Thursday, October 25, 2012

Iran's Threat To The World: What The Media Is Not Telling You

This video, which is found on Caroline Glick's site is a must see and it should be forwarded as much as possible. It reveals Iran's intentions and what will happen if/when they begin producing nuclear weapons, which is ominously close to happening:

One of the disturbing things about last night's presidential debate is that the discussion on Iran was at least four years out of date. Iran is about to cross the threshold. I know voters don't want to hear it. But it is true.

Please take 15 minutes to watch this important YouTube video about what is at stake as Iran races, unhindered to the nuclear finish line. Watch it and then post it on your facebook page and website and send it out to everyone you know. The politicians don't want to admit how urgent this is. We have to show them that we are strong enough to handle the truth.


Ally said...

Done Mr. Scott ;) and people are already sharing. The hippie hotline spreads quickly.
Couple of weird sidenotes here. If you are on the east coast, even inland, next week could be insane. Normally this storm woyldnt concern me but the amount of weather manipulation in conjunction with it has ben massive, and the damage it could cause had already ben speculated by msm to cancel the elections. Lol. The false flag is a hurricane? Caver!!!!! Well mysteries never cease. So stock up on batteries n stuff and WV apparently you might be needing your snow boots?
Just looked at the pressure maps and ah, it is not looking goid for my neck of the woods! Kunda a durect va. Smackdown. Ugg.
Oh well, under the shelter if the most high!
Lots of earthquakes in the last couple of days too

David said...

I liked the video, but I don't think it will go very far. Unless I missed it, I didn't hear anywhere in it where God's help or guidance was asked for. Quiet frankly, when God isn't in it, what do you have? Something man made that will fail. The election is too close for the video to do any good as well. By the time of it's completion, the president will be seated. Once the presidency is determined, there is no need to cater to the public for another 4 years, and by that time people will have forgotten all about it.
Iran will not stop. You can't seriously believe that with their goal of nuclear weapons a mere month or so away,that sanctions, red lines, or videos will do anything to stop what it's worked to obtain since their inception? Russia, China, Libya, Syria, and all the other Islamic countries will ignore UN sanctions and provide them with what they need to survive.
The nuclear Iran dilemma will only end one way. That way is with Israel attacking them. Then all the above named countries that support Iran will rise against Israel. Armageddon, WWIII will engulf the world. God will put an end to it.

David said...


Speaking of video's. Check this one out. If this doesn't make the hair on your neck stand on end and send cold chills all over you .....then your probably dead.

David said...

Oh yeah Scott, by the way I know something else the media isn't telling us.......anything consisting of the truth.....(: +)