Monday, October 29, 2012

Daily Headlines: Signs Around The World

The entire world seems to be hanging by a thread - as the Middle East sits on the edge of a cliff, earth signs are in abundance right now, Russia making dramatic moves and threatening peace, Syria, Egypt, Iran, Sudan, and the EU all marching towards the same cliff. And that isn't even mentioning the world-wide financial collapse that is both planned and pending. Every day we see movements towards this cliff, also known as the Tribulation.

The Israeli Air Force hit terror targets in the Gaza Strip overnight on Sunday in response to renewed rocket fire following , the IDF Spokesperson Office said.
A further 15 rockets fell overnight and in the early hours of Monday morning on the Sderot  area areas following the IAF strike, Army Radio reported.
The IDF said that the airstrike was in response to high trajectory fire into Israeli territory after Palestinians in Gaza fired three long-range Grad rockets at Beersheba on Sunday morning, threatening to end a brief period of calm.

The chances of a "narrow or wide" armed conflict involving the IDF have grown recently, the army's head of the Technology and Logistics Branch told officers this week.
Addressing the Iranian threat, Naveh said, "far off in the East, leaders are making threats without shame on every stage, expressing their desire to destroy Israel. On the Gaza border, we are in a continuous combat situation with terror organizations." He added that southern residents come under fire on occasion as part of the same conflict, "due to hatred of Israel alone."

An Israel airstrike was behind the explosion last Wednesday at a Sudanese weapons factory, and that attack was a “dry run for a forthcoming attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities,” according to a weekend report in the Sunday Times of London, which also implied the seeds of the attack were planted in the 2010 alleged Mossad assassination of Hamas operative Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai.

Citing anonymous Israeli and western defense sources, the British newspaper alleged that an IAF force consisting of eight fighters, two helicopters and a refueling plane were used in the attack on the weapons factory near Khartoum. The force flew down the Red Sea, avoiding Egyptian air defense, and used electronic countermeasures to prevent detection while over Sudanese territory.

Four fighters made the bombing run, the other four were used for air cover, and the helicopters, which carried 10 commandos each, were in reserve in case a rescue operation was needed to recover a downed pilot.
“This was a show of force, but it was only a fraction of our capability — and of what the Iranians can expect in the countdown to the spring,” an Israeli defense source was quoted as telling the Sunday Times.

Iran has a fleet consisting of 15 different drone models. Last Tuesday the head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ aerospace division, Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh,claimed that the Iranian armed forces had developed a UAV that can fly 2,000 kilometers (1,250 miles) and can carry “bombs and missiles.”
Currently only Israel, the US and the UK have drones that can fire weapons. But drone technology has been proliferating fast. Once the exclusive domain of the US and Israel, an estimated 70 countries possess drone technology today. Global investment in that technology is expected to nearly double over the next decade, from $6.6.billion to $11.4 billion, according to the Teal Group, a Virginia-based defense consulting firm quoted in the aforementioned CNN report.

Iran has in its possession photographs of restricted Israeli military bases, thanks to the drone that Israel destroyed over the northern Negev in early October, an Iranian parliamentarian claimed Monday.
Defense committee chairman Esmail Kowsari said the drone, likely launched by Hezbollah from Lebanon, took pictures of sensitive areas before being shot down over the Yatir forest, Iran’s Mehr news reported, citing an interview with the Al-Alam news outlet.
Iranians claim the drone was made with technology garnered from the downing of an American UAV over Iran last year, and could not only transmit pictures, but managed to fly over restricted airspace and photograph it.

And its a guarantee that any 'secret meetings' between the current U.S. administration and Iran will not be favorable to Israel (see article below this link). 

The United States and Iran are moving forward with secret negotiations, despite denying earlier meetings took place, according to a source highly placed in the Islamic government.
The source, who remains anonymous for security reasons, added that teams from both sides will resume the talks in the coming days with the hope of reaching agreement to announce a breakthrough before the U.S. elections.

The source said the Obama administration seems to need a diplomatic victory before the elections in the wake of the attack in Libya that killed U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans because the administration failed to adequately protect the Benghazi consulate.

If President Obama is not re-elected, however, the source contends any agreement reached after the elections will be announced and enforced while he is still in office, once Iran’s supreme leader receives written guarantees from Obama.
The source adds, on a related note, that President Obama chose not to destroy the American, sensitive-technology RQ-170 stealth drone, which was captured by the Iranian forces after it crashed in Iran in December of 2011, because he feared jeopardizing the ongoing secret negotiations.

The source said the revelation of the secret meetings has caused internal rifts between Iranian factions. The supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has already alerted the Americans that he might remove President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and establish an emergency government. He has already seized authority over much of the affairs of the country, including international matters.

Before looking at the article below - consider the fact that the U.S. has done everything in its power to prevent Israel from destroying Iran's nuclear facilities - the same facilities that are building nuclear weapons which would destroy Israel. Also keep in mind that the U.S. is funneling money and arms into several radical Islamic groups who are not only engaged in a takeover of what were previously stable governments (Egypt, Libya, Syria, etc.), but who are actively seeking and calling for Israel's destruction. . Almost every 'policy' currently held by the U.S. in the region is aiming towards Israel's destruction whether by intent or as 'collateral damage'. 

Who knows? It is certainly worth some consideration however.

America’s eastern seaboard is in a state of emergency, stocking up on food and battening down the hatches as it anticipates a ferocious weather event some insurance companies would refer to as “an act of God.”

But could the “Frankenstorm” – the feared combined forces of a wintery land storm with Hurricane Sandy – actually be a message from the Almighty?
Journalist and White House correspondent William Koenig explained to WND that some of the United States’ most catastrophic storms and events have correlated closely with the nation’s God-defying attempts to divide the land of Israel.

“When we put pressure on Israel to divide their land, we have enormous, record-setting events, often within 24 hours,” Koenig told WND. “Hurricane Katrina, 9/11 – we have experienced over 90 record-setting, all-time events as we have acted against Israel. And the greater the pressure on Israel to ‘cooperate,’ the greater the catastrophe.”
Some of Koenig’s examples are startling.

Israel policies in the attempt to forge an Arab-Israeli “peace” plan that included recognizing a Palestinian “right” to biblically Jewish lands. But while Bush was in Spain advocating a division of Israel, the “Perfect Storm” – so named for the ferociously destructive way in which a cold nor’easter combined with Hurricane Grace – was lashing the U.S. seaboard at home.

“The Perfect Storm sent 30-foot ocean waves into Bush’s Kennebunkport home as he was calling on Israel to give up the West Bank (Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem),” Koenig told WND. “The Madrid ‘land for peace’ Conference began the Israeli-Palestinian peace process that Mitt Romney advocated in the debates, even as yet another ‘perfect storm’ is brewing offshore.”

Similarly, Hurricane Katrina, the deadliest and costliest hurricane in U.S. history, hit Aug. 29, 2005; the storm began the day President George W. Bush congratulated Israel for evacuating Gaza and called on the Israelis and Palestinians to move onto his two-state plan.

And as WND reported earlier this year, Koenig drew similar parallels with Hurricane Isaac and the 2012 Republican National Convention. The day Isaac formed as a tropical storm in August, the Republican platform committee voted to add a “two-state” position pertaining to Israel for formal convention approval.

In fact, in his book “Eye to Eye: Facing the Consequences of Dividing Israel,” Koenig points out that nine of the 10 costliest insurance events in U.S. history followed dramatic calls by U.S. officials for Israel to make land concessions in bids for peace with its neighbors. He points out with startling detail how six of the seven costliest hurricanes in U.S. history followed such events. He points out how three of the four largest tornado outbreaks in U.S. history also followed such developments.

I would like to introduce you, the reader, to some realities of our global banking system, resting on the rhetoric of free markets, but functioning, in actuality, as a global cartel, a “super-entity” in which the world’s major banks all own each other and own the controlling shares in the world’s largest multinational corporations, influence governments and policy with politicians in their back pockets, routinely engaging in fraud and bribery, and launder hundreds of billions of dollars in drug money, not to mention arms dealing and terrorist financing.

In December of 2011, Roger Altman, the former Deputy Secretary of the Treasury under the Clinton administration wrote an article for theFinancial Times in which he explained that financial markets were “acting like a global supra-government,” noting:
They oust entrenched regimes where normal political processes could not do so. They force austerity, banking bail-outs and other major policy changes.
Their influence dwarfs multilateral institutions such as the International Monetary Fund. Indeed, leaving aside unusable nuclear weapons, they have become the most powerful force on earth.[6]

Altman continued, explaining that when the power of this “global supra-government” is flexed, “the immediate impact on society can be painful – wider unemployment, for example, frequently results and governments fail.” But of course, being a former top Treasury Department official, he went on to endorse the global supra-government, writing, “the longer-term effects can be often transformative and positive.”
In other words, the ‘super-entity’ global ‘supra-government’ of financial markets carries out financial extortion, overthrows governments and impoverishes populations, but this is ultimately “positive” and “permanent,” at least from the view of a former Treasury Department official.

Just as Russian President Putin pushes for a customs-free economic Eurasian Union involving Russia and the countries of Central Asia, an additional prospect he sees is the creation of a Eurasian parliament, similar to the European parliament of the European Union
Putin and his Russian Duma (parliament) Speaker Sergei Naryshkin, already have discussed the creation of a trilateral expert commission to develop a roadmap to creation of a European Parliamentary Assembly, which would be a precursor to the Eurasian Parliament.
The CSTO is viewed by analysts as the budding counterpart to the Western alliance, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
While the notion of a CSTO deployment is being downplayed, especially in Moscow, there are discussions at various levels in member governments on that subject. Russia and the CSTO countries just completed their first “peacekeeping exercise” that assumes the deployment of CSTO troops in any future regional outbreak of violence, such as in Afghanistan.
It also gave the participants experience in establishing a unified command for the first time.

“If they weren’t so dangerous and destructive, one could smile and pat the Modern Liberal on the head and tell him how cute he is and go on about the business of being an adult. But he is dangerous and destructive, with the True Believer’s very purpose being the total destruction of everything that God and science—most obviously Western Civilization—has ever created. ...The Modern Liberal will invariably and, in fact, inevitably side with evil over good, wrong over right and the behaviors that lead to failure over those that lead to success.”—Evan Sayet “The Kindergarden of Eden


David said...

Scott, what do you think is the purpose of an intentional financial collapse within the U.S.? The one world currency, one world banking institution?

What is going ti be the trigger here in the U.S. for the civil uprising?

I don't know about everyone else, but I am sick of the campaign lies from all parties. I'm disgusted with the U.S. dictating to Israel who has every right to defend herself, not to.
I'm ready for the next event to unfold that brings us one step closer to the Lord's coming. The anticipation is building.
Is there anything left on God's prophetic Calender that must happen before the rapture?

Helen said...

Dave, I can answer part of your question. There is nothing that has to happen before the Rapture. It is imminent. (could happen at any moment) IMHO



Seek But Don't Hide said...

I'll be honest. I'm not even paying attention or bothering with this election. I think that God's end time plans are in motion and no president can stop them. We know that Israel will be all alone and the US will abandon them like all the others. I do think this financial collapse is part of the plan to bring on a world currency. If the dollar becomes useless like other nations' money then a world currency will be seen as the answer.

Gary said...

We can go at any time!!!! There is no prophecy to fulfill before we go.

Anonymous said...

You know it is kind of hard to say that these storms were stared because of something we did to Israel or other major sins... Because it seems America is so often making bad choices in our White House! I do agree though, I believe The Lord is warning us... We have supported Israel and that is probably why we have been such a blessed nation in the past. We give satan to much power sometimes. Someone in our church said that America is not being persecuted because we are not a Christian nation... Well God Almighty could be protecting us because we as a nation have protected His chosen people! And last time I check God is in charge, read the book of Job.... Satan has rules he has to go by....

Ally said...

Hi David! A lot of things are just educated speculation on all of our parts. The Bible contains the only truth we can really depend on in our current situation. The only weapon we have available for both defense and change is PRAYER. With it, rulers can topple, countries change, such and injured are healed, and battalions of powerful angels are at our command and bidding. Unfortunately, the average current christian is not that experienced at handling and utilizing this vast God given resource.
But satan knows fully well what that weapon can do to him and his armies!!!! And he is terrified of it! It thwarts his best laid plans. I fully believe prayer changes everything ! obviously not enough praying had occurred, just look at our presidential candidate choices :\
Look here is what is happenning in a nutshell David. It its impossible for the world to enter into its new order without massive changes. In order to make it happen, certain defenders of faith and justice must be destroyed. Economic powerhouses must fall. And a lot if people must be eliminated.
When Japan refused to cooperate with the plan, they were warned and knocked off their high horse. Millions will die slow painful deaths, not just there but also all over the earth because of the things that have occurred there and are stil occuring.
The US is being systematically destroyed in every way possible! And until one recognizes this fact, and its agonuzingly painful to wake up and realize this, its impossible to place the pieces together. One you clearly see it, the puzzle fits together perfectly. And the "elite" has a plan A, a plan B, a plan C etc. e when one fails, they simply go to the next.
Lately huge plans have been exposed (like this benghazi snafu) and EVERYTIME things get exposed, much evil is prevented. I believe prayer is what exposed it!
And hopefully prayer wul expose whatever else they have planned. Like race riots and other worthless crap.
I do know currently they are using haarp at the highest levels ever used (over a 9) in the east coast and the west coast and the scientist who work with this technology are horrified because no one knows what this wil actually do. Like a string of powerful earthquakes in BC, all at the depth of 10. Highly unusual. They have been geo engineered along with a huge portion of the weather. Massive drought this year. Only because "they" steered every rain bringing storm away from the drought areas! Heck, they are during the hurricane straight into the most populated area of the US right now as I type. Oy Vey!
Yes we live in perilous times! Dangerous times! Jesus told us, never before, never again would it ever be like this!
But our Lord its faithful to keep us!
Though I would rather be hangung out st the weddingsupper than during in this hurricane. Lol. I will be fine! I'm under the wing if the Most High snd so are you!

Scott said...


Several thoughts. first of all - according to Soros (this is on video) - in order to usher in a world financial system (and governance of such) - then the US dollar has to fall first. I believe this is a planned event.

Secondly, as mentioned before - there is no way that the AC can rise to power and gain world domination with a strong/free America. America must either fall completely, OR have in place someone such as Obama, who would welcome America's demise gleefully.

Nothing has ever been on the calendar for the 'gathering up' of the church saints - it could have happened at any point since the inception of the church age. The fact that we know we won't be here during the tribulation, coupled with the nearness of the tribulation brings it that much closer.


David said...

Good point Scott. Based on what I saw today when I early voted, Obama is going back in. But if it gets us closer to eternity, so be it.

Scott said...

Yea - another thing comes to mind. I don't see this regime leaving quietly. I believe either the elections will be stolen or something else will happen. If Obama loses in a legitimate election and turns over power to Romney , 'like normal' - I'll be shocked. Just a feeling.

nathan said...

Just something to think about Scott and David . The United Nations is being brought in to "oversee" our election ?????

ChristineInCleveland said...

Exactly how I see it, Scott! As clearly as if were writing on the wall... I don't even think as far ahead as Spring- like too many things are going to happen between now & then to turn this world upside down, & change life as we know it completely. Or am I just getting cought up in too many conspiracy theories? Hmmm.

Nathan said...

The Texas attorney general, Greg Abbott, has threatened to arrest international election monitors invited by liberal groups to observe the conduct of next month's presidential vote in states accused of attempting to disenfranchise minorities...

So this is obviously an NGO . Now if you go to the United Nations webpage it cleary states they encourage NGOs to take place in as many events as they can . Especially Agenda 21 events ?

Hmmmm, NATE

David said...

I tend to agree Scott, Win or lose I think something is up. Why the secret talks with Iran?

Nate, good point. I almost forgot about that. Why would the UN send "observers"? Have they ever done this before? Why now? I think something is definately up. Things might get interesting next week. Just remember, don't take any free train rides from anybody!