victory as if it was a lump of Christmas coal.

In his recent article for Washington-based foreign affairs magazine The National Interest, Cato Institute expert Christopher Preble wrote that "the recapture of Ramadi is certainly good news, and may signal a shift on the ground that will allow the Iraqi government to press on against other [Daesh] strongholds, including Fallujah and Mosul."

This is certainly what the Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar Abadi intends to see happen, recently vowing that "2016 will be the year of the big and final victory, when Daesh's presence in Iraq will be terminated."

Unfortunately, Preble notes, "if you listen closely, however, you might notice a tinge of disappointment among some here in Washington."
"Few will be as blunt as James Poulos in The Week, who focused on 'The Bad News about ISIS's Defeat in Ramadi,' but the Iraqi government's apparent success challenges some of the hawks' most deeply held beliefs about US foreign policy."

The heart of the matter, the journalist argues, is that US interventionists' "worldview hinges on the argument that Iraqis and others in the region can't be trusted to take ownership of their security. Thus, the need for more US troops in both Iraq and Syria. According to some, many more US troops are required." Now, "the Iraqi government's clear progress over the past few months seriously challenges the claim that the US military is the only force capable of containing and ultimately defeating [Daesh]."

Donald Trump, campaigning in Council Bluffs on Tuesday night, warned that accepting Syrian refugees into the United States could be like allowing foreign armies to build support within the country.

“It’ll never stop,” he said of the number of refugees admitted to the U.S. “And then one day we may have a small army in here. Or a big army in here. … I mean it’s, like, genius. It’s one of the greatest military strategies I’ve ever heard of. It truly is. It’s going to make the old Trojan horse, like, that’s peanuts compared to what they did to our country.”

Trump also lamented that the United States doesn’t accept Christian refugees into its borders.
“We take only the Muslims,” he said. “And you know what? Hey, that’s the way it is. OK? But we don’t take Christians. Now the Christians, they’re all in trouble over there. It’s a hellhole. The Christians are having their heads cut off. They’re having their heads — we don’t take the Christians. And if you’re Christian it’s almost impossible to get into this country. But if you’re Muslim you can come in.”

According to, about 3% of the Syrian refugees admitted to the country since 2011 are Christians. 

Heidi Mund, a Christian activist, has been accused of agitation of the people towards violence. She did no such thing. Heidi Mund spoke out against Muslim prayer in a Christian church (see video below). If this woman is imprisoned, it marks a turning point for Germany.
What she says here is true. Criminalization of truth.
This marks a true turning point if this woman is arrested. During the Nazi regime there were three stages that took place:
1) it became dangerous to speak out the truth
2) people started losing their jobs, faced fines and prison for their views
3) people with opposing views were killed…I think we are beginning to see stage 2 in Germany and to a slightly lesser degree here in the US.
Mund is now being charged with Volksverhetzung – agitation of the people towards violence. She could be fined perhaps or imprisoned but the intention is to silence criticism of Islam. Sharia for Germany. 

The State DA has become active against Heidi Mund – Accusing the radical Christian activist Heidi Mund of agitation against the people. She was accused after making “prayer suggestions” on Germany’s Day of Unity.

Her call to prayer included the following items:
“We pray for the real refugees, that they should again have hope for life, that our God will comfort them,…. (and) against the massive immigration of 90% young muslim men, who should not be building their own homeland here and that they should not rape our girls and women; that they should be send with the word of God – the Bible – back into their own home countries, there where they belong,… (We pray) against sickness and disease which the immigrants have brought with them,…We ask God for angels to stand on Germany’s borders as well as on the borders of Europe.”

Rep Jackie Speier has confirmed that the falsifications which underestimate combat capabilities of ISIS took place indeed. As one of such examples is the May statement of General Thomas Weidle, which said ISIS “loses and remains in the defense”. However, immediately after his speech, terrorists has captured the Central quarter of Ramadi, the administrative center of Anbar province. If American leadership possessed a clear picture of what is happening, it could take emergency measures and even prevent the ingress of arms, military equipment and ammunition to the hands of militants. The value of US arms and military equipment captured by jihadists equals hundreds of million dollars.

“Carefully selected” participants of the CIA program on training “moderate” opposition who easily join the jihadists tell us about the lack of awareness or even falsity of the American military leadership. Thus in September 2015 almost immediately after arriving from training camps to Syria “Division 30” has transferred all their equipment, arms and ammunition to Jabhat al Nusra. Unfortunately that was not the first time. Once again the unit commander told about the shortage of instructors and the lack of supply during the preparation of the CIA program. But it was allocated about $500 million for these purposes! What the money was spent on? To buy weapons for terrorists! 
During the discussion of 2016 budget, almost every article in the mainstream media avoided the issueconnected with the effectiveness and practicability of training “moderate” opposition in order to fight ISIS to the issue of what are the results of this opposition efforts against Assad. Are these things of equal value?
We hope that the special group of the House of Representatives will identify not only the scale of thefraud reports about the results of the coalition activity against terrorism, but also those persons who are responsible for these misconducts, as well as their motivesThe international community wants to know who exactly Pentagon supplies with weapons and what installations it bombs.

The Internet is abuzz with a nationally run commercial which shows the Army dressed up in riot gear. EVERY AMERICAN should be asking the following question: Why is the U.S. Army running a commercial nationally that clearly shows the U.S. Army performing riot control and crowd control tactics?

This could only be a domestic operation, as the U.S. Army does not have an international mandate to carry out such activities in foreign countries. The U.S. may train foreign military and policies entities, however, they do not execute the activity on their own volition.
The United States has witnessed the militarizing of the police. We saw local police dressed up in riot control clothing in places like Ferguson and Baltimore. And if the U.S. Army is performing domestic crowd control, then is this not martial law?
So it is in Baltimore and Ferguson; it is also the same in the latest U.S. Army recruitment commercial.

I have covered, on multiple occasions, the intent to stage false flag terror attacks using embedded ISIS cells in the country as a pretext to implement martial law and to seize our guns and subsequently remove any hope of self-defense. Along these lines, I have covered everything from the Civilian Inmate Labor Brigade, PDD 51, REX 84, the Army Manual on Resettlement, the Larry Grathwohl warning about how the Weathermen Underground hatched these plots which would culminate in the deaths of 50 million Americans, etc. By the way, the Weathermen, leaders of Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorne, launched President Obama's political career from their Chicago area home.

Under Jade Helm 15, the current administration was able to practice dissident extraction and martial law techniques—various types in conjunction with their foreign operative allies. Who will ever forget these images arising from the pre-Jade Helm 15 launch as would-be actor dissidents were extracted in Ft. Lauderdale?


The martial enforcers, through Jade Helm 15, have prepositioned their assets to be brought to bear in a moment's notice. And don't forget, Jade Helm 15 troops had company, lots of company from the United Nations during the Jade Helm troop and equipment redistribution.
And what about the economy? It is only a matter of time with a $19 trillion dollar deficit and a $1.5 quadrillion credit swap derivatives debt.
Happy New Year?

A story linked to on the website of Steve Quayle yesterday told us about 5 soldiers who died in a drowning due to the after-effects of the overswollen Mississippi River. In it we learned the names of the 5 soldiers and in so doing, we get more confirmation that foreign soldiers are being trained upon US soil and in such fields as engineering and chemical defense as well as military policing as shared more in the 2nd video below.
Maj. Mohammad Hassan Ibrahim, 32, EgyptMaj. Akram Abu Al-rub, 38, Jordan; Capt. Ahmed Moussouni, 32, AlgeriaCapt. Ahmed Abdelghani, 29, Egypt; and Capt. Hasman Hussin, 33, Malaysia, had been training at US Army Fort Leonard Wood Maneuver Support Center before their car ran into a swollen creek. With Barack Obama now planning ‘gun control via executive order’ according to this Politico story, according to one well-trusted ANP source, these men were likely also training for disarmament and riot control/martial law upon US soil as ‘military policing’ requires.

Will the 190 US cities that are now receiving Syrian refugees be the ‘starting point’ for martial law as ‘Jackrabbit’ warns? In the 1st video below we learn about an upcoming DHS nationwide roundup that some are concerned may quickly turn into a ‘red list’ roundup here in America. Could this nationwide roundup of illegal immigrants be a front for something else? As Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies recently warned, such a roundup here in America would hardly be more than a drop of water in a bucket, especially considering how many potential terrorists are being let in.
“I’ll believe it when I see it, what share is this going to be?. . . It’s a drop in the bucket compared to the number they’ve admitted into the country. If you have photogenic raids on a few dozen illegal families and that’s the end of it, it’s just for show. It’s just a [public relations] thing, enforcement theater.”

As 2016 comes rolling in, Americans are continuing to be set up for a slaughter. With ‘Americans all being fired’ as Obama’s new executive action, printed as a rule in the federal register, allows for a huge expansion in the number of alien work permits issued annually, we see Obama’s 2016 is ready for his ‘final touches’. We also learn of more and more stories of jihadis who want to kill Americans, such as a NY man linked to ISIS who planned a New Years eve massacre as well as alleged reports of a sarin nerve gas attack threat upon US cities.

While countries across Europe are rolling up their tattered and abused Welcome mats and "turning their backs on refugees" as Washington Post puts it, with Sweden "deploying extraordinary new border controls and slashing benefits," and Germany discussing new measures to reduce their refugee numbers, inlcuding "expedited deportations for those deemed unworthy of asylum," we see a number of other headlines that indicate these actions and others being debated..... may be too little, too late.

The Daily Mail is reporting that police in Germany have been ordered to cover up the extent of crime committed by "migrants," also known as refugees, with the reason cited as to not to fuel "right wing extremist debate," where critics believe that accepting over 1.1 million refugees in 2015 alone makes it impossible to properly vet the refugees and which allows ISIS and members of other terror groups to infilitrate the refugees to set up sleeper cells and plan attacks within the countries accepting "refugees."

That is not just the opinion of those "right wing extremists" as the Washington Post article linked above admits "Investigators now say that at least three of the attackers in the deadly Nov. 13 assault on Paris traveled from Syria via Greece, exploiting some of the same routes into Europe being traveled by desperate asylum seekers."

According to Dr Theodore Karasik, a Gulf-based analyst of regional geo-political affairs who has extensively studied ISIS's behavior, considered one of the world's leading authorities on ISIS, the death cult is planning to activate "hundreds of sleeper cells in dozens of countries," to slaughter thousands in a bid to spark "the final battle" with the west.

He warned: "ISIS’s media operation is taunting its enemy to come to fight their Final Battle.

"But first, it wants to show its global reach with zeal...from cells, to lone wolves, to bedroom jihadists – to target landmarks and crowds in dozens of countries across the world."

Dr Karasik added: "There are close to 40 ISIS affiliates globally with millions of adherents and believers around the world. The New Year may ring in with disturbing terror attacks.

Official numbers on how many "refugees," have been imported in the U.S., reported by WSJ, include 80,000 annually between 2008 and 2011, 76,000 in 2012, with 70,000 annually since 2013 and this fiscal year, the U.S. plans to accept 85,000, including 10,000 Syrians.

Those are just the official numbers because even Congress is being stonewalled on how many have actually been allowed into the United States as we covered back on December 12, 2015, with a clip of a Congressional hearing where the "expert" the Obama administration sent to testify, "didn't bring those numbers" with her, despite the hearing's main focus being "terrorism and the Visa Waiver Program."

Gunmen affiliated with the Islamic State terror group claimed responsibility Saturday for firing rockets at Israel from the Gaza Strip late on Friday night.

The Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis Islamist group issued a statement hailing its attacks on “occupied Palestine” and gloating that it had “turned night into day” for residents in the Sderot area.

The Israel Defense Forces warned early Saturday that it would continue to act strongly against any attempts to attack Israeli communities bordering the Gaza Strip, hours after IAF fighter jets hit four targets belonging to the Hamas terror group in response to rocket fire Friday night.

The army said that the targets hit by Israeli warplanes overnight Friday included training camps and two “terrorist infrastructures” belonging to Hamas.
“The Hamas terrorist organization is solely responsible for all terrorist activity emanating from the Gaza Strip,” the army said in a statement. “The IDF will continue to act strongly against any attempt to disrupt the quiet in the southern communities.”

German dictator Angela Merkel doubles down on decision to flood EU with millions more Muslim “refugee” freeloaders, rapists, and potential jihadists

Despite increasing hostly toward Merkel by her own people, she used her New Year’s address to demand that German citizens not have ‘coldness in their hearts’ but instead embrace the 1.1 million newcomers, the majority of whom are neither refugees nor Syrians…but all are Muslims.

The influx of more than a million refugees should be welcomed as an ‘opportunity’, Angela Merkel told Germans last night.

Merkel has been blamed for fueling the European migrant crisis by promising to welcome those who make it to Germany. She was initially praised by Germans for her decision to allow many of those escaping war and poverty to stay.

But with the numbers of migrants from the Middle East and Africa reaching more than a million, doubts have grown and her popularity has suffered. She stood firm about the need to embrace migration, urging Germans to see the challenge as an ‘opportunity for tomorrow’.

A Salafi terrorist group associated with Islamic State claimed responsibility for the volley of rockets fired at southern Israel on Friday night.

“We take responsibility for the rocket bombardment on the Sderot settlement at 11:07 p.m. Friday night. Praised God, we allowed for Jewish blood [to flow] and we turned their night to day. We activated alarms in all of southern occupied Palestine,” read a statement allegedly issued by group Ajnad Bayt al-Maqdis.
Five rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip at Israel on Friday night, with two of the projectiles landing in Israeli territory. Three other rockets landed near the security fence inside the coastal Palestinian enclave.

Judge a man by what he does, not by what he says. Through his actions, George Soros is telling the American people to take their money out of the bank before it is too late and to buy as much gold as possible!
Soros has made billions of dollars in investing and currency trading and has used his fortune to fund a vast array of leftist organizations dedicated to undermining liberty and capitalism. Soros has funded pro-abortion groups, pro-pedophile organizations (NAMBLA), anti-Israel efforts and radical environmental groups who are dedicated to the complete evisceration of American property rights.
  • Since 2003, Soros has spent more than $52 million funding media properties, including theinfrastructure of news—journalism schools, investigative journalism, and even industry organizations. His foundation has been deeply involved in churning out hard-left reporters from Columbia University’s School of Journalism.
  • Soros has direct and very strong ties to more than 30 mainstream news outlets, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, the Associated Press, CNN, MSNBC and ABC.
  • Soros has also forced his way into the foundations of the journalism industry, through associations like the National Federation of Community Broadcasters, the National Association of Hispanic Journalists, and the Committee to Protect Journalists as he attempts to control public opinion and obscure his intended takedown of the United States.
  • Soros is heavily involved in funding the lobbying for amnesty. His self-funded National Immigration Forum is behind the effort to strong-arm wobbly Republicans to support Congress’s immigration bill that will give full citizenship to illegal immigrants whose “legal” entry into the workforce will destroy the wage structure of this country and hasten the economic crash of the middle class, just as it is happening today in Europe.
  • Behind the scenes the Soros’ political forces are fast at work deculturalizing the United States.  It is no longer a case of it is happening over there (i.e. Europe), it is happening right here, right now. It will soon be a crime, in the same manner that it has become in Germany to speak out against Muslim extremism and terrorism. Christians are not afforded the same protections as you will see in the following video. These ideals are backed by Soros’ media interests and pushed by his political minions in Congress.

George Soros has previously accepted a position on the National Finance Council of the Ready for Hillary Super PAC, a group paving the way for a 2016 presidential run for the former first lady and thoroughly disgraced former Secretary of State with regard to the Benghazi affair and her email scandals. It is becoming clear that after the economic collapse, Hillary will become the Commissar of economic, political and social subjugation of the United States by controlling the creature that temporarily occupies the residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
In short, George Soros is on a mission to turn the United States into a socialist utopia devoid of any of its traditional values. Out of chaos comes order and Soros feels compelled to collapse the old in order to usher in the new and this is exactly what America is witnessing.
Several months ago, Soros made raised eyebrows by making  a billion dollar stock bet against the S&P 500. At that particular time, Soros proclaimed, through his actions, that there were warning signs of coming S&P 500 troubles which signaled dangerous times ahead for the US economy. Today, the American Stock Market has an unprecedented bubble which is reminding many of the months leading of the 1929 Stock Market crash.

Disturbingly, Soros has had both accurate and advanced knowledge of market crashes in the past. Subsequently, savvy investors keep a very close eye on his money movements and resulting holdings as Soros is the “Canary in the mine”. He is the world’s ultimate economic hit man and both bankers and politicians watch his every move with fear and apprehension.

According to a 2014 filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, it was revealed that Soros sold his holdings in Citigroup, J.P. Morgan and Bank of America. Soros subsequently moved his money and took up new positions in gold and tech stocks associated with Chinese money movement. Soros has moved his money to RF Micro Devices, Nuance Communications, Marvel Technology Group, Nokia Corp., and Cypress Semiconductor. Soros also boosted his stake in Herbalife and took up a new position in Yamana Gold and AuRico Gold, and New GoldInc.

Soros’ money movements are significant for several reasons. First, he is now betting against both the U.S. Stock Market and now the three major US domestic banks. Second, Soros has obtained a sizable gold portfolio which is something one would want to do if one were expecting, or causing a crash of currency to occur. Finally, and most significantly, Soros is betting against the solvency of the Federal Reserve by running from the three of the major investors (i.e. the three major banks) in the Federal Reserve. This is highly significant  because this is occurring at a time when the Federal Reserve gave permission to various Chinese interests (i.e. all controlled by the Chinese military) to purchase sizable positions in American banking which serves to underwrite and partially fund the Federal Reserve.

The media shows a great deal of concern about our debt of $19 trillion dollars and the fact that President Obama is adding $1 trillion per year to the total. The MSM is trying to get you and I to focus on the least troubling of our economic statistics. What the MSM is trying to get the American people see and feel is the metaphorical equivalent of showing anxiety of over having a simple cold when the person is has stage four cancer. There are two other debt-related numbers which are much more telling.

As a result of the hijacking of our economy through the 2008 bailouts, the American people have been saddled with the derivatives debt. Nearly every economic publication estimates the derivatives debt to be in the range of one quadrillion dollars to $1.5 quadrillion dollars. Conservative estimates tell us that this derivatives debt, that has been assumed by the governments of the world, is at least 16 times the entire value of the assets of Planet Earth. 

My estimates place the interest on the debt to exceed the entire value of the world’s assets and the interest is increasing far faster than the governments of the world can even service the debt. Who is the debt owed to? It is owed to the first movers, the owners of the central banking system. And this is who is collapsing the system and George Soros knows this. In fact, he is working to this end.

By using Soros’ money movements over the past year as the blueprint on what to do and not do prior to the economic collapse, one should keep in mind the results of the Soros list of do’s and don’ts and then act accordingly,

Also see: 


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