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Crisis, Change And The EU...Fukushima? 10,000 Dead Squid Wash Up On Chile Beach

We are beginning to see more and more stories relating to the EU's tenuous future - in the midst of everything  we've been seeing, including the immigration crisis and the financial crisis (just to name two). Considering the theme of "big crisis = big change" and the fact that the revived Roman Empire will have to somehow morph into 10 kings (Daniel 7, Revelation 17) - we know that something will have to happen in order to trigger this development. Are we at the beginning stages of seeing the formation of  the "10 kings"?

The flow of refugees, fleeing the chaos created in the Middle East by the warmongers in the US and Western Europe, is drowning the European Union in melancholia and depression. As terrorist threats become more tangible with each day and with social tensions mounting, Europeans are feeling more insecure than they have in a long while. In 2015 Germany alone accommodated 1.1 million refugees according to the data provided by the German Minister of the Interior, which put Angela Merkel under extensive criticism. While European politicians are launching verbal assaults against each other, some political observers have started noting that this time the EU has got too much to handle.

The Middle Eastern wars will not go away, as well as smugglers that are profiting off people who flee their home countries in hopes of a better life in Europe. While one can safely assume that if the exodus of migrants remains at its current level, the political consequences would be grave for the European Union, especially for German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Germany in general which will witness a gap between itself and its European partners growing deeper still.

The Washington Post predicts that the collapse of the EU can start in 2016: “Europe was pummeled by crises from start to finish in 2015, with terrorist attacks, bankruptcy brinkmanship and an unparalleled refugee influx combining to leave continental unity in tatters by year’s end. But instead of relief, 2016 could bring an unraveling.”

According to The Financial Times, today the general idea of the EU is truly unpopular in Europe, since it has been riddled with economic difficulties and political division, that stands in the way of accommodating a common policy that would allow to solve the refugee crisis.

On January 4, Germany announced that a common visa policy in the Schengen Area has been seriously endangered by the new border control measures introduced by Sweden and Denmark in a bid to contain new waves of migrants. Thus, Sweden has become the latest in a number of EU countries announcing the introduction of border controls, which challenges the idea of a “Europe without borders”, where a traveler can move freely between countries without any restrictions. One should recall that the German Foreign Ministry spokesman Martin Schaefer has recently labeled the freedom of movement within the EU an “important principle” and one of the greatest achievements of the union.

According to the French media portal Atlantico, the fall of a united Europe is imminent since it has departed from its identifying principles, the principles that have been agreed on by all the members states. In particular, in the preamble to the Treaty on European Union respect to such concepts as freedom, human rights and the rule of law are defined as governing principles of the EU. However, in the second half of 2015 those principle have been repeatedly violated by EU authorities. 

Another assault on human liberties and dignity was the agreement adopted on November 29, 2015 by the EU and Turkey. After all, the very composition of the discussions that preceded this agreement raise questions, since EU authorities failed to invite representatives of Jordan and Lebanon — the two states most strongly affected by the exodus of refugees from Iraq and Syria. The EU did only promise Turkey the whooping 3 billion transfer if it manages to reduce the flow of migrants to Europe, while paying no heed to Jordan and Lebanon who have been facing the refugee crisis on their own.

In addition, as noted by French experts, after signing the deal with Turkey, the European Union formally resumed the process of its accession to the union. However, this decision looks at least controversial, especially against the background of Turkey’s own recent assault on freedom of speech and human rights. The brutal repressions against the Kurdish minority goes pretty much unchecked by the international media. It is a well known fact that Turkey allows smugglers to benefit from the hardships of people fleeing wars and bitter poverty. Ankara did nothing to prevent those criminals, some of which are enjoying connections with the Turkish mafia, from earning 8 billion euros last year alone, since a million migrants transported at the average wage of 8,000 euros per person will surely give them that kind of money.

Thus, the actions that are being taken by Brussels show the obvious: it’s only concerned with the interests of its military circles, not people. Therefore, the collapse of Europe, is inevitable. When it will happen is only a matter of time, but is clear that it won’t keep us waiting for long. Cui bono? Washington is, as it has been repeatedly pointed out by numerous Western experts.

Back in September, when Berlin and Brussels were busy devising a quota plan to settle the millions of Mid-East asylum seekers flooding into the country, Slovakia said that if Germany called for financial penalties against countries unwilling to accommodate their “share” of migrants, it would be “the end of the EU.”
That might have seemed hyperbolic at the time, but since then, the situation has spiraled out of control. Border fences have been erected, refugee camps are overflowing, and anti-migrant sentiment is running high after a series of reported sexual assaults on New Year’s Eve sparked a bloc-wide scandal.
In a testament to just how tense things have become, Austria suspended Schengen on Saturday as new rules came into effect for those seeking to traverse the country on the way north.  “Anyone who arrives at our border is subject to control,” Chancellor Werner Faymann said. “If the EU does not manage to secure the external borders, Schengen as a whole is put into question... Then each country must control its national borders,” he added, before warning that if the EU could not better control its external borders “the whole EU [will be] in question.
Indeed, the idea that the worsening migrant crisis could well bring an end to the EU has made its way out of Eurosceptic circles and into discussions between the bloc's top diplomats and officials.
"The Germans, founders of the postwar union, shut their borders to refugees in a bid for political survival by the chancellor who let in a million migrants," Reuters wrote on Sunday, describing a hypothetical European endgame. "And then -- why not? -- they decide to revive the Deutschmark while they're at it." 
Both Angela Merkel and Jean-Claude Juncker were out last week with stark warnings about the prospects for the union's survival in the face of widespread disagreement among member countries regarding how to handle the influx of asylum seekers. Europe is now "vulnerable" Merkel admitted, before saying the fate of the euro is "directly linked" to how the bloc handles the refugee crisis. "Nobody should act as though you can have a common currency without being able to cross borders reasonably easily," the Chancellor, whose ratings have slipped amid the migrant debate, said at a business event in Mainz.
Juncker's assessment was more dire. Europe "is on its last chance" he warned, before saying he hopes this isn't "the beginning of the end." 
"Some see that as mere scare tactics aimed at fellow Europeans by leaders with too much to lose from an EU collapse," Reuters continues. "[But] empty threat or no, with efforts to engage Turkey's help showing little sign yet of preventing migrants reaching Greek beaches, German and EU officials are warning that without a sharp drop in arrivals or a change of heart in other EU states to relieve Berlin of the lonely task of housing refugees, Germany could shut its doors, sparking wider crisis this spring."
Make no mistake, were Germany to stop accepting refugees, a dangerous chain of events would unfold just as warmer weather makes the journey more appealing for refugees. Arrivals have not slowed during the winter months, a senior conservative German lawmaker said. "You can only imagine what happens when the weather improves." If Germany's open-door slams shut in the spring, millions of asylum seekers would be stuck along the Balkan route where bottlenecks led to border clashes between Hungarian riot police and migrants last year. 
Croatia, Serbia, and Slovenia are in no position to accommodate the influx. Indeed, Slovenian officials have long said that the only reason the tiny country has been able to cope is because just as many migrants leave each day on their way to Germany and Austria as enter via Croatia. On Monday, Slovenian PM Miro Cerar said that "if Germany or Austria adopt certain measures for stricter controls then of course we will adopt similar strict measures with our southern border with Croatia."
"Millions, and I stress millions of migrants from Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Algeria, Morocco are ready to enter the EU once the weather improves in the coming months," he cautioned.
The EU Commission sought to play down Austria's implementation of border controls, saying it's "nothing out of the ordinary." Of course any emergency measure is "out of the ordinary" by definition. Border checks will continue until at least February. 
Meanwhile, each passing day seems to present a new reason for Europeans to become increasingly disaffected with officials' handling of the crisis. Two days ago for instance, German FinMin Wolfgang Schaeuble proposed a bloc-wide petrol tax to fund the cost of securing the EU's external borders. While Europeans will surely support the notion that the EU needs to better secure the chokepoints through which the majority of asylum seekers enter, migrants will now be equated with higher prices as the pump just as they are becoming synonymous with terror and sexual assaults.
Ultimately, it appears that Germany is beginning to crack. While Merkel has been careful to preserve the "yes we can" narrative, reality is setting in and the cold facts suggest that Europe simply cannot accommodate the people flows. It now appears that it is not a matter of "if" but rather "when" the Iron Chancellor finally gives in and shuts the doors, and on that note, we'll close with two quotes from German and EU officials who spoke to Reuters "in private."

"We have until March, the summer maybe, for a European solution. Then Schengen goes down the drain."

"There is a big risk that Germany closes. From that, no Schengen ... There is a risk that February could start a countdown to the end."

When thousands of Muslim “refugees” descended on New Year’s Eve celebrations across Europe and set off explosives and sexually attacked hundreds of girls, the police were scarce and unresponsive. The media ignored it for days.

Juxtapose that with the overwhelming police force/army, armed with water cannons, at an anti-jihad demo the following day. And the media mob followed up with smear reports about those rational anti-rape jihad prote

The media reported that in Germany, “hundreds of masked hooligans” rioted – but where are these alleged right-wing hooligans? I’ve been looking for actual footage of “right-wing hooligans” vandalizing and rioting in Leipzig and elsewhere, as they were reported as having done, but to no avail. There doesn’t appear to be any such footage.

It gets much more sinister than that. These anti-jihad demos are being framed as violent, “far-right” – evocative of the Nazis. However, the leftist counter protesters, the Antifa (short for, ironically enough, anti-fascist, when in reality they define fascism), are recorded as destroying, attacking and wilding. Large groups of left-wing Antifa thugs have terrorized the same streets earlier (see here) where the “right-wingers” are supposed to have run amok.

In none of the videos coming out of Germany since the New Year’s Eve sex assaults is there any actual footage of the infamous “right-wing hooligans.” So where is the evidence of the “hooligans” behaving the way they are reported to have done?
Look how the enemedia go after, smear, attack and libel anyone who opposes this violent invasion – but the media would never, ever speak of the “refugees” or the leftist assailants in this way.
As one commenter on a video Russia Today presented as right-wing rioters said: “I don’t see any footage of the group of anti-mass immigration protesters looting anything. For all we know, Antifa broke into the shops so the police would have an excuse to shut the protest down. So far, the ‘right-wing’ protests have been remarkably non-violent, considering the sort of thing that’s being done to Germany. 

Another remarked: “Question, where is the proof? I see: I have only one picture found on the web where black-dressed men are being fettered on the floor, and are arrested! No videos by any passersby, employees, Antifa, anonymous, local residents, journalists … they show someone throwing something where someone calls out something; where are the about 200 men in the pack or individually, and why don’t we see pictures, videos of the arrests, the encirclement? Have all these men been subdued within only a few seconds, all without a fight resulting? And what about the 1,000 other masked men on 12.12.2015? The police on this day were pelted with paving stones as they approached. … There were no injured policemen? There was not a single ambulance on site, the prisoners on the single image are all uninjured, even the things that they wear are unmarked. The short video clip of a prisoner’s watch was pixelated. Where can I find a statement by the hooligans that they were there? So please, people from the Antifa, residents, victims, police: post times for the videos and pictures of this action. Or is it all just a fake? A very sad man fearing for his hometown and asking for peace.”

All this bodes extremely ill for Germany’s future – and that of the free world.

An epidemic of rape is sweeping all across Europe, and yet European politicians seem almost completely unwilling to stand up and do something about it. In some major European cities, women are absolutely petrified to go out by themselves – especially at night. Things have gotten so bad that some people are now making up entirely new words to describe what is going on. Steve Quayle has labeled this crisis “rapeageddon“, and I think that fits. Things are particularly bad in Germany, which has welcomed more refugees than any other European country in recent years. If you can believe it, Germany opened the doors for 1.1 million “asylum seekers” last year. That is an astounding number, and it is starting to have dramatic consequences for German society.
Just consider what happened in the city of Cologne on New Year’s Eve. According to police, there were nearly 400 reports of groping, sexual assault, theft and rape. The following comes from a column written by Cal Thomas

In the city of Cologne, what is being described as an “Arab sex mob” of as many as 1,000 men surrounded groups of women on New Year’s Eve. The men, who were identified as being of Arab or North African appearance, fondled and sexually harassed the women. One city councilor, Judith Wolter, said Cologne’s town center has recently become a “no-go” area for women because of a rise in crime in the area. The city accepted more than 10,000 predominantly Muslim refugees last year. More than 30 women lodged complaints of similar New Year’s assaults in Hamburg and Stuttgart.
The German media have been accused of covering-up this and other incidents and Chancellor Angela Merkel has been revealed as the ultimate wishful thinker for refusing to do anything until recently to stem the flow of migrants from Islamic countries.

Actually things were even worse than Thomas reported in his article. According to the authorities, there were 133 crimes against women in the city of Hamburg on New Year’s Eve…

Needless to say, a lot of Germans are completely and totally fed up at this point. Many Germans are now referring to these immigrants as “rapeugees”, and some Germans are even calling for Angela Merkel to resign.

And it isn’t just Germany that is experiencing an epidemic of immigrant violence.
In Sweden, violence against women has spiraled totally out of control. But the Swedish media has been caught covering it up because they didn’t want to make Muslim immigrants look bad. In recent days, the cover up of this violence against women has erupted into a huge scandal over there…

In Sweden, this is something that has been building for years. Once upon a time, it was one of the most crime-free nations in the world, but now that has totally changed. According to Infowars, the number of rapes in that nation has risen by an astounding 1,472 percent since the mid-1970s…

In Norway, recent statistics revealed that 100 percentof violent street-rapes committed in the capital city of Oslo were committed by “non-western” immigrants. It’s a similar story in Denmark, where the majority of rapes are committed by immigrants, usually Muslim.
In England, it’s been rape after rape – tens of thousands of young British girls are brutalized, tortured, beaten and raped by organized gangs comprised almost exclusively of Muslims.

It is being referred to as Cthulhu-geddon.
Squid have washed up on Santa Maria Island off Chile this week in what some have described as biblical proportions. Thousands of dead and dying squid are piled up on the shore. While some squid normally do wash up this time of year, it’s never been in this large of a quantity.


Exact reason for this die-off is unknown, but some experts claim it might be a sudden drop in oxygen content in the water or an increase in water temperatures. They just really don’t know.
Of course, just like all the other mass die-offs up and down the Pacific coast in recent years, no one in any official capacity is pointing to the Fukushima disaster, still dumping tons of radioactive water into the sea as it has been for the last half a decade now just across the globe from Chile.

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