Saturday, October 27, 2012

Israel Will Have To Act Alone

Caroline Glick makes that point abundantly clear and her logic is hard to dispute. Not only does Israel stand alone, but it is becoming more and more obvious that only Israel will stop the Iranian threat:

As usual, the entire article is worth reading; below are a few of the most pertinent quotes:

Israel is the only country that can prevent the genocidal Iranian regime with regional and global ambitions from acquiring the means to carry out its goals.

We already know that all Obama will do is talk and impose more irrelevant 'sanctions'. Even if Romney is elected, it would simply take too long for new policies on Iran to be enacted:

On the other hand, Romney’s identification of Iran as the gravest national security threat facing the US made clear that he understands the severity of the threat posed by Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

And consequently, if Romney defeats Obama on November 6, it is likely that on January 21, 2013, the US will adopt a different policy towards Iran.
The question for Israel now is whether any of this matters. If Romney is elected and adopts a new policy towards Iran, what if any operational significance will this policy shift have for Israel? The short answer is very little.

To understand why this is the case we need to consider two issues: The time it would take for a new US policy to be implemented; and the time Iran requires to become a nuclear power.

It happened during the build-up to war with Iraq - it took so long for the policy to be developed and enacted, as so many people forget, or conveniently ignore - during that time we saw the following:

According to a detailed report by Ryan Mauro at from June 2010, after the fall of Saddam’s regime, the Iraq Survey Group, charged with assessing the status of Iraq’s WMD arsenal, received numerous credible reports that the chemical weapons had been sent to Syria before the invasion.

The stream of reports about the pre-invasion transfer of Iraq’s WMD to Syria have continued to intermittently surface since the outbreak of the Syrian civil war last year.
In short, at a minimum, the time the US required to mount its operation in Iraq enabled Saddam to prepare the conditions to deny America the ability to achieve a clear victory.

In the long lead up to the US invasion, then-prime minister Ariel Sharon warned that satellite data indicated that Iraq was transporting its chemical weapons arsenal to Syria. Sharon’s warnings fell on deaf ears. So, too, a report by a Syrian journalist that WMD had been transferred to Syria was ignored.

Back to Iran:

THIS BRINGS us to Iran. In the event that Romney is elected to the presidency, upon entering office he would face a military leadership led by Gen. Martin Dempsey that has for four years sought to minimize the danger that Iran’s nuclear weapons program poses to the US. Dempsey has personally employed language to indicate that he believes an Israeli preemptive strike against Iran’s nuclear weapons sites would be an illegal act of aggression.

Romney would face intelligence, diplomatic and military establishments that at a minimum have been complicit in massive leaks of Israeli strike options against Iran and that have so far failed to present credible military options for a US strike against Iran’s uranium enrichment sites and other nuclear installations.

Genesis 12:3 comes to mind regarding the facts presented above, but I digress.

He would face a hostile media establishment that firmly and enthusiastically supports Obama’s policy of relentless appeasement and has sought to discredit as a warmonger and a racist every politician who has tried to make the case that Iran’s nuclear weapons program constitutes an unacceptable threat to US national security.

And he would face an electorate that has never heard a cogent case for military action against Iran. (Although, with the goodwill with which the American public usually greets its new presidents, this last difficulty would likely be the least of his worries.)
At the UN, Romney would face the same gridlock faced by his two predecessors on Iran. Russia and China would block UN Security Council action against the mullocarcy.

All of this means that as was the case in Iraq, it would likely take until at least the summer of 2013, if not the fall, before a Romney administration would be in a position to take any military action against Iran’s nuclear installations.

And it isn’t only US military campaigns that take a long time to organize. It also takes a long time for US administrations to change arm sales policies.
For instance, if a hypothetical Romney administration wished to supply Israel with certain weapons systems that would make an Israeli strike against Iran’s nuclear installations more successful, it could take months for such deals to be concluded, approved by Congress, and then executed.

Perhaps more importantly, we turn to the facts below:

This then brings us to the question of where will Iran’s nuclear weapons program likely stand by next summer?

In his speech before the UN General Assembly last month, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said that by next spring or at the latest next summer Iran will have reached the final stage of uranium enrichment and will be able to acquire sufficient quantities of bomb-grade uranium for a nuclear weapon within a few months or even a few weeks.

Netanyahu said that the last opportunity to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons will be before it reaches the final stage of uranium enrichment – that is, by the spring. At that point, a hypothetical Romney administration will have been in office for mere months. A new national security leadership will just be coming into its own.

It is extremely difficult to imagine that a new US administration would be capable of launching a preemptive attack against Iran’s nuclear installations at such an early point in its tenure in office.

Indeed. Which takes us to the inevitable conclusion:

So this leaves us with Israel. 

But when we consider the political realities of the US – in the event that Obama is reelected or in the event that Romney takes the White House – it is clear that Israel will remain the only party with the means – such as they are – and the will to strike Iran’s nuclear installations.

Israel is the only country that can prevent this genocidal regime with regional and global ambitions from acquiring the means to carry out its goals.

But we prophecy watchers knew this didn't we?

Israel will stand alone in this world, however, they will receive vast assistance from the creator of the universe - God Himself. 


Seek But Don't Hide said...

I have to keep reminding myself of God's greater plan when I read stories like this. Part of me wants to scream at the world "why don't all of you do something!" But I know that wouldn't do any good and Israel and God will be the main players in the coming events.

David said...

I agree J.H. I never imagined in my lifetime that I would ever see the U.S. turn its back on Israel. But isn't it awesome to see Gods word happening exactly as the bible says it would? Who knows how much longer Iran has until its uranium is enriched to weapons grade. With so many conflicting reports it could be months.
I also prayed for your job situation J.H., I'm sure God will put you where he needs you.