Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Evening Update: Turkish F16s Force Syrian Flight To Land

Interesting developments in the Middle East:

Turkish air force jets forced a Syrian 35-passenger Airbus A320 bound from Moscow to Damascus  to land in Ankara Wednesday night, Oct. 10, on suspicion it was carrying arms. Its cargo compartment was subjected to checks by Turkish officials. Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu spoke of information that it may be carrying "certain equipment in breach of civil aviation rules."

At the same time, the Turkish foreign ministry released this statement: "All civilian flights in Syrian airspace have been stopped since it is not safe.”  TRT television said a Turkish plane that had already taken off for Saudi Arabia made a detour and landed at a Turkish airport.

More importantly we see this:

By forcing down the Syrian airbus, Ankara has signaled Damascus that it will henceforth stop civilian air traffic flying through Syrian air space. There is still a question about whether Turkey will extend this aerial blockade to Syrian military air traffic. Furthermore, Iranian civilian aircraft have been running an almost daily airlift of military and logistical equipment from Tehran to Damascus. The new Turkish step, to which Damascus has not yet responded, may portend a clash between Turkey and Iran in the skies over Syria.

Interestingly the article stated a riff between Gog-MaGog allies Russia and Turkey, so watching that develop will be interesting. 

Iranian media say a U.S. think tank reports Tehran can strike the "Israeli nuclear complex at Dimona or the Israeli airbases without drawing the United States into a war."

The state-controlled Fars News Agency reported Wednesday that “a group of U.S. presidential advisers at the Wilson Center warned that Iran could engage in at least token missile/rocket strikes against the attacker, targeting sites in Israel or U.S. facilities in the region.“

The advisers allegedly said that the Obama administration should avoid any military adventurism against Iran because it could backfire.

"According to unclassified estimates, Iran probably has at least two dozen and possibly more than 100 conventionally armed ballistic missiles capable of striking most of the region, including Israel," the think tank was reported to have said.

Also see:

The Palestinian Authority fears that Israel would use the upcoming election campaign to launch fresh attacks on the Palestinians and continue building in the settlements, Chief PLO negotiator Saeb Erekat said Wednesday.
PA officials, meanwhile, said they were not surprised by the decision to hold early elections in Israel.
Another official said that the decision to advance the election would not affect the PA’s efforts to upgrade the status of a Palestinian state to non-member in the UN.
“We are determined to ask the UN General Assembly to vote on our application next month,” the official added.


Gwenny said...

Praying for you anonymous to overcome your addiction to pornography. Thank you Lord for prayers answered.

David said...

Turkey has now taken a major step forward towards a conflict with Syria. It will be interesting to see what happens when the no fly zone is ignored, or accompanied by Syrian military.

Kem said...

Just a quick update on Jimmy. Thank you so much to all who prayed for him. He is having the first major improvement since he became ill and is now breathing on his own and is awake but confused. Praising our merciful Lord. \o/ Now back to the news.

JD Siegel said...

The intel on that Syrian flight full of weapons was given to Turkey by the U.S. Intelligence service.
How did they find out about what was on that flight?

Gwenny said...

That's wonderful news Kem! Still Praying for Jimmy to continue getting better and for anyone else who needs prayer, whatever their needs may be. Praise the Lord!

Waterer said...

Great News on Jimmy. Thanks ofr the update!

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