Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Catastrophe Underway Near Los Angeles, ISIS Develops Surface-To-Air Missiles To Down Passenger Planes, N Korea Claims Successful H-Bomb Launch

The story over at ENENews tells us about the largest gas leak ever recorded, equivalent to the strength of a volcanic eruption, and according to one expert, "It's so far above and beyond what I've ever seen." Telling us that what we're now watching unfolding in Los Angeles (with barely a peep from the mainstream media!!!) is 'potentially devastating on a planetary scale', we're also told we're watching a disaster unfolding in slow motion that may take up to 4 months or more to stop and is leaving thousands of Californians suffering nosebleeds and vomiting according to this story.

Being called the biggest environmental disaster since the 2010 BP oil spill, activist Erin Brockovich joins Democracy Now in the 2nd video below to talk about this unbelievable mess that has left one California city a 'ghost town' as shared in the 3rd video below while in the 1st video below, we hear the warning from a medical doctor, "if you're in the area, get out now!" 

Southern California Gas Co., or SoCalGas, has essentially ignored the impact to victims and its actions have instead added to their suffering.The company has refused to release air quality data that could be used to protect its residents, it has made relocation very difficult, and it has forged ahead with plans to expand its facility before the leak has even been contained.

The enormity of the Aliso Canyon gas leak cannot be overstated. Gas is escaping through a ruptured pipe more than 8,000 feet underground, and it shows no sign of stopping. As the pressure from weight on top of the pipe causes the gas to diffuse, it only continues to dissipate across a wider and wider area. According to tests conducted in November by the California Air Resources Board, the leak is spewing 50,000 kilograms of gas per hour — the equivalent to the strength of a volcanic eruption.

At this rate, in just one month, the leak will have accounted for one-quarter of the total estimated methane emissions in the state of California.

Video has revealed the extent of a methane gas leak in Los Angeles, after infrared footage emerged showing a billowing cloud of the gas, invisible to the naked eye. 
Copious amounts of black smoke can be seen pouring into the sky after a rupture occurred within a large underground containment system in California
Reportedly over 150 million pounds of methane have already poured into the atmosphere due to the Aliso Canyon leak, with no foreseeable end to the hazard.

With the mainstream news media giving very little attention to this massive and still unfolding disaster, ENENews also told us today that according to doctors in the region, 'very unusual infections' are now being reported as doctors also warn those who live in the vicinity: "If you're able to leave do it now. I'm telling you, it's really critical." You can hear more about that warning in the 1st video below.

We're also told this methane leak is a national disaster as the plume is already spreading far away than just the L.A. area. "We're a science experiment" said one area mother with children who are now suffering from nauseousness, lethargy, nosebleeds and more. Interestingly enough, officials are trying now to convince everybody in the region that 'it's all in their heads'...that's right, the nosebleeds, nausea, lethargy...all in the residents' heads. This story also proves to us that not all Americans are falling for that constant load of official government lies.:

ISIS Develops Batteries for Surface-to-Air Missiles

ISIS has developed thermal batteries for surface-to-air missiles with the goal of shooting down passenger planes.
According to the Telegraph, ISIS scientists have manufactured the materials at the “University of Jihad” in Syria.
The threat to planes escalated with the death Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi. Experts at that time estimated 20,000 surface-to-air missiles had gone missing.
Video showing the new materials was given to Sky News by the Free Syrian Army (FSA).
In addition to the new batteries, the footage showed experiments with remote controlled car bombs.

It’s all over the news: North Korea is claiming it successfully launched its first hydrogen bomb which was so powerful, it caused a 5.1 man-made earthquake.
The United States Geological Survey (USGS) has recorded a 5.1 earthquake 21km ENE of Sungjibaegam, North Korea at a depth of 0.0 km, so that would at least initially support the claims.
Meanwhile, experts are reportedly saying the test was actually a failure, as the earthquake it garnered was too small to be a meaningful threat. The UN Security Council is set to meet and discuss a response.

Considering that North Korea is a lukewarm threat at best, and everything they do is terror theater, one has to wonder what else is going on worldwide right now that we should be paying attention to instead while this news continues to suck up all the headlines like a mutant vacuum cleaner.

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