Wednesday, October 3, 2012

More From The Epicenter: Syria And Turkey In Skirmish

Actually it was a bit more than "skirmish":

Turkish artillery fired on Syrian targets Wednesday after shelling from Syria struck a border village in Turkey, killing five civilians, sharply escalating tensions between the two neighbors and prompting NATO to convene an emergency meeting.
“Our armed forces at the border region responded to this atrocious attack with artillery fire on points in Syria that were detected with radar, in line with the rules of engagement,” the Turkish government said in a statement from the prime minister’s office.

The artillery fire capped a day that began with four bombs tearing through a government-held district in Syria’s commercial and cultural capital of Aleppo, killing more than 30 people and reducing buildings to rubble.

Along the volatile border, a shell fired from inside Syria landed on a home in the Turkish village of Akcakale, killing a woman, her three daughters and another woman, and wounding at least 10 others, according to Turkish media.
The shelling appeared to come from forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime, which is fighting rebels backed by Turkey in an escalating civil war.
“Turkey, acting within the rules of engagement and international laws, will never leave unreciprocated such provocations by the Syrian regime against our national security,” the office of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in a statement.

Turkish media said Turkey has prepared a parliamentary bill for Syria that is similar to one that authorizes the Turkish military to intervene in northern Iraq in pursuit of Kurdish militants who have bases there. The bill is expected to be discussed in parliament on Thursday, Anadolu agency reported.

If approved, the bill could more easily open the way to unilateral action by Turkey’s armed forces inside Syria, without the involvement of its Western and Arab allies.
NATO’s National Atlantic Council, which is composed of the alliance’s ambassadors, held an emergency meeting in Brussels Wednesday night at Turkey’s request to discuss the cross-border incident.

The meeting ended with a statement strongly condemning the attack and saying: “The alliance continues to stand by Turkey and demands the immediate cessation of such aggressive acts against an ally.” It also urged the Syrian regime to “put an end to flagrant violations of international law.”

At this point in history, nothing is as it seems on the surface. 

Whatever happened here sure seems to be paving the way for "foreign intervention" to take place. NATO is meeting, the EU is meeting, the UN is weighing in, Turkey is outraged and it is all being directed to the Assad regime. And it is all highly public. 

How convenient. 

Turkey's military struck targets inside Syria on Wednesday in response to a mortar bomb fired from Syrian territory which killed five Turkish civilians, Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan's office said in a statement.
"Our armed forces in the border region responded immediately to this abominable attack in line with their rules of engagement; targets were struck through artillery fire against places in Syria identified by radar," the statement said.

Davutoglu had also agreed with NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen on the need for an emergency meeting of NATO members, the statement said.

The mortar bomb fired from Syria landed in a residential district of the southeastern Turkish town of Akcakale earlier Wednesday, killing a woman and four children from the same family and wounding at least eight other people.
A cloud of dust and smoke rose up over low-rise buildings as residents ran to help the wounded. Others, infuriated by the increasing spillover of violence from Syria's civil war, took to the streets shouting protests against the local authorities.
"The Secretary-General calls on the Syria Government to respect fully the territorial integrity of its neighbors as well as to end the violence against the Syrian people," Ban's press office said in a statement.

The internalional vice is most definitely tightening around Syria. One could say that they are reaching a desperation point in this scenario. Should we add "Big Desperation = Big Desperate Acts" to the "Big Crisis = Big Change" mantra?

Now, in addition to Syria's Assad regime under enoumous pressure, we see their biggest ally also under mounting pressure:

Iranian riot police clashed with protesters in Tehran on Wednesday as public anger over economic problems in the sanction-hit country erupted onto the street. The protests were the most dramatic in Iran since bitter demonstrations erupted after the 2009 presidential elections.
Thousands of people took to the streets, and TV footage showed the protesters shouting slogans of “Death to the corrupt regime” and “Get out of Syria, and start taking care of us” — a reference to Iranian involvement in helping President Bashar Assad repel Syrian rebel efforts to oust his regime.
Iranian officials have faced increasing public anger over the plummeting rial and rising prices, blamed partly on Western sanctions over Tehran’s nuclear program.
The city’s main bazaar was shuttered, reportedly in support of the demonstrations, as protesters gathered to rally against government policies that have led to the devaluation of its currency, the rial, which has hit a record low against the US dollar.
It could also bring more political heat on Ahmadinejad, who has been left severely weakened after unsuccessfully challenging Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei over the powers of the presidency. Ahmadinejad now could face increasing domestic attacks before elections, including possibly being called before parliament for questioning over the currency upheavals.

So we have two regimes who are finding themselves under mounting pressure, both internally and externally. We also know that both of these regimes will ultimately be engaged in major war efforts against Israel and probably soon (Syria: Isaiah 17 and Iran: Ezekiel 38-39). 

Big Desperation = Big Desperate Acts. 

Israel is a common enemy and in the neighborhood. 
Thise dots are pretty easy to connect. 


nathan said...

YOWZERS . Talk about a day in the news . Turkey striking back at Syria ....Iraq telling Turkey to stop firing on the kurds ...Kissenger proclaiming "Israel won't exist in a decade....Multiple suicide attacks in Allepo ....Iranian currency down 40 % in a week (and protesting)....The Presidential debate (Romney owned it by the way) ....And the biggest news is whats about to happen in Jordan tomorrow . Anyone notice King Abdullah is making his rounds on the American television circuit right now .(think thats strategic ?) That coming off the U.N meetings this week . My head is spinning . The developments in Turkey/Syria are going to be interesting and possibly provide reason for "an intervention in Syria via Turkey proxy . The administration has been salivating at this opportunity .

Oh ps anyone notice Allepo is starting to look like a "ruinous heap " Kind of foreshadowing what Damascus might look like .


Caver said...

YOWZERS Squared!

Joining in and just all this is occurring just at the same time. Kind of seems contrived, don't it? Chucking, I don't even gamble (anymore) and I still know not to draw to an inside straight.

Lets add a little food shortage and other lesser know disasters into the mix and it seems .....well, you get the picture.

Just got to marvel. Even the leftist of the left are gushing at how Romney mopped the floor with Obammy last night.....and it couldn't be hid or spun or buried. Eyes are being opened and ears unstopped.

I'm sure the Lord hears the millions of us that are praying for 40 days that He heal this nation. Perhaps we will have been taken far enough down the Obammy super highway by inauguration day that Prophecy will be fulfilled and can't be turned back, but at least we will have been allowed to start taking this country back.

Personally, the left, nationally and internationally, have gone too far.....they can't possibly let Romney take control of the country....they won't give up this close to victory. I don't think they are going to allow the new administration to take office. Besides, its all in the George Soros playbook, this is how he's taken down the last 5 countries, all around election time and creating the conditions that approximately half the electorate are convinced the election was stolen.

Besides, for the movers and shakers, they can't let Romney take office. If half the actions of this administration were ever seen with clarity, many....including the current president and many powers behind the scenes would be going to prison....or worse.

Certainly interesting times the Lord graced us to witness and be alive in.

Ally said...

Caver n Nathan-nothing is impossible for our God! Praise his Holy Name abundantly!
As you can see from the debates.......he is listening and moving! What a God we serve! Mighty, powerful, just, and merciful! Keep praying guys!
Ok, here is a great and very amusing story so listen up. Sometimes its nice to know an old leftist hippie like me. Mother Jones is the most leftist magazine out there. Well they put something up on line and then removed it. Wanda hear? Or old buddy Geo. Sore os, lol, is starting to freak out because his little marionette might lose so now he has thrown money out like crazy to stop Romney. It gets better. He personally is calling uppity ups to ask them to fork over dollars! I am laughing so hard.
All along I have speculated that Romney was chosen on purpose because "they" thought he couldnt win. "they" gave us someone so out of touch and radical that no matter how awful the bummer had been, thete was no choice. And then "they" made sure he was under "their" wing too, just in case.
Sore os maybe can crash the market in the UK and steal the Sterling but he can't touch Jesus! Go Yeshua!
Love ya'll!

Dutch Treat said...

We certainly need to fervantly keep praying for our nation during this election season; and God will hear our prayers and perhaps perform a great miracle and restore our nation. However I'm reminded of Jesus' prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane: "Father if thou art willing' remove this cup from me; neverhteless not my will, but thine, be done." (Luke 22:42-44). So if Romney wins our nation could be restored; but if it's in God's will for Obama to win to carry out his plan, we need to accept it. If Romney wins, we are given more time to bring the lost in; and if Obama wins, we may be that much closer to going home. So if you are covered by the Blood of the Lamb, it's a win-win situation. Come, Lord Jesus.