Monday, October 22, 2012

Evening Update: Syria Could Cause 'Regional Earthquake'

This comes from Arutz Sheva:

Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman warned BulgarianPresident Rosen Plevneliev Monday the Syrian crisis may soon cause a “regional earthquake” if it is not resolved.

Lieberman warned the Bulgarianpresident and his Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nickolay Mladenov, that violence from the Syrian civil war is spilling over into neighboring countries.

He added that the crisis is affecting the stability of the region in a manner that is liable to cause a major upheaval if it is not soon resolved.

The Israeli and Bulgarian officials met Monday in Jerusalem to discuss the strengthening of bilateral relations and cooperation between the two nations. They also discussed a framework for regional cooperation that would include additional countries.
Lieberman told Plevneliev that the events of the past few days in Lebanon, and yesterday's attempted terrorist attack in Jordan, as well as other regional events were all results of the Syrian civil war.

The foreign minister added that if the crisis is not resolved shortly he believes these “secondary shockwaves” are likely to become “a huge regional earthquake.”

“Some say a nuclear armed Iran would stabilize the Middle East. Yeah, right. That's like a saying a nuclear armed al-Qaida would usher in world peace,” Netanyahu said at the UN in New York.

The fiercely anti-Western and anti-Israel systems of the Islamic Republic and al-Qaida are no longer a matter of a mere parallel, but rather an increasingly potent joint-operation that seeks to destabilize the Middle East, and to murder Western, particularly US, forces in the Pakistan/Afghanistan war theaters as well as in Iraq.

In an email to The Jerusalem Post on Sunday, Thomas Joscelyn, the leading expert on the role of al-Qaida in Iran, wrote, “From Israel’s perspective, it says a lot about its principal enemy that Iran has more in common with al- Qaida than [with] the international community.”

Stephen F. Hayes, a senior writer with the conservative Weekly Standard magazine, who has penned articles with Joscelyn over the years on the longstanding relationship between al-Qaida and Iran, wrote on his Twitter micro blog on Saturday, “Deeply skeptical of any direct talks between Iran-US. For a decade Iranian regime facilitated killing of US troops in Iraq/Afghanistan.”

He further noted, “Beyond that, Iranian regime harbored senior al-Qaida leadership & facilitated their operations.

The growing body of evidence shows that al-Qaida and the Islamic Republic are mirror images of each other and continue to flourish as agents of terror. With the exceptions of counter-terrorism experts at the US Treasury Department and a handful of media and think tank experts, the increasingly powerful alliance between al-Qaida and Iran has not been fully grasped by the security and media establishments.

The Labor party has hired Stanley Greenberg, a leading Democratic political strategist, to direct its campaign in the upcoming elections for Knesset. The move may be part of a Democratic plan to topple Binyamin Netanyahu's government and replace it with a leftist one, although there is no proof that Democratic politicians are involved.
Greenberg, along with partners James Carville and Robert Shrum, helped Labor under Ehud Barak defeat Netanyahu in the 1999 elections. Previously, then-President Bill Clinton was reportedly active in creating rifts within Netanyahu's coalition, hastening its downfall.
The pattern of action may be repeating itself, as Greenberg appears to have played a key role in destabilizing Netanyahu's present government as well. According to an investigative report by Maariv's Kalman Libeskind, it was Greenberg who gave directions to an Israeli strategy forum in 2011, on how to engineer the "social protests" that brought hundreds of thousands of Israelis to the streets that summer.

And lastly, the article below is a must read:

The key points below:

As I first detailed in my two previous reports, Lemmings at the Precipice of WWIII and Body of lies, from Barack to Benghazi, Barack Hussein Obama, it is becoming more apparent that Ambassador Christopher Stevens was involved in a CIA operation of the same magnitude as the Bay of Pigs, just not yet as visible. The actual story, however, is even bigger and even more deeply rooted in the “Obama agenda.” Ambassador Stevens is simply the most visible face of this covert CIA operation.

Based on my research and investigation, in addition to much assistance from a confidential source well-connected to the intelligence community, it is becoming clear Stevens was the “go-to” man on the ground for providing assistance to the “rebels” in Syria who are attempting to topple the Assad regime. This is the reason that he was at a CIA operational post in Benghazi on September 11, 2012 and not Tripoli, where the U.S. Embassy is located.

It appears that Stevens was working for the CIA under the direction of the Clinton State Department and the Obama administration to facilitate the transfer of weapons, including portable surface to air missiles from Libya to the rebels or freedom fighters in Syria. It is now being revealed that the weapons “confiscated” in Libya were being moved by the ton from Benghazi to outposts in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan for their eventual use by anti-Assad rebels. Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood play a role in the weapons distribution, while the “freight” is paid by Turkey, Qatar and most importantly, Saudi Arabia.

The amount of weapons is staggering. It is estimated that within the last year, between 30-40 million pounds of weapons were transported out of Libya. Considering that the U.S. and the intelligence agencies have had 24/7 surveillance over every inch of Libya, can anyone of reasonable sensibilities really contend that the U.S. was not aware of exactly who was smuggling weapons from Libya, if not directly involved in that activity?Much like the Bay of Pigs, the CIA, under the direction of Obama, is deeply determined and extensively involved in overthrowing the Assad regime. Here we come back to the question of why? Is it for humanitarian purposes to free an oppressed people? No.


Seek But Don't Hide said...

These are times when I wish I had been born NOT an American. However, God has a plan and Obama is just one more pawn on the proverbial chess board. We have the rapture and Christ to look forward to while Obama and the Muslim know.

James N Nashville said...

Hello everyone,...I'm sitting here watching Romney throw the debate tonight and I realise that Obama is going to be in power for another 4 years. How could Romney knowing what's at stake, be so ill prepared for the task at hand in explaining how our nation under God, deals with external threats. Then I'm reminded that its not Romney but God who is in control. Tonight's display in this debate if nothing else tells Israel they are completely alone. Israel has to act now. There is no help coming.

James N Nashville

annie said...

Dito James, Dito! I was thinking the same thing! I sat there shaking my head thru it all. Wondering why is he performing like a puppet on a string...and then realized he is a puppet! Everything controled by the NWO!! I am so exhausted by it all. Mentally and physically. I want to go home soo bad! Jesus is close, keep holding on! Maranatha!

Benjamin said...

I couldn't agree more, James. As much as I hate to say it, I think we're in for another 4 years of Obama and this country will be almost unrecognizable by the time a second term ends.

I pray the Lord comes quickly and we're gone before then.

God bless.

WVBORN56 said...

James I watched the baseball game instead. :)

I've been disappointed too many times in politics. Now I am cynical. Having a Christian world view is so foreign to these national "leaders" that all we can do is pick the lesser of two evils.

Romney for example got elected in the most liberal state in the union. That should tell people all the need to know. He is a globalist and a puppet just like Obama. Our slide to ruin with him a the helm would just be a bit slower.

Frankly it is all in God's hands and that is what comfort's me now. Our time here IMHO is very short. I will continue to fight evil, vote and do my civic duty but I'll leave the results up to the Lord. And if the Lord should tarry...

I seek comfort from Isaiah 41:10..."Do not fear for I am with you. Do not be dismayed for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will uphold you with my righteous hand."

Sharon said...

WV, the Isaiah 41:10 verse is such a powerful and strong verse to pray! I had breast cancer this past year and this verse was my prayer, that God answered mightily. It shows us that the answer to fear is knowing that God is with us; the answer to being discouraged (dismayed) is knowing that God is in control. That He will help and strengthen us. And in the Hebrew Bible, His righteous right hand is His victorious right hand. All this together was such a sweet and encouraging prayer and promise from Him. I'm glad that this is also a go to verse for you.

Blessings to all and maranatha!