Thursday, May 17, 2012

Iran Attack Decision Nears

This article comes from Reuters:

A private door opens from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office in central Jerusalem directly into a long, modestly furnished, half-paneled room decorated with modern paintings by Israeli artists and a copy of Israel's 1948 declaration of independence. It contains little more than a long wooden table, brown leather chairs and a single old-fashioned white projector screen.

This inner sanctum at the end of a corridor between Netanyahu's private room and the office of his top military adviser, is where one of the decade's most momentous military decisions could soon be taken: to launch an Israeli attack on Iran's nuclear program.

Time for that decision is fast running out and the mood in Jerusalem is hardening.

The central role Iran plays in Netanyahu's deliberations is reflected in the huge map of the Middle East hanging by the door of his office. Israel lies on one edge, with Iran taking pride of place in the centre.

Experts say that within a few months, much of Iran's nuclear program will have been moved deep underground beneath the Fordow mountain, making a successful military strike much more difficult.

As the deadline for a decision draws nearer, the public pronouncements of Israel's top officials and military have changed. After hawkish warnings about a possible strike earlier this year, their language of late has been more guarded and clues to their intentions more difficult to discern.

"The top of the government has gone into lockdown," one official said. "Nobody is saying anything publicly. That in itself tells you a lot about where things stand."

"I think they have made a decision to attack," said one senior Israeli figure with close ties to the leadership. "It is going to happen. The window of opportunity is before the U.S. presidential election in November. This way they will bounce the Americans into supporting them."

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas even went so far as to predict in an interview with Reuters last week that it would be "the end of the world".

Hezbollah's deputy leader Sheikh Naim Qassem told Reuters in February that an Israeli attack on Iran would set the whole Middle East ablaze "with no limit to the fires". "Gone are the days when Israel decides to strike, and the people are silent," he said.

But behind the carefully evasive language of top officials, basic facts are clear. Time is running out. Iran's nuclear program - regarded by Netanyahu as an existential threat to the state of Israel - will soon be buried deep enough underground to render an Israeli attack impossible. The Jewish state's options are narrowing.

Netanyahu, those who know him say, is determined to avoid going down in history as the man who shirked his opportunity to stop Iran going nuclear.
The time for this action is approaching, and when it does, the Middle-East powder-keg will have been ignited. When that happens it seems that the subsequent prophetic events will start happening even more rapidly than we are seeing today. The doors leading into the Tribulation will be blown wide open as well. Right now, we are simply waiting to see the "igniting" of the powder-keg.


Mrs.C said...

WOW...just WOW! Something will indeed happen to Iran whether it be Israel or a giant earthquake, they will be weak by Ezekiel 38.
Still processing this article...Bibi has ALWAYS said Iran is the head of the snake that needs to be cut off. By the description of his office, the Iran map is right in the center...bullseye...
Interesting side note that Shaul Mofaz (leader of Kadima) was Iranian born! He has served under Barak and Bibi before, so taking orders from them wont be new. But Mofaz in this deal, was given only limited powers.
A Unity government in Israel, usually coincide with a time of crisis, primarily under conditions of war. Seems to me that this Unity government agreement is about much more than government policy reforms…much more

Gary said...

Dear Robin:
Drudge is reporting about Spain's banks. Scott, I guess you're about what news source is credible.

WVBORN56 said...

Could we finally be arriving at the tipping point in the ME and in the global economic melt down all at the same time? It is sure i looking very close to "game time" folks. "I'll fly Away" may be a reality for us other than by death. It woud be very sweet to see my father just a few days or weeks after his passing away but even better to see the face of Jesus!!! I'm still holding out for a deprature pre Isaiah 17 although I reserve the right to be wrong. :)

Te stock market has begun to slide, Greece is ready to fold, Bibi is ready to attack, Iran will counter punch, May is when the six day war was fought(optimum weather), a new moon is coming up soon (cover of darkness), the unity government is formed for times of war historicly, Japan's nuclear meltdown is tribulation material & and the list goes on....

To echo Mrs. C, wow just wow!

Mrs.C said...

Hi Dear Brother WV :)
First, I hope all is going well with your health :)
Mr.C and I were just reviewing the same list you just said, seriously - and his comment was "the perfect storm" is coming...
I have to respectfully disagree dear Brother, on the Isaiah 17 war. I believe we will go through the Isaiah 17 war, as by the end of that war, God steps in and is just beginning to return to His People, but not yet fully revealed. The quickly following Ezekiel 38-39 war/invasion, is when God tells us that He is fully back with the Apple of His Eye, His People, and He's back to stay never to "hide His Face" from them again. He will restore His Covenant with them. It will all happen very quickly like dominos falling, and it is good to be prepared as it might get a little rough, but only for a short time. We are SO INCREDIABLY BLESSED! that our Loving Father, before all time, knew each of our names...knew we would be so privileged to be born into these Last Days. To Witness for His Precious the very edge of all time...Praise You Father forever!

God Bless!

Scott said...

I think you have to take each article on its own merit - and compare to other news sites and what they are reporting, and then see if it makes sense in the context of whats happening in the general area etc.....And a dose of the discernment given by the Holy Spirit. At this point, I don't categorically dismiss news (sites) nor do I categorically accept news (sites). In fact, over time, I am beginning to trust more 'alternative' sites than I am MSM sites.

So I'm just saying that the traditional system of receiving the news is no longer trustworthy by nature and that puts most of the news (sources) on even ground as far as trust or mis-trust.

You have to use different methods these days to make determinations on what specific story you can believe or not.

I try to find consistency from a variety of sources - to me, its like references in a scientific paper (in a way) - so the more sites reporting (especially if the information is not identical) on a story lend a lot of credibility.

One reason I post so many links to a related story :)

Scott said...

Hey - I can definitely understand the sentiment of hoping for an early departure - prior to Isa 17. It happen sooner, given that its imminent. Havinhg said that, I agree with Mrs C's sentiment that the odds are much higher that we'll be gone before Gog-MaGog as compared with Isa 17.

Still - I am always hopeful that it will happen tomorrow at the latest :) Tomorrow morning preferably;)

Also - its always in the back of my mind - that AF believes that there will be several years between the Rapture and the Tribulation (I believe Gog-MaGog quickly leads into the Tribulation)......If true, then things get even more interesting.

Scott said...

Should read "It may happen sooner, given that it's imminent".....

hartdawg said...

To mrs C and WV, the fact of the matter is there is very good evidence to indicate both short the rapture may or may not precede Isaiah 17 (and psalm 83 if you hold the position that psalm 83 is a future battle). I'm 50/50

WVBORN56 said...

Hi Mrs. C I'm putting off my heart cath until the first of June. At my fathers funeral I was able to talk to my first cousin who is a doctor at East Carolina U in Greenville NC. He had the essentially the same thing with his mitral valve back in 2003. He had minimal invasive surgery to repair the valve there. He is encouraging my to come down there and have it and we can stay at his home. He said he was walking a mile one week after the surgery. I am thinking and praying about his offer. It sounds much more appealing than splitting the breast bone for full open heart surgery. In the mean time I feel fine. Thanks for asking. Maybe I can put this off till the rapture when I receive my glorified body. :) If not I have complete peace that God is sovereign and nothing happens by chance!

Mrs.C said...

Hi Brother WV, :)
So good to here your doing well.
Brother, when you had to delay your medical procedure do to honoring your Dad, at the time I had a feeling that that wasnt a coincidence. I thought perhaps maybe it was the surgical arena would not have been up to par for your surgery that day or something like that. But that Gods Hand was all over this for sure. But now having seen your Cousin, and with his recommendation to come to Greenville for "minimal invasive surgery", Brother I would thoroughly check that option out for sure! Seems to not be a coincidence that your surgery was canceled, and your Cousin was at your Dads going Home Celebration. On a personal note, I was put on beta blockers in my 20's for MVP while hospitalized for something else that was life threatening. A few years later after many tests, I was told by a Cardiologist that I should never have been put on them as he couldnt find anything wrong.
Either way you decide Brother, you are in our Prayers! :)

God Bless You!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the late update, i had to
go on a trip somewhere on business.

Gold and Silver are getting bulled
again....which LEADS ME TO believe
that stocks are next. The dow was
down 156 this past session, but
strong metals prices are a sign
of BULLING ahead for stocks.

we will see.

In fact, stocks are UP tonite...

Alot depends on the dollar. That is
the key. If the dollar can REALLY
RALLY here, then look out.

Gold, silver , stocks, they will
all crash.

But if the dollar starts selling off, all bets are off, bulls
will take control yet again.

and YOU KNOW what that means.

That will NOT be good news for
the end coming soon.

It does NOT make sense to me that
Israel continues to STALL on
moving on Iran. If it was me
I would have taken down the mullahs
a LONG time ago.

But I am not PM of Israel, of course.

I am here on an island in Hawaii.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Scott said...

I agree with Mrs C and had the same thoughts when this was delayed. HAving said that, if you go to ECU for a procedure, let me know and the NC contingency of ProphecyUpdate will come pay u a visit! :)

Caver said...

Echoing Scott and Mrs C's feelings.

Shucks, we can have a NC reunion before the surgery. Course WV will be fasting but he can enjoy us stuffing our face on southern BBQ sweet tea, and 'nanna pudding. :)

WVBORN56 said...

Sounds good...I'll keep you posted. I'm not scheduled for the heart cath now until the first of June here at WVU and then the surgery to follow. God's hand and timing with my cousin was amazing.

I am reminded of Ephesians 3:20 Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us.

That is quiet the promise...he is able to do more, even immeasurably more, even more than we can imagine more....Wow, that is pretty awesome God we serve when we chew on that verse for just a bit. Thank you Jesus.

I'll keep you guys updated if I make it to NC for the surgery. Blessings.

GG said...

Hi WV~

I hope all will work out well for you :) Just in reading these posts it seems many doors are opening for you. That would be wonderful to know you are in the same area as many from the NC area. That would be amazing to know you all had a chance to meet prior to our great departure. I will be praying for you from here :) Happy Planting!!

God Bless!!


Ally said...

WV-Yay! Maybe this ECU thing is perfect for you. An answer to prayer maybe? Jesus is good!
I know its scary to leave your comfort zone and travel to another state for this procedure. However, the difference in healing time, and pain more rhan make up for it! And the added blessings of being able to fellowship and receive "hands on" prayer fromScott and the Cavers! Wow!
The difference between minimally invasive and traditional surgery are miles apart! Its mindboggling actually. I did my clinicals in 3 different hospitals and what a difference in patient aftercare due to surgical styles. What I'm really saying here WV-go to North Carolina if you can. There is another really important thing to consider too. Your first cousin is probably going to make sure you have the best possible surgeon in the whole hospital.
I love you guys! Maranatha!