Monday, October 15, 2012

Updates From The Epicenter

Hal Lindsey's latest video update is worth watching:

Also - Joel Rosenberg has a new book which really could serve as a bookend to "Epicenter" which was a very revealing view into Russia's plans for the Middle East, along with a great deal of interesting and 'inside' information from his direct involvement in the region. 

Now we see this book (below), with an excerpt taken from his excerpt:

What intrigued me about Netanyahu was that he saw something few other leaders in Israel—or around the world—saw. He understood that while the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was painful and important and historic and thus truly worthy of being solved in a fair and just way, it was not the primary danger facing Israelis or the rest of the people in the modern Middle East. Rather, he could see that the prospect of Middle Eastern dictators acquiring and using nuclear weapons was the real danger, one that absolutely must be avoided at all costs. Thus, while Netanyahu believed sincere efforts needed to be made by Israeli and world leaders to find peace with the Palestinians, he believed far more attention needed to be paid dealing with Iraq and Iran.

Today Netanyahu stands at the epicenter of international attention at the most dangerous moment in the modern history of the Jewish state. In the absence of the U.S. and international community taking decisive measures to neutralize the rapidly growing Iranian nuclear threat, Netanyahu now faces the most difficult decision of his long and fascinating political and military career. Should he order the IDF into a full-scale, all-out war to neutralize the Iranian nuclear threat in the next few days, weeks, or months? Or should he delay, hoping the negotiations and sanctions against Iran will eventually work? Should he wait and hope that the U.S. will eventually take decisive action?

The risks of going to war are enormous. But as Netanyahu sees it, so are the risks of not going to war. What if Israel waits too long? What if Washington continues to hesitate and fails to take action in time to prevent Iran from getting the Bomb? What if the Israeli people wake up one morning to the news that those running Iran now have operational nuclear warheads and both the will and eagerness to use them to annihilate Israel and hasten the coming of the so-called Islamic messiah known as the Twelfth Imam or the Mahdi? Worse, what if one morning most of the Israeli people never wake up at all because the mullahs in Tehran have—without warning—launched a nuclear strike and wiped out most, if not all, of the Jewish State?

Netanyahu has been warning his country, the U.S., and the world of this very danger since the early 1990s. Now the hour of decision has arrived, and the stakes could not be higher. Only time will tell how he will handle this extraordinary test. I have written this book, in part, to assess the magnitude of the threat and the varied dimensions of this fateful decision. How did we get to this point? How do Netanyahu and his closest advisors perceive the enemy, the timetable, the risks, and the endgame? Who is Benjamin Netanyahu, anyway? How will the Israeli leader’s complicated relationship with President Obama affect his assessment of the road ahead? What other personal and historical factors are weighing on his mind as he navigates this crisis? What could be the unintended consequences of a decision to go to war? What’s more, how does the current crisis fit into historical trends in the Middle East, and how could this crisis set the stage for Bible prophecies to come to pass in the years ahead?

Speaking of PM Netanyahu:

This time, it really happened. The Knesset dissolved itself late Monday night, ahead of elections on January 22, 2013.The final reading of the bill to dissolve the Knesset passed with 100 in favor and none opposed, over five months after it passed a nearly identical bill in its first reading before opposition leader Shaul Mofaz (Likud) joined the coalition at 2 a.m.Although the final vote on the bill had not taken place by late Monday night, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu reassured the public at a faction meeting: “This time it’s final. We are going to elections.”


Ally said...

Hmm, let me see if I understamd this correctly. No Knesset is like no Congress. So until the new elections, anything a BIBI does is 100% his own deal. So all responsiblity is on him.
Oh how I would love to hear Doc No Fog's opinion right now! Scott-do you have anyway to contact him? I've been worried about him and his wife for a while.
Guys, I need your help again. I so hate asking but I am so sick. I have no health insurance and have ben in and out of the hospital since may. Divertivulitis, powerful antibiotics, MRSA, MORE powerful antibiotics, diverticulitis again, sntibiotics, MRSA, antibiotics, diverticulitis, my body is so weak from this regiment I van hardly get out of bed. I receive no type of public assistance, can't seem to see a gastro guy or even a primary care doc and I'm in real bad shape!!! My only option is the emergency room and I don't go unless I think ai might realky die if I don't. And yes, I have been at deaths door several times this summer.

I need healing!!!! As in total 100% get well right now healing!! My Jesus hung on that cross and bore my infirmaties. And he took those stripes for my healing!!!! Please pray and stand for me. satan had been attackimg memy whole life with this and I just can't take it anymore. It is excrusiatingly painful and debelitating, im finishing antibiotics right now and I already can barely stand up for more than just afew min and really hurt bad. I live alone and there is no one to help me. The er docs and radiologists think I probably have Crohns. All I know is whatever it is, its from the pit of hell and needs to go back there! And away from me! Immediately.
Really, straight up, if Jesus doesnt heal me, or make a way, I will be looking at the rapture from a totalky differnt vantage point.

David said...

Russia is waiting in the wings. And rightfully so, this is prophecy. Russia is believed to lead a final revolt against Israel, and speculation is when they have been exhausted through a battle probably with Tehran, Russia steps in to finish them. Of course we as Christians know that God steps in and ends it, once and for all.
Some believe the rapture will have already occurred by then. We are so right here at the end you can taste it.
We as Christians need a cardioversion. To get our hearts beating to God's rythym. We desperately need to reach the lost. How can we care for people yet leave them for eternal damnation? We must witness now, to them, no one can afford to wait.

Anonymous said...


I'm praying, praying, praying! I know from personal experience how health problems can really bring one down (physically, mentally, and spiritually). It can be so hard to focus on the Lord when one feels so bad. One thing I've learned, though, is to praise Him - no matter what. Find something to thank Him for (including your healing) and just keep praising Him and thanking Him. The more you do that, the more things you realize that you have to praise and thank Him for - well, you get the picture. It helps take the focus off of you and onto Him, which is where it should be anyway. I know all of this sounds easy, but I've had days where it seemed like I could barely get past "thank You." Keep at it, though. Remember, the closer you draw to Him, the closer He'll draw to you. I still have bad days, but He always gets me through in better shape than when I started. I, too, long for a miraculous healing. However, if this is the way it needs to be for now, I am content with that. Being in this kind of shape certainly keeps me on my face before the Lord. It's hard to be anything but humble when it's hard to walk from one side of the room to the other. All of my problems are auto-immune related, and from what I understand, they feel that Crohn's is also. It seems like every day, I hear of more and more people who are coming down with these sorts of diseases. Not a coincidence, I'm sure.

I know I've rambled some here, but I just wanted to let you know that I understand. A couple of things that I've found that seem to help keep the inflammation down in my body is to watch what foods I eat (as little processed food as possible!). Also, I've been reading about how Vitamin D and E (only the natural one) really help with conditions like ours. I've started taking them, and I truly do believe they are helping. I've read that Vitamin D can really help with Crohns'. Just as a side note, my husband suffers from a pretty good case of psoriasis, which he's been treating medically for years. Nothing has cleared it up - until now. I've been giving him pure Vitamin E capsules (again, only the natural, not synthetic), and keeping natural Vitamin E cream on his irritated spots. We are so close to getting it all cleared up!!! He is ecstatic - the itching is finally under control and those awful looking red patches are nearly gone.

There is hope! The Lord has provided us with just what we need, exactly when we need it. We just need to get out there and look.

Scott, I know this is way off topic, and if you choose to not post this, I certainly understand. I just felt in my spirit that Ally truly needed to hear all of this. People who have good health should rejoice and praise God every day for it. It certainly makes life "interesting" when you suddenly find yourself in a different place that what you've been used to. "New normals" can be very difficult to get used to and accept.

Ally, darlin', hope this helps in some small way. Again, my prayers are going up for you and for everyone here. These are such incredibly tough, but exciting times that we are living in. Ol' slewfoot would love to get us all distracted so that we won't be of much use for furthering Our Father's kingdom. I don't know about you, but I REFUSE to let that happen, and I know that you do, too. Keep fighting the good fight and keep looking up. We'll be going home soon.

Scott, thanks for all you do. I know it must take a tremendous amount of time and work for you to compile all of this, often several times a day. I feel like I've gained a new family here. Again, thank you so much, and God bless!


ChristineInCleveland said...


Bless your heart! You have me & my son Shane's sincerest petition to the Lord for your imminent healing.... This sounds so horrible to have to be suffering like you are! I don't understand why you can't qualify for a charity hospital with access to Medicaid if you are uninsured or low income? Why won't they let you see a specialist? If you have access to a county hospital they should have a 'rating' you can get based on your income for sliding scale so you will have the care you need... That's what me & my husband have cuz he's on Soc. Security Disability for a mental impairment.
Do you work at all? Are you getting food or other necessities you need? Call your Church & see if they can send someone to help you out- I'm sure they Church gave me boxes of canned food & $90 cash last time we had a bad setback. That's what the Church does to help one another ...please keep us posted & much love & prayers for you, sister Ally!


You are so right- this is the most obvious time to mobilize for Jesus... Let's be His hands/feet & speak out to whoever He brings into our path ready to hear the wonderful Hope we have in Him!

Anonymous said...

Dear Ally,

Further private prayer by me is on its way, in addition to this one, my present prayer, for you:

"In Yeshua's Name, we bind you Satan from afflicting Ally anymore! The Lord Yeshua rebuke you and your works against our sister. Also, any demons under you Satan that you've sent against her, we command them to cease this very instant their work against her and we command them into the Abyss according to Luke 8:31. We now also turn and speak to Ally's mortal body (e.g., Matthew 17:20b -- to tell the mountain about our God instead of telling God about our mountain) -- and tell it to be healed and be fully recovered with all speed, in Jesus' Name. We also say 'So Be It' to the Holy Spirit's working in this situation and for this healing. AMEN. "

Maranatha and God continue to bless you, Ally,


Ally said...

Thank you so much. Your prayers are worth more than could ever be communicated here. But I think you know that :)
Yes, Mr. Pointy Tail its putting the hurting on a lot of people right now. And its hard to pray for others when all you can do is groan in pain. Yesterday I just kept imagining poor Yeshua hangung on the cross, so sick with this and every other illness and pain all at the same time and all our sins too. I felt so sad for him.
I believe healing is just as true as salvation. So somehow someway there us something keeping me from it our it from me. Thank you for standing in the gap.
Yes natural vitamins and organic food are very helpful and my garden is still producing! But they chemtrail us here heavily almost daily and I don't even want to think about whats in that stuff. Jesus said perilous times and he meant it.
Va is a welfare reform state. The city I live in wil only give you medicaid/medicare if you are over 65, on Social Security, or pregnant. I qualify for food stamps but its huge hassle and they make you wait 30 days to get approved. Im ok on food because I have a "rainyday" stash and a garden. No church really. I cant find one that actually believes the Bible, can you imagine that? But I have Jesus and I have you! And thats pretty much my church-and I do fellowship with other believers but its always random and holy spirit arranged.
I am desperately trying to get medical assistance somehow, I've ben working in it for about 3 years now.
God has made a way for me, somehow money for bills materilizes they day they are due, somehow I have food to eat, somehow a roof over my head but it surely isn't me. I work the few days I can crawel out if bed but its all by divine providence! For which I am eternally grateful!

Alice said...

Ally, dear sister, I will keep you in my prayers! I only wish you lived here in IL where I could cook for you! You see, my son has Crohns, too. It's an awful disease. Thankfully he seems to have a mild case. The diet truly helps. Perhaps your familiar with it? The SCD? If not, I'll be happy to help in any way. I am thankful that you have a garden - whole, unprocessed foods are the best, as Elizabeth said. Also yogurt for the beneficial probiotics - I make my own because it's even more potent. But try to eat some as often as you can! Praying for amazing healing for you from our Heavenly Father!

David said...

Ally, have you tried your county's dept. of social services to help with your medical needs? I am praying for you!

Waterer said...

DEAR Ally,
I'm so sorry to hear of your suffering. I will be praying for you. VERY hard.
How far away from Chapel Hill are you?I would love to offer to help you in any way we can.
I had c diff a year ago from taking antibiotics for an infection and they kept giving me more antibiotics which actually compunded the problem. The symptoms are similar. I am sorry for your pain and pray for your full healing.
Love in Jesus,