Monday, October 22, 2012

Syrian Crisis Expanding Into Lebanon, Jordan

Lebanon Launches Major Campaign To Calm Sectarian Violence

Lebanese troops launched a major security operation on Monday to open all roads and force gunmen off the streets, trying to contain an outburst of violence set off by the assassination of a top intelligence official who was a powerful opponent of Syria. Sectarian clashes overnight killed at least two people.

Sporadic cracks of gunfire rang out in Beirut as soldiers backed by armored personal carriers with heavy machine guns took up position on major thoroughfares and dismantled roadblocks. At times, troops exchanged gunfire with Sunni gunmen.
Al-Hassan was a Sunni who challenged Syria and its powerful Lebanese ally, the Shiite militant group Hezbollah. The uprising in Syria is dominated by the Sunni majority fighting Syrian President Bashar Assad...

Most of Lebanon’s Sunnis have backed Syria’s mainly Sunni rebels, while Lebanese Shiites tend to back Assad.

Al-Hassan’s assassination has imperiled Lebanon’s fragile political balance. Many politicians blamed Syria for the killing and angry protesters tried to storm the government palace after al-Hassan’s funeral on Sunday, venting their rage at leaders they consider puppets of a murderous Syrian regime. But were pushed back by troops who opened fire in the air and fired tear gas.

Lebanese troops and gunmen exchanged fire in Beirut's southern suburbs on Monday, wounding five people, deepening a political crisis following the assassination of a senior intelligence official, security and medical sources said.

Four people were also killed, including a 9-year-old girl, and 12 wounded in clashes between gunmen in the northern city of Tripoli, the sources said.

The violence heightened fears that the civil war in neighboring Syria could be spreading into Lebanon, upsetting its delicate political balance and threatening to usher in a new era of sectarian bloodshed.

Opposition leaders and their supporters want Prime Minister Najib Mikati to resign, saying he is too close to Syrian President Bashar Assad and his Lebanese ally Hezbollah, which is part of Mikati's government.

The clashes in Beirut on Monday morning took place on the edge of Tariq al-Jadida, a Sunni Muslim district that neighbors Shi'ite Muslim suburbs in the south of the capital.
Residents had earlier reported heavy overnight gunfirearound Tariq al-Jadida between gunmen armed with rifles and rocket-propelled grenades.
The crisis in Lebanon underscores local and international concern that the 19-month-old uprising against Assad is dragging in Syria's neighbors.

 Jordan says one of its soldiers has been killed at the Syrian border in clashes with armed militants trying to illegally cross into the neighboring country to join rebels fighting Bashar Assad’s regime.
He was the first Jordanian soldier killed in violence spilling over from the Syrian civil war.
Information Minister Sameeh Maaytah said the soldier was killed early Monday. Maaytah did not say whether the militants were Jordanians or foreign fighters trying to join the fray in Syria. A number of foreign Islamists are fighting in Syria alongside the rebels.
Jordan’s banned Salafi movement — which promotes an ultraconservative brand of Islam — has sent several fighters to Syria in past months and Jordanian border patrols have caught some of them recently.

Jordanian officials uncovered plansfor a major combined islamist terrorist attack that would have included a bombing at a shopping center in Amman and assassination attempts on Western diplomats, Jordanian state television reported Sunday.

With weapons and explosives smuggled from Syria, an al Qaeda-linked terrorist cell aimed to destabilize the country by carrying out a series of assassinations and suicide bombings aimed at westerners and commercial areas.
According to officials, the plot had been in the works since June. Eleven were arrestedin connection with the planned attacks.

The plot is the first to be foiled in Jordan since Al-Qaeda, citing its rejection of Jordan's peace treaty with Israel and alliance with the United States, carried out three hotel bombings in Amman almost seven years ago, killing 60 people
Jordan has been and remains the most stable of Israel's neighbors and a key U.S. ally in the Middle East. The Muslim Brotherhood and  terrorist cells linked to Al-Qaeda have called recently for the destabilization of Jordan, following successful campaigns to overthrow the governments of Egypt and Libya, and continuing efforts to overthrow the government of Syria. 

Hamas is getting stronger in the West Bank, but is focusing its activities on indoctrinating Palestinians in its extremist ideology and creating social assistance programs, an IDF source said Sunday.
The West Bank branch of Hamas is focused on Da’wa – social aid programs mixed with indoctrination – in order to build up its base of supporters, the source from the Judea and Samaria Division added.
In Gaza, however, the prisoners have joined Hamas’s efforts to channel funds to its cells in the West Bank, particularly in the area between Nablus and Jenin. Millions of shekels in terror financing have been seized by security forces in the first half of 2012.
The deal has also increased the chances of an attempt to kidnap soldiers for future prisoner releases.
IDF forces under the Judea and Samaria Division have held drill responses to the threat intensively. The army has also launched a campaign to heighten awareness among soldiers to the threat of kidnapping.

And this:

Russia plans to spend 101.15 billion rubles on nuclear weapons in 2013-2015, the head of the Defense Committee of the State Duma Vladimir Komoyedov said.
Earlier, the Commander of Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces, Colonel-General Sergei Karakayev, said that Russia was planning to pass into service a new heavy intercontinental ballistic missile in 2018, wrote The payload of the missile will be five tons, which is four times as large as that of solid-fuel Yars and Topol missiles.
According to the adviser of the Strategic Missile Command, retired Colonel-General Viktor Yesin, the military stage of the rocket, which he sees as the successor to the legendary Satan, is to be equipped with several autonomous nuclear warheads. Up to ten of them will be false warheads.
Komoyedov added that in 2012 the spending on nuclear weapons made up 27.4 billion rubles. The draft law “On the Federal Budget for 2013 and for the planning period of 2014 and 2015″ will be discussed in the first reading on Friday, October 19, The Voice of Russia reports.


Hubae said...

Wow....Russia is adding weapons and Obama is cutting the weapons in the USA. I think the US will be in for a big suprize sooner than later!!! Hope all is well with you Ally, WV and GG. I have missed the regular postings.

Ally said...

Russia is also building nuclear bomb shelters at an absolutely astounding rate. By 2013, they can shelter for 2 weeks over half the population of Moscow and are stil building. Do you know where your shelter is in the US? Oh there arent any! No civil defense either anymore.
Oh well, I eil be hanging out under the shelter if the Most High! Eating manna and raven food. Tehehehe.

Anonymous said...

As an FYI, $100B Rubles is equivalent to $3B USD. Not a big concern.

Caver said...

Sue, you really need help gal. Praying for you.

Anonymous said...

Caver...I ditto your comment!

GG said...

Hi DB :)

For someone who has never been here before you are pretty quick to be tossing out names don't you think? I have two questions for you...

1. Why is it every time you don't get your way in whichever name you choose to use of the moment, you always come back very upset when someone wants to pray for you? Hmmm...?

Most people would welcome prayer, not this part of the character you use. Why is that? Because you know that through God all things are possible and that my friend means great changes for you. That will mean you will not be able to continue in the manner in which you have become accustomed. You clearly do not want to say good-bye to self.

2. Does saying good-bye to your old ways hurt that much? I am truly concerned how whenever prayer is mentioned you come back in such a manner that is not even that in the light of the Lord. Don't you want the light? Like it or not, the more you come here, the more we will pray. I have added you to prayer groups and actually by real name too. So, while the attacks may come, try to stop fighting as the Lord is trying to help you not harm you. The devil does have a strong foot hold in your life and as a sister of Christ, I promise you, through the power of Jesus, with the help of the HS and the Favor and Blessings showered by God to help his sick and lost children, I will pray..pray..and pray..until I can't pray no more.

While some of your thinking seems to only pull part scripture into daily use, clearly, the devil has a foothold on your thinking that needs to be enlightened by the love and power of the Lord. You have to be emotionally and physically tired fighting this battle daily. Sincerely come on over to this side and accept the peace and love. Come and close the door on those things that only serve you not God.

I have some good reading for you for this week. This pertains to what type of house are we building in these last days? Why America can be so broken but are we following what the Lord sayeth?

Try reading the book of Haggai. Then move to Zechariah.

Right now in Haggai, we personally and as a nation are facing some difficult decisions. With the word of the Lord we can get through troubling times. We need to be asking God what does HE want us to do?

25 times in this book "Declares God Almighty". God is saying serve me, get it right in your hearts. There is a problem with your timing. Are you living in a paneled house? (valuing self of time, money, etc)

Maintain what God has given you, a roof over your head, a precious family, possessions, health (in any form, we are still breathing to witness for his Glory)

Cherish what God gives you in all of the above, it could be worse. Sometimes God will ask us to step out before we are ready, move toward the light!

When you are stuck God will ALWAYS give you a word. Gods will is in the word, read it!

When we do what God says, he will bless us, always. His will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven, not our will.

I hope this helps. You are spending way too much time chomping at the gifts you are given instead of settling down and embracing the lessons from within. That calls for pray on you Dear Brother/Sister, etc.

God Bless!!


GG said...

Hi Scott~

Seems D.B. a.k.a.....'s,,,,and,,,,'s are running through the various threads. I figured it is easier to post here than answer on each one. Lot's of copy and pasting.



PS..There is no 'slandering' other than you to Scott's name because these names you have used are not your real names thus far. This IP tracking is for International as well.

Scott said...

Anon/Dave/Sue/whomever - Its really sad at this point. Why don't you ever post this stuff when moderation is on? -Spend more time making your tie dye shirts and cooking, maybe that will bring you some relief from whatever is going on in your troubled soul. Maybe take another trip to the queen city.

Hubae said...

Wow.....this is one troubled person. They truly have issues. They try to ruin the fellowship we have here and it is just sad. One day we will all be held accountable for all our actions and I would not want to be in their shoes!!!!! I love this blog and the people here!!!!!

WVBORN56 said...

I felt real good last night on the 3rd installment of my end time series at church. It was on Israel and the middle east under the main heading, "Are we in the Season of Jesus Return".

I think I spent more time preparing and praying this time. I believe I am also catching on a bit to how best to present the material. There is a chance the series will be posted on our church web site. If it makes it I'll provide everyone with the link. If this has benefited no one other than me it has been worth all the effort. God is richly blessing me just in the time of preparation. Thanks to everyone who has been praying. Next week I'll finish up.

Gwenny said...

Just stopped by to say hello and wish all of you a blessed week!

Waterer said...

Been out of town for three days. I am glad that troubled postings are erased. ( Sounds like there have been "fussings again")Will pray too for edifying fellowship grounded in the Lord Jesus.
WV so glad your third week went well. I would very much hope to listen in if it is posted.