Sunday, October 7, 2012

It Was Never About Obama In The First Place: It Is About World Collectivism

Below is a very interesting and germane commentary regarding globalization and the real efforts which are currently in place - describing what is happening 'behind the scenes' in order to turn the entire world into a marxist state - a world that is certainly coming quickly.  

It is a scary and sad truth, but a truth to be sure. This commentary gives us a small window into what is really happening in terms of the political system that is coming - as orchestrated by a few in power. 

It Was Never About Obama In The First Place

This piece is worth reading in full. Below are just the last few paragraphs of this timely article:

World Collectivism

The key to understanding the Obama phenomenon is to realize the entire mission of any properly educated socialist is to take over the town, city, state, country and world for socialism to save mankind. In other words, socialism aka Marxism, is a missionary political religion. It seeks to convert followers through the typical pamphleteer methods. But if these don’t work, it has shown itself to be perfectly capable of shifting into manipulating or even forcing, up to the point of death, others into the fold—exactly like Islam. Writes one author,

Marxist politics ends with the establishment of global communism as a new world order and the dissolution of the state—these are inevitable evolutionary steps. In the same sense that humans, societies, economies, and politics are evolving, so the new world order is an evolutionary advance over former nations, states, tribes, and other race or class distinctions. Georgi Shakhnazarov, a top aide to former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev, writes, “Our epoch is the epoch of the revolutionary transformation of capitalist society into communist.” In tracing the beginnings of the revolution, he says, “the building of a new world order…was begun in October 1917 by revolutionary Russia, proclaiming socialist principles.” The establishment of world communism, the ultimate aim of Marxism, puts the means of production in the hands of the people, abolishes classes, abolishes the state, and leads to a world society of cooperation and consensus.

So the goal of all dedicated leftists is the overthrow of capitalism to make a world socialist state. Even here in America and even now.


We ought not worry ourselves about the exact beliefs of Barack since he is just a ridiculous pawn. Instead, let’s accept the obvious—his minders aim for world domination. They will stop at nothing in their attempts to “save” mankind into a Marxist paradise bereft of freedom or any rights, just as we see happening today with the UN’s Agenda 21, etc. We must brace ourselves for even spectacular attempts to retain power after their ridiculous fop Barack was exposed as a confidence man. 

Remember, as their only goal is power—whether in the form of radical atheism, leftist Christianity, or fundamentalist Islam—they are unlikely to give up without further contrived crises. These exist only to gin up fear and gain more power. While we cannot know for certain what is in store this next three weeks before the election, we ought not be afraid but steel ourselves to react properly and move to restore order after their latest scam is birthed. After all, it is our legacy which built America and they cannot ultimately win without our trembling acquiescence which, at this time we no longer deign to give. We have the Truth of God on our side and we cannot lose as long was we retain our composure.


hartdawg said...

Here's a thought....the Marxists m.o. is 2 steps forward, 1 step backwards. they bring in obama, the farthest, most wicked left person out there, 2 steps forward, then they bring romney, also a globalist but not as far left then everyone breaths a sigh of relief, 1 step backwards but still a step towards a totalitarian society while nobody realizes it. what do you think?

Scott said...

I tend to see it in a similar way, although I don't see nearly as draconian gov't with Romney than with Barry. Regardless of who is in office, we will continue the march towards globalism though, I completely agree with that premise.

hartdawg said...

The fact that you don't see nearly as draconian with Romney is my point exactly. one step backwards

Scott said...

Yea - absolutely. But its all part of the bigger plan. As said before, a global takeover by the antichrist could not happen with a string/free America, so it has to be this way. All part of God's plan.

Robin said...

Having had four children, I know from personal experience that birth pains, once in the throws, don't just subside and mom leave the hospital to come back another day. End times have been likened to birth pairs in the Biboe. He did not bring us this far under Obama, toward the end, only to bring in a Pro-Israeli Romney. Therefore, I just don't see Romney winning. He had a great night at the debate past Wednesday and Ryan will certainly have an awesome night on Thursday against crazy Uncle Joe . . .but at the end of the day, regardless of how things are turning around, Obama will get his second term. :(

nathan said...

Hartdawg , I could not agree with you more . I was just thinking "I hope people aren't being duped by Romneys latest surge " . He's the lesser of two evils . Lesser of two evils meaning "one step back" .

You ever notice no candidate ever brings up Repealing Glass-Steagal (the act that broke up investment banks after the great depression only to be eliminated under Clinton )And guess what ? History repeated itself when he did .

You ever notice no candidate ever really goes after lobbyist although every normal American wants them removed ? ( There are over 6000's lobbyist to 535 Congressmen) 10-1 odds .

You ever notice no candidate ever trys to reverse free trade agreements , NAFTA or GAT although its made America an 8 dollar an hour nation ?

Anyone one ever see the photos of Supreme court justice Scalia hanging out with the Koch brothers . Then AMAZINGLY Super Pacs got voted legal 5-4 ?

Just a couple more crazy facts to think about : Tony Blair (former Prime Minister of the UK now works for Golman Sachs )

Tim Pawlenty just took a 2 million dollar a year job as a lobbyist for the banking industry . He quit Mitts campaign to do so .

Peace Nate

Mrs.C said...

Hi Sister Robin, :)
Without question, the Kenyan-in-chief, is a proto-type of the ac to come.
There is another possibility that Mitt Romney wins, then the Rapture happens afterward. There are already many Born Again Believers in important positions within our government.
As NONE of us know for sure, who is actually Saved, and who isnt, only the Lord knows for sure. Denominations mean nothing to our Lord Jesus. There will be many taken in the Rapture that we in our fleshly human state, would think that some “Christians” in some Denominations cant possible be Saved. We will all be in for a big surprise! The Centurion was a Roman, enemy of the Jewish People without question, yet He Believed in Jesus as the Son Of God. He knew and recognized Jesus’ Authority. Jesus said of this Centurion He had not found any one with such “great faith” in all of Israel. And so it is with other “Christian” Denominations.

Just as Jesus found “great faith” within a Roman Centurion, He will and recognizes His Own within all Denominations. This He tells us when speaking to the Church of Sardis in Revelation 3:4. He finds among this Church, those that are “worthy” to walk with Him.

Revelation 3:4
4 Thou hast a few names even in Sardis which have not defiled their garments; and they shall walk with me in white: for they are worthy.

It is very possible that President Mitt Romney could be Raptured. Think of the craziness that would be left behind after that! Whew...

God Bless...

Anonymous said...

Romney is born again????

Anonymous said...

If anyone is interested, google The Mormon Plan for America and the Rise of Mitt Romney. As someone who came out of Mormonism, the thought of a Mormon high priest becoming our president is terrifying (not that I could vote for the other guy:) Knowing the oaths that Romney has sworn in the temple and the Mormon prophecy outlined in the article, I can't help but wonder how Romney would handle the incredible pressure that the LDS church would place on him. It's probably hard to imagine if you've never been a Mormon. Getting out of that cult was the hardest thing my family has ever done and I am so thankful the The Lord made a way out for me. It's good to remember that it is all going down the way the Bible said it would no matter what. On a different note, thank you, Scott, for doing this blog. I lost my mom a few months ago. Before she died she saw The Lord who told her "I am the King and I am coming soon!" Since then there has been an urgency for me to witness to the lost in my circle of influence. This site has encouraged me and given me a tool to be a witness. My childhood best friends and cousins have accepted Christ! Jesus turned my trial into a blessing! I pray for all of you, too. He has a plan for each of us in these final days. Missy

Anonymous said...

Amen Missy! I was raised in a similar situation as you...I know that only Jesus knows the heart but honestly, though I professed to know Christ and believed in Christ, I DID NOT have a saving relationship with Him. Even the devil Himself believes in Jesus as the Son of God and the Almighty. We just went through the motions of "religion" but our focus was mainly man and routines not Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. Amen and THANK YOU LORD for saving me and thank you for saving Missy! I'll be praying for you and your lost family and friends.
God Bless! J.P

Shannon said...

Hi Scott,

I noticed you have not posted a comment reply to Anonymous' (above) post of "Romney is born again?" which was the question posted after Mrs.C comments. She has implied that those of us born of His Spirit may see Mitt Romney, a professing Mormon, at the Rapture of the Church.
Do you believe, as Mrs.C does, that the Mormon(LDS)organization are another "Christian" denomination?


Anonymous said...

Hi Shannon, I am glad you took this up as I don’t get the thoughts by MrsC because John is addressing the CHURCH in Sardis. Like the Corinthians, some who are born again can leave a lot to be desired.Sardis isn’t a denomination but the true Church who lives in the region of Sardis.
The Centurion put his faith in Jesus and so was born again. The Lord knows who are His because their names are written in the Lambs book of Life because they believed in Him to save, not because of any good works like him having authority.As Mitt R doesn’t confess the Jesus of the Bible for salvation, then he isn’t born again, so he wont be part of the rapture, that’s only for the Church.There is still time for him to reject his Mormon faith who worship another Jesus and another gospel, but he must look to Jesus for salvation and be born again but until then he can’t be born again. Its faith that saves not good works. From Lauren.

Mrs.C said...

Hi Sister Lauren, :)
Its funny how when this subject comes up, people run with the “oh so and so cant be Saved because he/she is _____” fill in the blank. It boardlines Pharisaical talk. This same thing happened to President Bush. Please show me the Scripture of when arriving in Heaven, Jesus requires us to state our denomination? Catholic? Baptist? Mormon? ANY denomination is a joke to Him, they mean nothing. Forgive me, but as I stated before, NO ONE EXCEPT JESUS HIMSELF knows for sure who is Saved, NO ONE.
Forgive me, and I say this in His Love, but have you read Revelation? the Scripture I quoted? Do you understand it is Jesus speaking? It is Jesus speaking to the Church of Sardis, not John, that is also why the writing is in red.
Jesus tells the Church of Sardis, that they are a dead Church. YET within that dead Church, HE tells us that He finds those that are “worthy” clothed in “white” to walk with Him. The point is that regardless the “Church” (Denomination) Jesus tells us He finds those that are “worthy” to walk with Him.
How is it you KNOW, that Mitt has not confessed Jesus as His Savior? How is it you know what Mitts personal relationship with Jesus is? You nor anyone else for that matter, knows for sure, none of us do. A lot of assumptions are made, and Praise God that Jesus knows without question! Unless you and “Shannon” have an inside scoop to the names written in the Lambs Book Of Life that you would like to share with us?
The bottom line is, that none of us know for sure who is Saved, and who isn’t, only He knows. I replied to Sister Robin another scenario with the possibility that Mitt could become President, and could go in the Rapture should he truly be Born Again, which NONE of us know for sure, and surely we are not to Judge another’s Salvation, that is up to Jesus…

God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs C, the thing is, the Sardis Church is part of Biblical Christianity, Sardis isn’t a denomination, instead they are real Christians.Sardis is a region, not a way to worship, and that’s what a denomination is all about, the way that genuine Church members choose to worship God. The Centurion didn’t have a way either, because he only just got saved, when he trusted Jesus, just like the thief on the cross. Your quite right to say that we can’t know who is saved by their acts, but we do know that the Sardis Church was saved, and so was the centurian because they believed in Jesus. But the Mormon ‘church’ is another religion altogether. In fact they with all their gods is closer to Hinduism rather than Christianity.There Jesus is so different and they get saved a different way as well. Mitt R seems like a decent guy, but it doesn’t mean he is saved. What it is, your idea is a straw man, because being in a denomination isn’t the issue with him being a Mormon.

Yes your right about it being Jesus who is speaking, I was thinking of John who wrote it for Him. You wrote “Church” (denomination) and that’s confusing because they aren’t the same thing at all and Mormons aren’t a part of the Church, they are a religion. I hope Mitt R gets saved before the rapture, but his religion tells us to beware of him. I mean, was Hitler saved, he could have been, but his religion was the occult. For all we Barry is saved as well. We can only make good decisions on what is known, never on what is not known, as that would be uninformed presumption.

Baptists, Methodists, Presbyterian, AoG and so on are all ‘denominations’ of the Christian Church. Mormon, Roman Catholic, J.W, Hinduism, Muslim are all dif religions that contorts the Bible and aren’t believers in the Biblical Jesus Christ.From Laura :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the typo, Lauren wrote the above :)

Mrs.C said...

Sister Lauren,
Forgive me, but you are splitting hairs and adding words that I did not say. I referred to those “churches” that claim to be “Christian”, not every religion in the world.
They are not all “real Christians” as you say, but far from it. This was a simple point. No one knows who is truly Saved and who isn’t, only Jesus does. We are not voting for a Priest, but a President. You are correct, it is very possible that Hitler could have been Saved, but again, you nor anyone else doesn’t know that Mitt R is not Saved. That’s the point.
Forgive me again, but I believe you perhaps have a misunderstanding of Jesus speaking to the Seven different “Churches”. They are clearly not ALL part of the “Church” that is to be Raptured, as Jesus makes that clear it is conditional with many. Sardis is a type of “denomination” defined by their doctrines and ritualistic worship, and just as the other “Churches” He is telling us of, these are different “Churches”. They are far more than a “Church” in a specific “region” as you suggest. Jesus describes exactly how each “Church” worships, it isn’t about their “region”, but He describes them the same as “denominations” are described, by the way they “worship”.
We can look around today, and see clearly the types of different “Churches” He describes in Revelation. We can see characteristics, worshiping, that is the same regardless of the denomination that the present day “Churches” are labeled. That is why He gave this review so as to speak, in the Book of Revelation.
The Church of Sardis, was not “Saved” as you say. Jesus makes it very clear on that. They are a “dead Church”. Again, He gives any that will listen, a way out, but other wise He clearly tells them after rebuking them and telling them to repent, that if they “overcome” (as He says to others in other Churches) then He wont “blot out his name from the Book of Life”. He says there are “only a few” within that “dead Church” that will walk with Him. The others, the religious lost, will sadly here this…

Matthew 7:22-23
22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?
23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

That was the whole point. Jesus can find True Believers in any “Church” or congregation, regardless of the denominational label. It is a personal relationship with Him, one on one, and only He knows for sure who is Saved. He knows His Sheep...He knows whos name is written in the Lambs Book of Life...

God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs C, The Sardis Church, by definition of the word 'church' ARE saved. The Church, is called an ecclesia in the N.T meaning ‘THE called out ones’. These are all born again believers. Non-believers in Christ do not fit that category. These haven’t lost their salvation as ‘dead’ refers to there WORKS not to there spiritual life which you imply they lose. The letters were on a circuit, and each letter applied to the other Churches 'all those who have an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the Churches’ so all the messages applied to all the Churches and those thro the entire Church age till now. So yes, they will ALL be raptured (as the dead in Christ) other wise you are claiming a 'Partial Rapture' which is wrong. Mitt R is not a member of Christ's Body because the Mormans are not part of Christ's Body, THE Church.

Please excuse me Mrs C, it seems you are very new to this study and as I am quite happy with my response to your hypothetical question I want to stand my ground as this is rapidly building into more and more bewildering straw men arguments in an effort to create your 'what if' scenario. From Lauren :)

Anonymous said...

As someone who came out of Mormonism, I can see both sides of this up to a certain point. It is true that Jesus will not be asking us for our denomination for entrance into Heaven, but the question of "who do you say I am?" is quite important.

The Mormon Jesus is not born of a virgin, but the product of a sexual encounter between Elohim and Mary. He is not the only begotten Son of God, but one of many gods of which you and I can aspire to be, a spirit brother of Lucifer. Mormonism teaches that Jesus suffered in the garden of Gethsemene to pave the way for our exhalation to godhood if we obey the ordinances of the LDS church such as baptism for the dead. This Jesus gave us a way back to the father of this world by using secret keys, handshakes, and passwords given only to temple Mormons. The cross means precious little. This Jesus is not our Jesus, and belief in this imposter will no more get us into Heaven than belief in my dog as lord and savior.

I have a friend who recently started questioning her Mormon faith after being molested at her temple ceremony. (Women are routinely groped by the priests in the temple.) She said her faith in Mormonism has been shattered, but she knows that Jesus is still real-she just doesn't know the whole story yet. I'd like to think that if the rapture happened today, that would be enough, and that my technically-still-Mormon friend would be in Heaven with us.
As for Romney, if he has started questioning his faith like my friend and is saved, then he is daily spitting in the face of his true Savior by continuing to promote Mormonism's twisted and sick doctrine.

True, we are not voting for a priest but a president, but consider this: the Mormons have believed since the early days in a prophecy that one day the US constitution would hang by a thread. A Mormon "prophet" would save the day by setting up an LDS theocratic government that looks a whole lot like socialism with a twist. Afterward Jesus would return to rule the world...from Mormon headquarters in Missouri. True Mormons believe that Romney is fulfilling this prophecy. I don't know what Romney thinks and he is wise to keep it to himself. Do I think he could pull it off? No. Do I think it is an opportunity for the enemy to cause some mischief? Yep.

So back to the title of this blog "It was never about Obama in the first place-it was about world collectivism." It sure is! In my humble opinion, there is no good candidate for president, only the perceived lesser of two evils. My true vote is for Jesus to return. I can't wait to see Him on His rightful throne (in Jerusalem, not Missouri)!

One last thought. The majority of new Mormon converts are former members of true Christian churches who lost their way. If it ever comes up, please educate people that Mormonism is not another Christian denomination. God bless all of you!


Mrs.C said...

Sister Lauren, :)
New to the study? Really? lol You thought it was John speaking, not Jesus. Hypothetical? "straw man arguments"? That phase is so familiar, thats right, Brother Scott uses that towards a specific person. No “straw man arguments” His Word stands on its own. Again, please don’t attempt to put words in my statements that I did not say. There is no “partial Rapture” that is your misunderstanding of the Scripture we are discussing.
The Seven Churches were real literal Churches located in Asia Minor. That is NOT the same connotation as the Bride of Christ - Church.
While the Seven Churches were literal Churches, they in these Latter Days (stated in the Book of Revelation) have Spiritual significance for our present day Churches and Believers. The purpose for Jesus’ critique of these Seven Churches, was to give Believers His evaluation of these Churches and Individual Believers behavior that would continually repeat over and over again throughout history culminating in the Last Days. He lets us know unquestionably, what His feelings are about these Churches as reminders to those who claim to be Believers.

Ephesus – Loveless
Smyrna - The Persecuted Church
Pergamos- Compromising Church
Thyatira -Corrupt Church
Sardis -Dead Church
Philadelphia -Faithful Church
Laodiceans- Lukewarm Church
Amongst ALL of these Churches, Jesus ONLY promises ONE, that He will Save them from the Trib, and that is the Church of Philadelphia.
All of the other “Churches” He speaks to, (except for Smyrna) He warns and rebukes, giving them fair warning to shape up, or they are not coming as part of His Church. You ignored Matthew 7:22-23, who do you think Jesus is talking to?
With the Church of Sardis, if they were ALL part of the Church, He wouldn’t have to warn them that their names would be “blotted out” of the Lambs Book of Life. That is what He clearly says! There are NO conditions with the True Church, the Bride of Christ. That is the difference, and what makes it very clear as to whom is going, and whom is not. Jesus makes it REALLY clear to the Church of Sardis, they are not only spiritually dead, but they have “defiled their garments”. To further His Words, He then says there are only a FEW among them that are “WORTHY” to wear “white” garments and “WALK” with HIM. Those who have “defiled” their garments WILL NOT WALK WITH HIM. That’s pretty clear, not ALL of the Church of Sardis will walk with Him. You can call it whatever you’d like, but it is Jesus’ own Words that speak that. Again, Jesus makes it conditional for them “he who overcomes” He will not “blot out his name”. This DOES NOT APPLY to the True Church.

Revelation 3:4-5
4 You[b] have a few names even in Sardis who have not defiled their garments; and they shall walk with Me in white, for they are worthy. 5 He who overcomes shall be clothed in white garments, and I will not blot out his name from the Book of Life; but I will confess his name before My Father and before His angels.
You nor I do not know if Mitt R is Saved or not. Only Jesus knows. I made it clear with His Word, He finds Believers even in a dead Church. That is what makes Him THE KING, our SAVIOUR, the SON OF GOD…only HE knows that Truth, not us…

God Bless!

Caver said...

Wow, lots of good information here....and good insights.

Let me say up front that I do NOT know the Morman faith as well as I should....and as well as some of you.

Yet, its my understanding that the Mormans....

1. Believe in Jesus
2. Believe He died for our sins and paid our price
3. Believe He was raised from the dead on the third day into Heaven.

Now, lets step back for a minute and take a look at the acid test given in the Bible for being saved, being Born Again.

Rom 10:9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

That's it. Its simple....well, at least to my simple mind.

Regardless of any multitude of false, misguided, cultist, bone headed beliefs....if you believe this two core beliefs through faith, then you are Born Again and are, in fact, saved.

Now, with that understanding....I am going to be surprised if Mitt Romney and Glen Beck aren't seated with us at The Feast.

Has Romney confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus.....Yes

Does Romney shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead...Only Romney knows for sure but I believe he does.

So, as I understand the Bible....the final authority that we have...Mitt Romney-n-crew are bone headed confused, wrong, misguided in direction...but they are saved.

Anonymous said...

These are very interesting views from both sides, I agree with that too. I came out of a religion that confesses Jesus as the Son of God, believes He died for our sins and was raised. However they also did not believe He was God in the flesh, do not believe in the trinity, do not believe in salvation by faith but by works and do not believe in Hell, do not believe in the rapture and add words to the Bible and take away words from the bible to fit their doctrine. I confessed with my mouth for years that I believed in Christ Jesus and trusted Him as my saviour but I was NOT SAVED. I know this because once I got out of this religion and studied the true Bible and knelt down on my knees in prayer to ask God to show me the truth, He did. It was not until then that I was truly saved, it was a HEART change, not just a believing issue. It was a relationship with the Saviour, not just confessing with my mouth. J.P

Scott said...

This is interesting - that so many different people have found this old thread and are commenting - thats atypical as usually only 1-2 people will randomly comment on an old thread - even some new folks.

I don't really know a lot about mormons or what they believe - it really doesn't interest me.

And I agree with Mrs C - no one knows who is or who is not saved - I'm going to leave that one to God - we don't know what is in someone's heart.

Quick question - who here likes Tie-Dye shirts? Anyone?